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  1. So What Do You Drive?

    Had an SUV a couple of months ago until a person ran a red light and totaled it. I miss my Rodeo but love my new car. Figured it was time for something fun! 2013 Chevy Camaro.
  2. Fractured Strernum

    Thanks guys. Will just try and take it easy until I see the Dr in a week. I'm just going bonkers being cooped up inside.
  3. Fractured Strernum

    So was in a car accident on Tuesday night, the seat belt fractured my sternum. Thankfully nothing else was wrong and was able to walk away and go to the hospital, not the same for my car. But anyway I was not given much information on how long to heal etc. I was told to not lift anything heavy for 8-12 weeks and take it easy. I am still really sore and I know that is to be expected since it has only been 4 days. I'm just wondering when I can drive again, maybe go to work. I know I probably won't be able ride for a couple of months. Anyone have this injury before that can give me some details on healing time? Thank you!
  4. Whats Up With This Hoof?

    Thank you! I will look into boots but have tried them before (easy boots) and they fit good after a trim but the closer I get to the next trim I am breaking my fingers trying to get them on plus they seem to tight for the hoof. To keep her in boots one would figure that she would have to be trimmed every 3-4 weeks instead of every 6.
  5. Whats Up With This Hoof?

    Storey, thank you for the diagram. Now I can tell what everyone is talking about. Pulling the shoes would be to not ride this horse at all. She is on pasture while I am not there but when I take her out during the week it is mountain climbing and rocky terrain. I would like to try and fix the problem with the shoes on, if this is possible. I am grateful for all of the information you have. Thank you
  6. Whats Up With This Hoof?

    Those are really good articles, mostly Greek to me LOL. I guess I need what to do with a hoof that is shod. Mostly the articles show a barefoot trim. I get confused with the terms IE: bars, capsule, quarters etc.
  7. Whats Up With This Hoof?

    Not sure what is going on with my mares hoof. It has not done this before and maybe its because she is due for a trim, although not for two weeks. This is post trim by four weeks. Her hoof is over the edge of the shoe and flaring out, thinking if I take her in the mountains it will split off. What would cause this to happen? Looking at the pics I can see things wrong as the hoof does not look balanced to me but I am probably the worst at critiquing a hoof so looking for advice. I have asked my farrier in the past to make her shoes a bit bigger as it looks like her heals are contracted too but he seems to go back to making the hoof fit the shoe, not sure I could be wrong. Background info: 10yr Appy mare,approx 1200lbs, not lame, AZ conditions (need I say dry), on pasture but our pastures are dry and not wet even though there is plenty of grass. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Today's Highs- June 28, 2012

    Yep, find me right in the white area. Supposed to be about 112 today. Stayed inside and will watch the news to see what it actually reached.
  9. Opinions On This Cross

    Thank you for the input!
  10. Opinions On This Cross

    Wow CVM you had me running Google thinking my mare was going to lose her hoof! LOl, just kidding. Not knowing what you were talking about just did a little research to try and see what you were seeing. Not much came up so still a little confused but I can say she has not taken a lame step and we have real rocky mountains here in AZ and she is like a mountain goat, goes all day. The vet has seen her regularly and so has the farrier and neither has said anything but will ask the vet next time he is out. Now maybe what you are seeing will affect her in the future? She is 10 now so still young in my book. Now if this is true is it passed onto foals? Would be good to tell my sister what to look for if so. Thank you again for the replies!
  11. Opinions On This Cross

    Nice Sakura, If I was actually going to breed her I would fly out and see him because sometimes pics are not as good as in person. Hoku- No offense taken, this is learning and fun.
  12. Opinions On This Cross

    This is the only pic I found of him that would be a full side shot.
  13. Opinions On This Cross

    I think she is light in the legs too, small feet also. What are you seeing in her right leg? Just wondering as like I said I am no confo person LOL. I know the stud does have very upright pasterns but thought that hers were a bit better (maybe not?) Thank you for the reply. I have seen better pics of the stud, will see if I can dredge some up.
  14. "pleasantly Perfect"

    He is so handsome!
  15. Prayers Needed