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  1. A Never Ending Story!

    Hey everyone! I know I haven't been on here for a while, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I am doin ok. I am pregnant, I think most of you know that! The father did leave and he hasn't been there for me since the first doctor appt. I am hurtin, but I'm getting better everyday! My acid reflux has been actin up really bad lately, but I'm handling it well. I just went in for my second appt and I heard the heartbeat just at 9 weeks. It was so amazing! But that's pretty much it besides that I'm moving out in 2 months.
  2. I Need Help (vent)

    And I'm not trying to be rude about it, sorry if it sounds that way!
  3. I Need Help (vent)

    I agree, I've been through that before, it's not worth your time to like someone you're not sure if you're ever going to get.
  4. Female Health Question

    I agree with others! I'm 8 weeks and 5 days, I can't lay on them without it hurting one way or another! I have noticed some dryness, but yes go get a test! I only tested because I was late, nothing else caught my eye. lol
  5. Worked With The Girls *pics*

    I have to say that Cowboy is gorgeous! You can bring him on over here anytime!
  6. Horses, Dogs And Owls ( Pictures )

    I love all the pictures! Annie is a cutie!
  7. I Don't Know What's Wrong With The Horses Today!

    Yes, I agree! Maveric decided to play the come and catch me game today! He's never done that either, he's the type where you can't get him away from you as soon as you go in the pasture! But then he didn't want to stand while tied up! I love this time of the year where they all know it's going to spring soon!
  8. I Had An Interview Today!

    It was only at a grocery store, but it's something at the moment until I can get into something for my degree! Also, something for now while I'm pregnant and it's not hard at all! I hope I get this job and I will know by tomorrow or friday! Wish me luck!
  9. I Had An Interview Today!

    I'm due September 28 and thank you!
  10. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Thanks everyone! But I want to know, I'm so constipated and it's causing cramps! What can I do to help that?
  11. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    I know a lot of you hate me for the mistake I made! I was stupid and I made a stupid decision, but there is nothing I can do to take it back! I just wanted to let you know that I am 5 weeks pregnant, I have a doctor appointment on the 29th for my first prenatal visit. I thought maybe I would let you know how I am doing! I can't say you won't care, I can't say I won't have support from any of you, but I do know that I have support from my family and friends!
  12. A Never Ending Story!

    Hey, I haven't been on here in a few days! I know some of you don't like me anymore because of my mistake becoming pregnant. But I just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing great! I have the support of others and have yet to get sick! I'm not sure if you even want to talk to me, but I thought I'd go on here and update myself.
  13. I Know I've Made A Mistake

    Yes, I made a mistake! Yes, I know what I did wrong! And yes, I'm changing my life around and concentrating on my family, school, horse, and friends! If some of you haven't read my other post, but my bf is cheating on me and I haven't had the chance to talk to him! But other things are going on in my life like family, friends, money, school, depression, and other things I don't want to say, but I should. Well, a few years back I started cutting because of my dad and how he treated me. I thought I would never trust another man again and I let myself fall for stupid things. But I didn't cut for about 4 years and I just started doing it again recently! I know I know I shouldn't have done it, but I did! It's like I can't help myself, I can't think, I can't write, I can't talk, I can't concentrate! I couldn't even get myself to go see my horse today! I know I may seem like a complainer but I can't do this anymore!
  14. Well It's True

    Here's the picture!!! AWWW, now after bf cheats on me and everything goes to he**!!!
  15. Well It's True

    Why would I have my mother raise my child? And no I didn't say I was expert on everything, I just said, I knew some from experience!
  16. Well It's True

    OK lets see, I have a job! I have a family who is supporting me! I have friends who are supporting me! I have insurance that they won't drop! My parents aren't like that! You're right, I made a stupid mistake and I guess I am a bad person for that! What a way to make a person feel more like crap! What a way to treat someone when she's not a teen! I was dumb, I got too caught up in something that wasn't true! You don't even know my whole life to begin with or anything about me that you see! Maybe my dad is there, my dad wants to kill him with a shotgun! Did you ever ask that? Did you ever think that maybe you should get all the information before saying my parents aren't around or my dad doesn't care! What I did to make you think all of this, I really don't care! I know what it's like to take care of a baby, I have a nephew that was taken away from his mother, I've had to take care of him since he was born and he's now almost 2! Did you know that? Did you possibly know that my mom had/has daycare that I've worked at since she started? Did you know anything like that? NO you didn't, so maybe don't go judge someone unless you know them well enough! And yes, I'm coming back!
  17. Well It's True

    You do have some sort of point, but I am not seeking attention, I'm not doing adoption, I'm keepin this baby and raising s/he on my own or with some sort of help! I'm not trying to sound like I'm coming up with excuses, I'm just trying to say that maybe I could have a little encouragement or support when I post something on being depressed or angry!
  18. Well It's True

    And I do have insurance! I'm under my parents insurance since I'm still in school!
  19. Well It's True

    I'm done on here! Just because I posted three days ago doesn't mean I didn't take counseling before! But I'm done on here! I can't believe you think I'm making excuses! I have homework and other things I need to get done! I will maybe come on here later!
  20. Well It's True

    Because I've gotten help! I'm getting myself to be a better person! And really you should get to know me before you say anything else! You really don't know what I've done since that post! I'm going to counseling, I'm going to the doctor, I've been on medication for a while now!
  21. A Never Ending Story!

    Hey, I thought maybe come one here! Talk for a little bit! Not sure what to think right now of anything and I'm getting through all the hard times and moving on with my life! I'm actually feeling happy!
  22. Well It's True

    Sorry, I won't give this baby up for adoption! I have a job! I have things settled now, just because bf and I aren't together anymore, doesn't mean anything! I don't need to post everytime I have accomplished something! So sorry, but this is my decision and I am going to raise this baby either by myself with help from mom or together will someone who is willing to help and be there for me!
  23. Well It's True

    I guess I should have gave more information! We have been together for 7 months, but really we've been "together" for a few years now! I'm sorry I seem immature to you, I'm sorry I seem irresponsible! We really actually stopped trying and this was a surprise to both of us! And as far as my ex, I miss and love him, he misses and loves me! I'm sorry I seem like a troll to all of you! We've known each other for years! You're right, these aren't the answers I was looking for! You're right, I guess I'm immature, I guess I'm selfish, I'm sorry I made a mistake that I will learn from! And I haven't cut since I posted the post! If you want to think of me that way, then go ahead, but I am a completely different person than you think I am! At least I will have family, friends, and others who will support me! I just want to say thanks for those who gave me support! And others who haven't even given the chance to see what person I actually am! I think I will go now before I say too much!
  24. Well It's True

    Of course I would keep this baby, I wouldn't have it any other way! I couldn't let someone else raise my child! But yes I know made mistakes, I know that things were just way too immature at the moment! But I will learn from them and I guess I can't take things back now! But I will take care of my child, raise him/her the best I can and be the best mom I can be! But I do have an ex that is willing to help me out with everything and no he's not the baby's daddy. But at least he's willing to help!
  25. A Never Ending Story!

    Well, I am pregnant! I took a test tonight! So I guess we will see what goes on from here!!!!