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  1. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Yep - I had Bailey Mae! I sold her bak to the lady I initially bought her from to buy a new mare. Dally is sweet - and not so new anymore - but is getting 0 riding while I'm in Japan. I tried selling her before I left but everything fell through, so I took it as a sign and didn't bother re-listing her. I wish I had the funds to buy Bailey back - she was a old mare, I was in a phase where I wanted something "new".
  2. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Hey, everyone! I got the urge to sign onto HC...first time I've checked in for quite some time. Anyone besides Jackie & Hilary remember me? Lol. I am not currently riding, which really saddens me. Circumstances have changed a lot but when I am back in the States, I'll resume my riding with gusto. I am going to begin volunteering at a hippotherapy center and am hoping I can do a bit of riding there. I hope everyone is well! I will be lurking, if not posting, to try to get my equine fix since I am so deprived.
  3. Yoda

    [Crazy] Yoda, is that you? *pokes* He looks so amazing! He grew into quite the prince!
  4. Jingles Much Needed

    Whew, thank goodness! I am so happy she's safe and sound.
  5. Jingles Much Needed

    Any luck yet?
  6. As Requested...a Mini Allie Update :)

    Thanks, Fools Overture! I get it now. :)
  7. Boots Or Wraps

    You think they can do a lot of damage in general or just when they are wrapped incorrectly?
  8. As Requested...a Mini Allie Update :)

    What a great grad present indeed! Quick, semi-random question though -- looked at the stallion and read his height and then 9" bone. What does that mean? I know it means "nine inch bone" but are they talking about his cannon bone, another bone...? I'm not familiar with it.
  9. Jingles Much Needed

    How stressful -- I can't imagine how you're feeling right now. I hope she is at someone's house and they give you a call real soon, or that a shelter found her and picked her up. Thoughts and prayers going your way and to your pup!
  10. Boots Or Wraps

    I've used SMBs and there has always been some sand or dirt that sneaks in no matter much I try to secure the velcro so there isn't any open little spots for anything to get through. Next time I buy boots, I'll probably go with Classic Equine. That being said, I barrel race and am in the Western arena, not that it really matters.
  11. A Pic Of Flintrock

    I love the pink! He looks like he is working hard with her and for her, that's awesome. :)
  12. Guess Who I Met! Pics

    AHHHH Bentley, he's sooo cute. What kind of dog is the reddish one? Jealous you got to meet Jackie and Anders!
  13. Need Help From Military Family Members!

    Wow, this is so much more help that I could've expected, thank you all very much! The military vet we saw said he'd need a new microchip, didn't even mention renting or borrowing a scanner than was ISO-compatible. He said that since Japan only recognizes 10# chips, he needed a 10# one and not a 9# one. I didn't argue, because I honestly have no idea, lol. His previous vaccs don't count with his 9# so the 180 days starts again with the 10# one. I'll come back at a later time with more questions. We need to call or go into TMO and see what they booked us with but they have given my husband the run around so many times, it is kind of intimidating to go in there to even ask for something or to help understand something because they'll likely send you somewhere else or not be organized enough to come up with an answer. Roar!
  14. Hey, there! Who can help me with some questions about PCSing? If you have PCSed before, can you tell me from where to where, and your general experience with it? We are PCSing with a pet (55lb Shepherd mix) and it seems to add more complications to it. My husband and I are PCSing to Okinawa in August. I'm unsure what airline we're flying, if we're flying military or commercial, and I don't know what base we'll be on. The only thing I DO know is that we'll be living on base. I began my dog's processing today. Japan has a 180-day quarantine for rabies and the quarantine begins the day or the day after the FAVN test is drawn. Toby has always been up to date on his vaccinations but his two rabies vaccines that are needed to get into Japan are nil because he has a 9 number microchip and Japan's readers only acknowledge 10 #, ISO-compatible microchips. Urgh. So, we went to the vet office on Camp Pendleton, and he got his first rabies vaccine that will "count" after he had his 10# microchip inserted. 30 days from now, we'll go back for his second rabies shot, and then two weeks after that, his blood can be drawn for the FAVN test. This puts the end of the 180 day quarantine ending around January. Pets can be quarantined on base, or so I've read. There are "foster families" that can hold a pet until the quarantine is over, or there are two different kennels. I do not want to pay for 180 days worth of board for a dog. I've also read that if you live on base, the animal can finish off the quarantine at your home. Unsure of the credibility of this statement. Can anyone assist me or give me any tips regarding PCSing with a pet? If he stays in the US until the quarantine is over, things will have to go through a civilian vet and then the papers will have to be stamped by the USDA office in St. Paul (MN, where he'd be living with my parents). Sorry, this is all helter-skelter ... pretty much how my brain is right now! Thanks in advance for anyone who is able to help me or point me in the right direction.
  15. Tumblr

    I have two ... one I haven't paid attention to in a long time: But my newest one is a family blog (omg I feel old):