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  1. Is Anyone Else Just Having The Best Week Ever?

    I wish I could say my week was going well, but I can't, lol. I had the pleasure of taking the ACT today. On top of that, I have standardized tests for the next 3 days. Shoot me now..
  2. I decided to ride today since it's so beautiful outside. I haven't rode in like 3 months, and my horse was an angel! : ) I love days like that, lol.
  3. Clippers

    Are the Oster Golden A5's very loud? I have gone through quite a few clippers and haven't found any that I really like. I may have to look into them.
  4. I Can't Believe...

    Oh my goodness, that was probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen on AI. Period. Lol
  5. Reintroduce Yourselves :)

    I'm Courtney and I live in the wonderful state of Michigan. I'm 16 and a junior in high school. I mostly lurk, but I occasionally post. I've been riding for 9 years, showing for 7. My ultimate goal is to become an equine veterinarian. I ride HUS and western, but western is my passion. I have an 11 year old AQHA mare, whose name is Annie. I have 7 other horses, but Annie is the only one I show. I have a boyfriend of two years, I think he's pretty great : ) uhmmm, thats all for now I guess : )
  6. The Official What You Got For Christmas Thread

    I had a good Christmas this year! : ) I got... -2 saddle covers; one for my english saddle, and one for my western saddle. -A super cute new bathroom set. It's black and white paisley and looks amazing. -Various articles of clothing from AE, Hollister, and a tack shop that I loove. -Comfy slippers -A Sonicare toothbrush and new white gold chain to replace my old one that broke, from the bf. -A $25 iTunes card and $120 from the grandparents. My sister got a Cricut, so she has to share that with me too All in all it was a great Christmas : )
  7. Snug As A Bug In A Rug

    Hah, that is exactly what my mare's forelock is. Its like a little puff, not even long enough to braid : (
  8. Snug As A Bug In A Rug

    Ahh, his forelock is soo long : ) Super cute!
  9. The "i'm Really Annoyed Because" Thread

    I ditto the getting dark early thing. I hatee it! And I have a pre calc test tomororw grr.. :[
  10. Today Is A Good Day

    Congrats! : ) I take the ACT in March. I'm nervouss!
  11. About You And Your Horse(s)

    about YOU Name: Courtney Age: 16 Birthday: July 12 Height? 5'6" How long have you been riding? 9 years. How often do you take lessons? Egh, once a weekish. How many trainers have/do you have? 1 Do you own your own horse? Yes. Do you keep/ride horses on your own property? Yes. How many shows have you been to? a tonnn. Highest you have jumped on horseback? bahaha, like a foot? How many times have you fallen off? Too many. Your worst fall? I blacked out : ( How often do you ride? Whenever the wonderful Michigan weather lets me. Have you ever trained a horse? Not really. Top Level Horses And Riders What top rider do you look up to? I dont knoww Why? -- Favorite 4 star event? -- Favorite Olympic level horse? Salinero Your Favorite... Horse breed? I'm partial to them QH Horse markings? Cute little stars : ) Color of horse? Any, but I would really like a black or a grey. Height of horse? 15.3 and up Which Do You Perfer... Horses or ponies? Horses. English or western? Western Hunters or jumpers? Neither Have You Ever Shown In... Hunters? Nope Jumpers? Nope Eventing? No Dressage? No Barrels? Hah, sorta Games? No Western Shows? Yes : ) About your horse Breed? Quarter Horsee Height? 15.3hh Age? 12 Name? Annie Color and markings? Little star Did he/she ever race? haha, no way Wear shoes? Yes, on the front Did you train him/her? I teach her things, but I wouldnt say "train" Do they do english or western? Both Is he/she registered? Yes Highest he/she has ever jumped? I dont think she has ever jumped Ever jumped cross country? Nope pic: She's a very happy horse : )
  12. Miracle Collars

    We rescued a die hard cribber and the Miracle Collar seemed to work some on him. You just have to be careful if your horse is out in the pasture that it does not get caught on anything.
  13. Halloween Costumes!

    My bf and I took my sister out trick or treating. She was an angel, sadly no pics. After she was done trick or treating we went back to his house and handed out candy. We had some good laughs about a few kids. One girl, she probably had to be 14 or 15, the bf's dad had a fake knife that played this creepy music. He was standing sort of behind her and played the music and she freeaked out. She dropped her candy and proceeded to flip him off and cuss him out all the way down the driveway. Ooh, halloween.. Lol : )
  14. Soo.. Halloween

    How was everyone's Halloween? Did you guys go anywhere or do anything? I went down to the boyfriend's house. We went to a really cool tack shop, and then took my sister out trick or treating. All in all it was a pretty good halloween. What about you guys? : )