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  1. She was a friend that used to call me alot. Since she had not called in a few years I kinda wondered what happened to her.
  2. Haya PD : Tuck waves at PD and others:
  3. Great seeing everyone that popped in here. What is with all the week of the day titles now ? LOL Just maybe we all need to go a trail ride. Anyone want to go? You oldies know how to play.
  4. Was jumping around and figured I would stop in for a visit. Who has the coffee pot on? It is cold as That ole Canuckland here in Oklahoma. I still see some ole names I know. WAVES ... Life here is ok I have a rescued mini donk and 2 rescued mini horses here now. My Husband is going on 2 years now in a nursing home with dementia. He is doing ok. The boys are grown up in their 20`s now. I am as always keeping myself busy. What have you been doing? Or anything exciting on the forums anymore? Tohi, Tuck
  5. I use revolution on my cats.
  6. Nick we have more than Cal now. Seems like last year we had many in a week. This year we have slowed down some but they have gotten higher on the Richter scale.
  7. Earthquake central here. Tonight we had a good 5. not far from me. Cushing OK. Who all felt it too?
  8. Well we had a quakinado the other day. Earth Quake and twister all in the same day
  9. LOL I have also gotten the warning. I laughed
  10. Haya
  11. I remember that and much much more
  12. okie dokie
  13. I am south of Wichita
  14. You know me I have to stick my head in.