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  1. My Horsieee *jockey Came.. Update Pg.2*

    Poor lil guy!!! I'm glad to know he's getting the care he needs though! I think he's gonna turn out to be a really nice horse actually. He's got a look to him that you have to see through the sadness :) Great find!
  2. What Sort Of Contact To Use?

    I'm honestly not sure what kind of contract that falls under either....but your title says "contact" and that could be why you're not getting any response? You MAY be able to use the barn's release form (if you're at a barn) and that would cover her getting injured. As for your equipment,,,you could always professionally word something like "you break it, lose it, ruin it, you buy it"
  3. Different Kinds Of Close Contact Saddles

    I really like no knee rolls, no blocks, nothin' But I like to really FEEL my horse and be able to manipulate myself however I need to without my saddle getting in my way. (I ride jumpers and have for a LONG TIME). I would say the problem you're simply having is being out of shape. A saddle with no "help" built in will make it tougher for you to stay centered and balanced. The good news is that if you ride in it more and more, you'll adapt and become stronger and then be just fine :)
  4. Martingale For My Horse, Good Idea?

    Well the obvious thing is to make sure he likes the bit you're using. 2nd obvious...make sure nothing else is buggin' him health wise. Since you say that he seems to do it at certain times when he's in a bad mood though......I would SAY to start with a running martingale. You'll want to make sure its fit a little loose (so that the first couple times, he's aware its there, but its not coming into play too much. Make it shorter if he doesn't respond, etc). You'll put it on, but don't run the reins through the rings. Grab the rings and hold them straight up. The rings should reach ABOUT his wither height...thats a properly fitted martingale. I'd put it one hole longer than that. Like I said, if he doesn't respond to it, then put it on the 'proper' hole. I wouldn't go shorter than that though unless you have a trainer around and/or you are VERY experienced with them. Youngsters sometimes just need to know that there is something there that THEY will bump themselves with if they get fussy. He should figure it out. I suggested the running martingale over the standing, because the running can tend to be much softer (when fitted properly). The standing is attached to his noseband and that could make him feel confined. The standing would be my LAST resort in this situation.
  5. So Today....

    What bothers me from just what you said....even with an eventing background, he shouldn't pull rails because there is still the stadium phase ;) Did he pull ALL the rails you went over, or just a couple? As already asked, front or hind end taking the rail? If a horse takes EVERY rail, then I wouldn't bother.....but if he took a couple and you're aware of what possibly could have caused it, I wouldn't worry about it. My 3'6 jumper takes 2'6" rails sometimes....depends what happened on the way there and over ;) LOVE your kitten!
  6. Horse Show Pics

    Those are really nice photos. Good job! If I were one of those riders, I'd likely buy a couple...and I'm a PIIIIICKY photo buyer! haha LOVE the dark dapple gray..very pretty :)
  7. Helloooo!!! Where are you?

  8. Two New Horse Sketches

    Those are definitely showing a different perspective in drawings! I really like them. Its fun for me to see 'odd' looking drawings because its something I struggle with....when I draw, I like to be EXACT haha and can't seem to venture out of the lines per se haha Very cool :)
  9. Concept Question...rushing To Fence

    I went and found a couple of your videos because I needed a visual :) I left a couple comments on one for you. Really I think you're doing a really good job considering the circumstances of green on green. I'd REALLY like to see video of her currently if its at all possible. Because in the videos I found...she doesn't appear rushy at all. What I see is that maybe you FEEL like she's being rushy and you tense up...she then also tenses up. From all my years of ONLY riding rushy/tense horses, I know how that can feel and it is rather unnerving. I think something you need to learn is that when she does get a little tense...just stay relaxed and calm and 'ride it out'. Stay in a half seat, press your weight down toward her back, put a little pressure with your thighs....keep your elbows relaxed and talk to her. Say eeeeasssssyyyyy, slllloooooowwwwww, etc and just stay sweet and calm for her sake. I found something that helps with me (if you're not embarassed ;) ) is to just sing row row row your boat to the rhythm you'd like to see her at. Don't stop singing until you and her are both relaxed. In all your videos, I felt your saddle was about an inch too far forward. Its sitting up on her shoulder and very well could just be bothering her enough to make jumping a tense situation for her because the saddle is irritating. Overall, I truly think you can get this fixed...unless its gotten worse? haha You need a friend (or trainer I spose) to have empathy for you and stand around while you ride just telling you over and over to relax and go with it. Because like I said...she may just FEEL rushy to you when in reality she might not be rushing at all............again, when you feel like she's doing something, she'll pick up on that and THEN act rushy and fussy. Hang in there and just keep working at it :)
  10. Why Is It... looks awful doesn't it? HAHA We ride/compete in a monkey-see-monkey-do world. Trainers go to bigger shows and watch the BNT do something and come home and 'try it' on their students. GOOD trainers understand that a 5' fence requires a different effort than a 2'6 fence. ALSO, riders watch things on TV (such as the olympics) and just emulate what the riders do. I admit *I* have a habit of being able to emulate actions really when I watched an older jumper movie..THAT was how I learned the auto release. So really, the problem is that most people WATCH something and just copy it. OR because they really believe that because little suzie used the "hand to ear" release, THAT is why she won the eq class.........and these people don't have anyone around who knows how or WILL correct them. Most of these riders with the sloppy, overly exagerated positions will learn sooner or later when on a horse who won't put up with that style of riding ;)
  11. Hunter/Dressage Prospect?

    Basically my answer to a lot of questions like this is: depends what level you're aiming for. At lower level hunters and dressage...adding into that, the type of show (schooling/rated)....this pony could do either. You'd have to factor in what your competition is like. At small local shows, this pony could blow away the other 'hunter' horses...but at an A rated show, likely not. Same goes for dressage. She has lovely engagement on the uphill photo...but doesn't show it as strongly on the flat ground. She has a little too much action in her gates for higher competition hunters. Overall, she's cute and can probably do anything at a small level. When you start specializing and moving up is when it will matter :)
  12. English Show Attire

    All your stuff will work just fine :) As long as the outfit LOOKS neat and much things cost, or their brands won't matter (honestly even at an A show ;) ) The cowboy boots are a no no....not only because they're not part of the 'uniform' but because most cowboy boots are not meant for english stirrups. It becomes a huge safety issue. You can find really cheap tall boots on ebay that'll serve your purpose. Won't be super comfy, but unless you're moving on to lots of shows, its really not too big of a deal.
  13. There Was A Knock On My Door Last Night.... Huxley's Adventures

    You can like monkeys all you like......its just not nice to spank them without permission ;) :D HAHA *and now that I've caught on to whats going on...I don't feel stupid anymore (no more than usual anyway haha)
  14. There Was A Knock On My Door Last Night.... Huxley's Adventures

    HAHAHHAAHAH Oh dear....all that and I wasn't even invited for the beer????????? since I'm new here,,,I will now slowly back away before saying something thats probably innappropriate