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  1. Someone In Heaven Is Having A Wonderful Ride

    :So very sorry for your loss. Nothing I can say will dull your hurt. That just shows the depth of the love and respect you shared with this very special horse. What a chapter in your life you had with him.
  2. Kidney And Bladder Stone

    For sure we are always learning with horses!
  3. Kidney And Bladder Stone

    Thank you so much for sharing this experience. I had a dog with stones but never any horses. Have heard of horses with on & off colic's that this could have been a possibility for sure. Another thing I find interesting is the relation of perhaps her scratching her tail if I understand this right. Often times we contribute so many other factors of cause. Will think of this first if I ever see blood for sure.
  4. Death, Estates, Wills, Money, And Families

    Agree with Steven owns the house. Wills can be contested and you don't want a probate decision by a court. When my dad died my mom remarried later on. She married a man that didn't work and they struggled to pay the house payment. My mom came to me for financial help for an on going period to pay their house payments. My concern was I could pay into this for years and he could outlive her and reap the benefits of the property in the end.(He was also a drunk) They didn't want the property to be in my name as he I think wanted it willed to his kids. Which of course didn't want to contribute to the upkeep, taxes & mortgage in the present. I wanted to help my mom but was fearful of throwing good money into a bad situation. We went to a good real estate attorney. We had him put the property into a Living Trust. This protected us if she died before her husband and allowed for her husband to live in the home until his death. He died before her, but we knew no one could contest the trust if he outlived her. It would be inherited to us after both died. For any late life planning we have everything in a trust with 3 people as executors to the trust .There is no question if there are specifics laid out and it is very difficult to challenge unless they want to spend some serious money to dispute. JMO.
  5. A Year To The Date He Gave Us Another Christmas Present

    Mare sure stamped those stockings on those legs from what I can see! Nice Christmas foal and thanks for sharing.
  6. What Do You Call The Vet For?

    Want to share an experience that really changed my response on colic. Many years back I would give Banamine if there was any sign of any pain distress. Wait 45 minutes to see if it relieved it. If not called vet. This one time horse didn't seem that distressed and took the wait & see. Lost the horse as it had a cecum (hindgut) impaction. This went bad so fast that the horse ruptured before it took a step in the trailer. I will never guess on a colic after seeing that again. I thought the horse was showing improvement after the Banamine as I suspect it did mask some of the pain, however this maybe could have had a different outcome if a vet would have diagnosed it sooner. I'll never know the answer, but I won't chance it ever again. I don't chance anything on eyes, colic or any injury near a joint or heel bulb. I have learned to listen to my gut and know my horses well enough that I know when something is really off. I would rather pay a farm visit than worry at this stage of the game. We are very fortunate as to have several good equine vets in our area and I trust the ones we use.
  7. Continued Riding...

    Can't add much that Smilie hasn't said. I think the concern with riding where they live is say if that's the only area you ride in all the time. Horses get use to a comfort zone. If you ride the same routine and in the same place. You want to expand past that comfort zone once you feel the horse is ready. Once your horse is a seasoned horse just riding in the pasture can lead to a bored horse that tends to cheat the routine. Horses are a lot like kids, they get bored they look for something to do.
  8. A Good Horse, Gone Bad.

    One thing I learned is with horses never say never. Could have been just one of those freak moments that the horse really didn't see you until it was just to late.
  9. Continued Riding...

    Hi, I think how far you want to start challenging this horse depends on how much body control she has. You need to be able to move her hips , shoulders, back and a good stop to have control of her. JMO, I agree riding in the round pen is boring if that horse has a good foundation with learned cues. Also they start to depend on it for their balance in way of going. Good horse training is often times boring at a point of you ingraining these cues. When you know the horse will listen to you and trust you, then up the pressure with exposure. This depends on how confident you are as this is going to translate to her. If you have a pasture to ride in start working her out there but you have to be the one to judge how far and what to ask of her to set her up for success in getting past her comfort zone. To me one of the biggest mistakes folks make is not riding that horse consistently when it comes home from the trainers. Riding is going to condition that horse if it's done as a routine. If you have someone with a seasoned horse take her out with them for your first rides out on some trails. Split up on the trails at points to teach her to leave the other horse, expand this and challenge her to keep her mind busy. Ride over stumps, around trees, etc. Just because a horse rides well in an arena, often times they bugger look in the woods if they haven't learned to ride out on their own. I have 2 seasoned horses and I make each of them go out alone to keep them relaxed and confident. Good luck and ride where you can to set the horse up to succeed.
  10. Popping Noise When Walking...

    There's a lot of theories as what the clicking or popping noise could be. Excess synovial fluid, tendons making a snapping noise etc. I have had horses do this and nothing was found in rads or vet examines. A very good lameness equine vet once told me that a good number of horses have this & unless there's lameness or inflammation not to worry about it. I'm not telling you by any means to not worry about it, just be aware of anything different or her way of going. I know one horse we owned would be due for hock injections if that popping noise started. But again I'm not suggesting you do anything like that. It's like you'll get all kinds of opinions on joint supplements as far as what works when fed verses injections. Wish I could be more helpful but there's so many variables that could come into play.
  11. Dr.jeykle/mr. Hyde

    Very true Smilie. Sounds more like just disrespect more than being a randy gelding.
  12. Dr.jeykle/mr. Hyde

    So he still is aggressive towards anyone(person) that gets near his space?
  13. Dr.jeykle/mr. Hyde

    From what you have said I would suspect this gelding might be cryptoid. His behavior with his herd seems over the top and more like a stallion type response. You mention he is in with other geldings, notice any stud like tendencies when he is around mares even if it is very slight ? Have you ever witnessed him in with a mare? That would be a red flag if someone said he's better by himself. Have you ever considered a blood test for testosterone levels?
  14. Trailer For Horse: Aluminum Or Steel?

    My votes for aluminum also.
  15. Not A Real Topic-Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!

    Hi Smilie, We had turkey. We have made a tradition of going to a very good friend and neighbor for many years. We don't have a lot of family left to celebrate with like years in the past. We always have an outstanding meal and really great time with these dear friends. Crab legs are a favorite of mine also, sure wouldn't turn them down! LOL.