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  1. Neutering - Time Frame?

    no problem
  2. Neutering - Time Frame?

    Char, please be careful with that Trifexis. a local agility group near me has nothing but negative things to say about it. i can tell you of my own experience, oh, 12 years ago? my Staffy cross (in ziggy) had gotten another heart worm shot and went into seizures and had seizures for the rest of his life. that heartworm shot was recalled. i have no idea if the 2 brands are related but i can say im VERY careful of any type of vac.s and meds i give my dogs now. thanks for listening! best of luck!
  3. Sudden Death Of A 6 Y/o

    So sorry for your loss. love your rescue story, what a silver lining! but i wanted to tell you,horses rarely die from heart attacks. especially at 6. what were his bloodlines? it sounds to me like he may have had pssm. the ryr1 or i believe its called type two, will cause sudden death. and you said he had gotten some grain and exercise. dont know your horses bloodlines or history but that popped into my mind. it may also help others with similar sad cases.
  4. Neutering - Time Frame?

    humans and dogs are two different species. last i heard dogs (unaltered) are 3 times (oops, now its 7 times more likely) more likely to get mammary cancer than humans. and unfortunately by the time you notice a lump many times it has already spread to the dogs lungs. i've dealt with mammary cancer in a dog many years ago. its painful and quick. its far better for both human and dog to just spay or neuter. To answer OP question; around 6 months. and for anyone concerned about cost ASPCA is always willing to help.
  5. Dog Sterilization Shot

    Ditto Nick.
  6. Neutering - Time Frame?

    HorseCrazy, mammary cancer kills 'em just the same as bone cancer. both= deader than dead. dont see how you can say 'lesser of two evils'. (as well as testicular, prostate, ovarian, uterine. ) Carry on.
  7. So Do You Behave At A Funeral Service?

    nope your right, you are the only ones that Google this stuff or watch the news. and again, i will talk slower this time and use sign language for you; no one else in all the pictures there are of this is anyone smiling, laughing, flirting and taking selfies. and the two are only laughing and talking to each other.
  8. So Do You Behave At A Funeral Service?

    your right United States of America, sorry, but i DO NOT respect our president. im sorry but i care less how many funerals you or anyone else (myself included) have gone to. WE are not the president. i would only agree with you if other people in all these photos were at the same time laughing and carrying on. NO ONE in those photos, his wife included are making light. and it matters not what they did in privacy or on the way to the event, we are talking about the photos at the actual funeral.
  9. So Do You Behave At A Funeral Service?

    link has nothing to do with the actual event we are talking about GH, PD he sure as **** does have to answer to us, and to everyone else NO one else in those pix are celebrating and i dont care what any one else does anyway THIS man is the president of the united states of America, for those of us that could not be there HE and only HE represents us.
  10. So Do You Behave At A Funeral Service?

    not the first, and im sure not the last, time i have been disgraced and embarrassed by this president. Regardless of what is going on this man represents OUR country and should show respect. I dont see anyone else in those photos laughing and carrying on.
  11. Aqha Should Be Split

    Steel Dust History Foaled by a Kentucky thoroughbred mare in 1843, Steel Dust was brought to Texas by Middleton Perry and Jones Greene. This roughly 16-hands-high champion quarter-mile match racer was so fast that his jockey reportedly coated the stallion’s back with molasses in order to stay on. Steel Dust was described as a muscular blood bay with small ears and a large jaw, which, to many, symbolized his tenacity and determination. Richard Chamberlain, senior racing writer for the American Quarter Horse Journal, tells me what made this horse special was he wasn’t just a racer. He had intelligence and a down-to-earth sense that’s not always found in racehorses, and these traits—speed, intelligence and endurance—were passed down to his progeny, making them tractable saddle horses. Let me know if you guys need more, i love talking AQHA history!
  12. Aqha Should Be Split

    To those that know the true history, know it started with racing. its also why half TB are allowed to be reg. Breed History Learn the history of the world's most popular breed of horse. Greek mythology records the epic exploits of a wonderful winged horse named Pegasus. The stories of early Texas cow country speak of another legendary horse. He was called Steel Dust, and like Pegasus, he could fly, but without ever leaving the ground. Foaled in Kentucky, a descendent of the great Sir Archy, Steel Dust came to Texas as a yearling in 1844. His progeny and his legend spread as cowboys drove Longhorns up the trails from Texas and opened the Great Plains to ranching. The name Steel Dust came to identify an entire breed of horse; they were called “Steeldusts,” the cowboy’s favorite kind. They were heavy-muscled horses, marked with small ears, a big jaw, remarkable intelligence and lightning speed up to a quarter of a mile. Steel Dust was an American Quarter Horse. He and his kind would achieve fame in proportions every bit as magnificent as that of the mythical Pegasus. But the story of the Quarter Horse begins long before Texans started tying their ropes and hard and fast to the saddle horn. The origins of the breed can be traced to Colonial America. When our forefathers weren’t dumping tea in the Boston Harbor and fighting Indians or Redcoats, they did enjoy a horse race. In the beginning, they ran the English horses with which they plowed and rode every day. There is evidence that the Spanish Barbs obtained from the Chickasaws were crossed with the Colonists’ English stock as early as 1611. Over the next 150 years, the product of this breeding would come to be known as the “Celebrated American Quarter Running Horse.” The term “Quarter” refers to the distance, a quarter of a mile, most commonly run in Colonial racing, often on the main streets of small villages.
  13. Nelson Mandela Was A Terrorist

    Do you really think an applicant is going to admit to using?
  14. Aqha Should Be Split

    actually PD aqha started from them being raced. fastest thing in the quarter mile, i.e. quarter horse. carry on.
  15. Why is that too far?! thats funny, yet you dare to tell others how to live their life? interesting.