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  1. Spur Trained Horse

    OK, I've found out that he has been to the world show 5 years ago and the people that owned him then, were nuts. They are no longer married and the husband trained him along with a bunch of horses they had. The new trainer came in and said "I can't fix these horses. They have been ruined beyond repair." Some of them went to some kind of breeders sale and others just went away. Our guy went through the sale and ended up with a young girl that had high hopes for him. Well he didn't last long there because he would buck her off everytime they went into an arena. He was great in the make up pen but when they were showing, He just blew up. Go figure. Then he went to another person (per the girls trainer) and he started bucking all the time when rode in the lope. He went to mostly youth homes then. He stayed there for about 4 months then ended up at a vet's barn (I have no idea how he got there or why) and stayed there for a year and she sold him to a client for her daughter because her horse had some kind of feet issues. This girl was suppose to have shown him 4-H and some open shows and did well with him and took him to some breed shows as well. These were the last owners on his papers but they sold him to a friend and that was the last they saw of him. The friend is not who I bought him off of. I can track about 4 years of his history after being sold at the first sale but not the last year. Needless to say I have talked to the first owners and she is going to try and help with him but if he can't be fixed I am going to find him a permament home as a pasture pal or trail buddy and never to be a show horse again.
  2. Spur Trained Horse

    Troping is when the horse canters in the front and trots in the back. It's what some trainers do to horses that are western pleaure bound. It looks like they are crippled with a massive head bob and they are "loping" slow. I personally can't stand it but, these horses tend to win classes so trainers still keep doing it. It's sick to watch sometimes.
  3. Spur Trained Horse

    I've seen several top western pleasure horses trained in the spur trained method. Almost bought one 3 years ago but didn't because my daughter was to young then to pick it up. These horses are highly trained to move off of leg or spur pressure instead of hands and reins. If you go to the world shows, the horses in these classes are usually trained that way. It's totally reverse of what I know. I am going to try and find a trainer around here that trains that way and hopefully get a lesson or something from them because I hate to see him go if we can't make him work. I can't afford to have anymore horses that can't be ridden. I already have 1 retired show horse and 1 filly that has string halt and several that work. I know that sounds mean but we just got him so I have no attachment to him yet. My daughter does but she will be going to college in 2 years so I will be left with all the care of these horses. Thankfully I din't pay to much for him so I won't lose any money on him but would like to keep him if we can figure this out.
  4. Spur Trained Horse

    I guess I forgot to mention he is an Appoloosa and not my normal AQHA or APHA and I am rather new to the Appy world. I know his papers are not accurate because the people I bought him from didn't register him in their name and only had him 6 months before sending him off again. I asked them who they got him from and they told me a name that I know is a known horse trader. I am trying to find out more information on who has owned him on his papers but it may take a while since I don't know anything about this association yet. I went to the horse trader Saturday and asked him (I know him personally because he helped me find her other horse that we lost) if he remembered who where and what but he said it's been a while so he has to think about it. More then likely he came from a Kentucky auction or something along those lines. He does get horses from some college auction there but I don't know which one. I am actively trying to find out more on him around here.
  5. Spur Trained Horse

    I recently bought my daughter a new show horse because she lost her last horse but this new horse is being difficult to ride. While riding today, I told her to try to apply more leg like she had spurs on and he actually did what she wanted. I told her to take her legs off him and he stopped. I believe he is a spur trained horse and I actually have no idea how to tell her how to ride him. I would appreciate any help I can get for her to ride him. He does the "trop" and I was told he has been hock hobbled (have no idea what that is) and he was trained western pleasure. The people I got him from was having issues with him tropping when asked to move out in a trot and they were dressage people. I hate to see him being shipped from home to home because he is trained to the spur and no one knows how to ride him so any help would be great. Thanks..
  6. An Arthritis Question- Woes I Guess?

    your welcome. I hope you have good luck making him comfy.
  7. Omolene Feeds?

    I use to feed it years ago then switched to Strategy. Used it for a long time then, Sae Choice came out and use it now. Don't need the sweet feeds.
  8. Heaves, Blankets, And The Older Horse

    I have 1 mare that if it goes below freezing she has to have a blanket on. She is a show horse and is out during the day and locked up at night. When she comes in at night without a blanket on, she is shivering and is very cranky until we heat her up with a heavy turnout on and a light warming blanket under it. It usually takes 30 -45 minutes to warm her. So it is more practical for me to put a blanket on her anytime it's going to get below freezing here. I only put light sheets on some of the others only when they show signs of being cold (ears are cold inside, ice hanging off of them, belly's icey cold, shivering). If they get wet, they get brought inside the barn and stalled until dry or the next day. I highly suggest waterproof turnouts if you have to blanket your horse though. They are worth the little more money.
  9. Cat Health Question.

    MY sister-in-law's cat had all that and was dianoised with Feline Lukemia. Sorry if it is. Def go to the vet.
  10. Small Bump Where Girth Goes?

    I would say it's a fatty deposit and nothing to really worry about. Had one on a horse a couple of years ago and had it removed and it was nothing. Had it sent out even and was nothing. Another one grew on him and I left it. Just make sure you don't get it pinched in the girth or anything because that can make it sore.
  11. Fall Vaccinations

    Forgot to add that mares getting ready to foal will get their shots 30 days prior to foaling and the foals will get their shots at 4-6 months of age at weaning time. I also worm my mares at the same time.
  12. Fall Vaccinations

    I vaccinate all my horses (every horse in the barns) in April for EEE, WEE, Tetnus, Rhino, Flu, and WNV. Then in September I vaccinate all horses that will be traveling a lot for Rhino and Flu. I vaccinate all horses every 2-3 years for Rabies depending on what my vet recommends. Horses that are at risk or have an unknown vaccination history gets everything then put on my schedule. Any horse that comes in contact with my barns must have these shots or will be vaccinated with them upon coming into my barns. I use Merial's WNV so it's guarenteed for a full year to proctect my horses or they will pay for the medical bills so I don't waste any more money on giving it twice a year once they had the first round.
  13. An Arthritis Question- Woes I Guess?

    I personally had all kinds of trouble with MSM. I used it on several horses with no results or bad results. My worse was a horse that stocked up on it even on 24/7 turn out. I took him off of it and he didn't stock up any more. He went on Corta-Flx daily and did wonders until we lost him. Another horse used it and she would get "sore" in the hocks so we injected her hocks and she would still be sore so I decieded to just "turn her out to pasture" and within 3 weeks she was sound again with nothing. Now I just give her some Corta-Flx when she comes in. I did give one horse Yucca on my old vet's advice but it has to be 100% human grade to be of use. Harder to find but suppose to work. Didn't keep that horse long enough to really find out. I like the newer Adequin IM when I have to use something but rather use a daily additive like Corta-Flx because it's a lot cheaper and I have seen great results with it. I have tried Cosequine and didn't see anything to brag about. Been through most of them with the first horse above. Corta_flx worked the best for me overall and I just didnt' like MSM.
  14. Rain Rot

    Any type of mouthwash that has the antiseptic properties that listerines has in it. I buy the generic store brand that is a lot cheaper. It's all the same generic or name brand so buy the cheapest and it will work the same. Good luck.
  15. Take A Look At This Friggin Horse...he's Huge!

    I would LOVE a horse that size!! He would make my rear look smaller!! He, he..... I really like big horses with lots of bone and meat!!