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  1. Yeah it's awful. Every year I get nervous!!!
  2. Ethics In Relation To Running For Public Office

    LOL Plus...it was about the juvenile justice system! Verrrrry controversial.
  3. Ethics In Relation To Running For Public Office

    If you read the second page of the New York Times article I linked...it talks about your concerns.
  4. Ethics In Relation To Running For Public Office

    http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/04/us/polit...amp;oref=slogin The '60s was a different time. I don't condone what the Weathermen did back then...but I certainly remember what it was like in those days and I protested what the government was doing back then as well. I consider myself a patriotic American, even though I don't agree with many things the government does. The fact is, Barack Obama was 8 years old back then. And Bill Ayers is a different guy now.
  5. Ethics In Relation To Running For Public Office

    My understanding is that Obama was not "friends" with this Ayers guy...they served on a committee together. That's it! Plus...when I was in college I was alot different than I am now...and I would hate to have things I did back then held against me now. And yes, Chopper...recent abuse of power is much more relevant, IMO.
  6. I'm Sick Of It!

    Are you kidding? I LOVE getting flirted with! I am not looking forward to the day when men stop flirting/noticing me. Yes...when someone goes TOO far...I don't like it. But regular, good nature flirting...KEEP IT COMING, GUYS!!!
  7. Horse-o-meter / Gps

    I have a GPS device that I wear on my wrist...I also count total mileage and time.
  8. Nosebands On Western Bridles...

    I am a trail rider...my husband is a dressage rider/trainer. I ride in a western saddle with and English bridle. I don't know if it's an illusion or not, but I do feel like I have more control with the noseband and mouthband.
  9. Hey there...remember me? I talked to you on another forum. I live up in Juniper Hills!!! Just found this place.

  10. Helloooo!!! Where are you?

  11. Hellooo!!! You're here too I see. LOL

  12. Helllooo From Socal

    Hellooo all from Southern California...the high desert north of Los Angeles! I followed Kellidahorsegirl to this forum! I have 7 horses: First one is Hope...she's the main one. She's a 5 year old Paint/QH cross. She is my trail horse and is also doing dressage. She's verging on doing 1st level now. We started her as a three year old...she's given me fits and starts...believe me! But now all is well. Then we have the lovely Angel Baby...my two year old. She is just the greatest little girl and I cannot wait to ride her!!! Big Nick...6 year old Clyde Cross We also have a crazy thoroughbred...you'll be hearing lots about him. He's my husband's horse. A 16 year old TWH (mine also) Another two year old paint/TB cross...(the full sister to my mare Hope. Her name is Delaware Fox And an old mare...my first horse. Oh...and mustn't forget... Axle And Sammy And Mikki I'll be posting pictures ... more than you can stand! Anyway...my husband is a dressage rider/trainer...but I trail ride. Love it Love it Love it!!! Anyone living near me...you are more than welcome to join me!!!
  13. New Jumper Member From Nebraska

    Hi Kelliiiii!!!!