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About Me

Tuck,My story.

I am 58 married and the mother of 3 sons. Ramon,40,,Tyler 24 and Kenny 22 .I live in a small rural area in northern Okla. On the old 101 Ranch property many years past.

I am a pro dog trainer for years,and give a 10 week course twice a year as well as train privately.I sub teach for the local school system.I also have an associates in art.And love to draw horses,and have carved a carousel horse.My husband retired as a lineman for the local utilities company a few years ago.

I have ridden a horse as soon as I was walking.Might have been the gas meter horse but I was ride-in.I lived my life with spring and imagined horses till I was 10.We moved to Okla and my life was spent riding and dreaming and learning as much as I could about horses.My parents could not afford one.I started working with other peoples horses.I learned the hard way by taking out unriden,,spoiled horses.I spent allot of time at the local stables and begged to ride.I learned allot.

At the age of 21,I got my first horse.He was a green 2 year old Polish Arabian.His name is Bedouin Ruler.I trained him and we did everything from dressage to barrels. I Lost him in February 2010 at the age of 29.

I have also bought a straight Egyptian mare,SA Amber Love. I am now working with her to be another forever friend. She was given to elsbeth here on the forums.

I have bought and sold a few horses over the years,either unbroken or spoiled and training them to be good horses.

I have in my backyard,chickens,pigeons,2 ducks, 1 GSD and a bunch of Manx cats.

I raise and also show Manx cats.

I hope you enjoyed my story.