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  1. Is Your Non-horsie Spouse A Horse Widow?

    No~0000000. Mine luffs all animals way more than he luffs me. He's in his dotage and lets me do whatever I want to do. He does whatever he wants to do. It's the Perfect marriage~!! [Crazy]
  2. Why Must All Good Things Come To An End?

    Seinfeld will nevah end~!!! He's on re'runs here and I watch him every weeknight (unless I go to bed early). I don't really miss too much on tv cuz for a very long time I didn't watch much tv. I'm just happy we have it at all~!! I watch 3rd Rock in reruns. Love that show. I will watch Big Bang theory in reruns and will hate when that goes off the air. But, I think, just like threads on this board; Their born, they develop, grow and then peter out onto page 2 and into infinity. [Crazy]
  3. Pat Parelli "abuses" Stallion During Demo

    By reading my posts E&C, you can plainly see I understand the difference.
  4. Spinoff: Okay To "rehome" Horses But Not Pets

    Yah, See, I've known JRT's who followed their owner all over and have a Boston (lives with the hubby) who will follow you around and shows loyalty but not so much as say, a Cocker Spaniel, but it's still there. So, I was totally floored to see how this dog is. I guess it's not only researching the breed but also talking to owners and seeing with your own eyes how the dog acts.
  5. Spinoff: Okay To "rehome" Horses But Not Pets

    My Arthur is not very loyal. Most dogs are more loyal and tend to follow their owners around, seek out their company, and enjoy doing so. Arty-farty, not so much. He would go with anyone, is highly independent, only comes looking for home when he's tired and thirsty and wants to nap. He, to me isn't like any othe dog I've ever known. This is why I said, researching his breed would not have made me realize what I would be dealing with as I have never known a dog like this and could not imagine one acting this way.
  6. Dairy Goat People, Couple Of Questions... With Pics!

    They don't stink much unless you have two together without any nannies........then, Hold your nose baby, cuz you can't get rid of the smell~!! I started with 2 bucks together.......OMG~!!! terrible~!! Now I have two bucks and a buckling as part of my herd of 15 (Screamer is for sale and so is Pluto) but I don't have any appreciable smell. You can only smell him when you get right up to him. I feel bad when goats get de-horned. No reflection on you Stumps. [Huggy] And, horns make very handy handles for catching goats with~!!! [bat Eyelashes]
  7. The H C Image Is Kind Of Boring.

    OMG~!! Some first-grader colored that page for them, NO?
  8. I Dont Want To Be A Vegetarian Anymore.

    I think that's so sad that we, as a civilization are so detatched from the natural world that there are people who didn't realize that a Chicken has a heart and lungs and is a living thing. It makes it very hard to understand Nature when you are not living with it daily. Kids living on a farm are so lucky to be exposed to this early so that it is not an emotionally traumatizing experience to think about eating meat.
  9. Spinoff: Okay To "rehome" Horses But Not Pets

    Oh Kina, Can we talk?!! I have Arthur my Cairn Terrorist who was really, really, REALLY not the best choice for me. It was my fault because I didn't research the breed. I may not have even realized, had I researched the breed, just what kind of dog I was getting. I do love the liddle booger but he is not really suited to me or the life I'm living. He likes kids above toddler age and he is very high energy and stubborn. I have to tie him when I take him outside, he can't be allowed to run freely around the farm. He would be killed by my mule. She hates him and he cannot fathom anything not wanting him around. He barks and yaps incessantly when anyone comes by and I have to put him in the house just be able to hear what is being said to me. If I could find the right family to rehome him to I would. I would get a nice Golden or other more easy-going breed, more loyal breed, to have out here on the farm. At the same time, I'd miss him like crazy. So, am I being selfish keeping him, or heartless in rehoming him? Dunno so I'm stagnating.
  10. Why Don't We Have Like / Dislike Buttons?

    ^^^ "Wither Scratches~!!! [Yay] <my words for "like">
  11. Pat Parelli "abuses" Stallion During Demo

    Parelli was talking to students and how to gain their trust with a fearful horse. No he doesn't do that with a fearful horse. What you are not recognizing is that this is not a fearful horse. This is a dominant horse who is very secure in the fact that he can defeat any attempt to be bridled. He will go to whatever extreme is necessary. He will not shake in fear and back away at the mere site of a bridle but, instead, will stand and fight. When you get more experience with horses you will then know the difference. Until then you will deal with this horse as if he is scared because that's all you know. Was this a good venue to deal with this problem in? No, definitely not. I think the man's name and reputation got the better of his judgement and he made the wrong decision to fix this horse in public.
  12. Has Anyone Tried The 'hymalayan' Salt Licks

    I haven't tried them but I think they are VERY cool looking~!! Shiny, colorful and look like pretty bolders all wrapped in plastic. Well, the ones at my Coop are anyway. I also find them way too expensive~!! So, haven't and probably won't buy any unless I hear about some fantastic thing that they can do for a horse that nothing else can.
  13. ** Happy Birthday Daphne **

    [Yay] HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAPH~!!! [Yay]
  14. I Dont Want To Be A Vegetarian Anymore.

    Smart idea to take it slow with introducing the meat. You probably have next to no enzimes left in your stomach for digesting meat. Do you eat Activia? I would do that routine of eating it for two weeks just so you have all the good stomach flora you need.
  15. Telling Kids Or So About Medical Issues.

    I'm with you Roo. I would just say I've got a Dr's appt. Regular Check up and leave it at that. You want everyone to have a good time, not dwell on something that you don't know about yet.