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  1. From the album my horses

    Taking Comanche for a swim in the pond.
  2. From the album my horses

    One of the trail events
  3. From the album my horses

    Comanche in Ohio as a colt before being brought to me by trailer by a friend in Ohio.
  4. From the album my horses

    Threw away some hay and put grazing muzzle on Comanche getting too heavy.
  5. From the album my horses

    Trail Competition
  6. From the album my horses

    Checking fence line along the highway.
  7. From the album my horses

    Ride bare back along the pond area in the pasture. Hilly around the pond.
  8. From the album my horses

    Beauty black Walker never been off property so took along on one of my rides off the property.
  9. Merry Christmas to all you Texans. Heck Bec you don't know what cold is. I am freezing my rear off even during the day now. Other day it was -5 at night and horse water tank froze because the circuit breaker tripped. Well an electrician was suppose to come out last week and put electricity in the barn with a light, switch and one outlet. Never showed up just like the rest of the people I hire to do things around here. lol. At least I know where he lives so after Christmas will catch him at his house and remind him he forgot me. JR I am on Face Book most of the time now so you have missed out on all near misses and even a horse rearing up and landing on me. Now that one I didn't bounce back from too quick. Usually fractures don't bother me but this sucker kept me awake at night. lol. Wasn't my horse but could have been worse but yanked his head around enough he didn't land his entire body on me. Now that would have been a sight with me flattened out on hard ground. You could call me skinny for sure then. Hope you and family are doing well and no accidents lately.
  10. I deleted two posts thinking I had deleted all my posts. Didn't know what I was doing on here with so many changes. Few of the people I do remember but some new ones too. I hang out on Face Book when I do go on. My Toshiba lap top's fan quit working and keeping a floor fan blowing on it is a tad cold in the winter for me. So forgot I was going to buy an Apple for the first time and bought a Dell. I hate the thing as Dell is trying to run when I am use to using Windows. I don't care about Roxio and all the other junk they try to force me to use. It hurts to see Shayna in more physical problems. Poor girl never gets one **** break it seems when she is such a sweet person. Well been messing with Comanche lately the Leopard Appy that thinks he is a big dog. Now that Maxie went to dog heaven he thinks he is another Maxie. I use to get so tickled when Comanche would groom Max from head to tail. Well see you in another six months. And don't be hurting yourself any more. You're getting up there in years now ole woman. lmbo. I know you don't look it but you are past the thirty mark. lol. SO need to be more careful or end up a mess like me accident prone. Oh this is Sunora's Tex Tan Full Quarter Horse bar saddle and it slides all over him when he sweats. First ride off the property he reared a tad nothing to get excited about but the saddle went half way down his side with me in it.
  11. From the album My Newest Ponies

    Almost 16 hands and still growing. lol.
  12. My link Hope this link to Face Book works for you nice people. I took Maxie out for his last happy time with his buddy Comanche and let him do any thing he thought he was cap[able of. My heart was in my throat several times. I was blocking it out fine until it was getting dark and decided to check my Paint in the barn and Max started barking outside. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks this is my last night with my best friend. I doubt I sleep tonight and I sure hope the vet is in early in the morning so I can get this over with fast. I do not want to be able to dwell on it part of the day or days as I will start finding excuses to not do it now even though it is what must be done. Today he laid out on the ground awhile then I went out and stood on the porch to check on him. He took awhile to get up and as always when laying for any time he had to limp to the steps avoiding too much weight on the frayed ligament back leg. He stood at the base of the steps where he has fallen before and I could sense him building his courage to get to me on the porch. Then he takes the steps fast to get to me not missing a step. I thought about putting down ply wood but the angle still would be too steep. I know it will go fine tomorrow but am still very anxious and so sad about the whole **** thing. After soaking the resting place several times I finally after two days finished this afternoon so it is ready. Good thing I didn't depend on the next door neighbor who was to check the ground and decide if he could dig it with the tractor and loader. I have learned here to never depend on any one nor believe any one. It is going to be so hard tomorrow that I will have to kind of shut down for awhile to deal with his loss. Halley can't never take his place she just isn't what he was to me and I will never get another pet like him as long as I live just too hard on the heart. Any way he had a ball today in the pond and exploring and yes racing in the pasture. I was scared to death his legs would break some of the things he was doing but I had decided his last day he was going to be allowed to do whatever his heart led him to do. Comanche as usual wanted to groom him after he left the pond. They made me laugh the antics they go through. I will miss their relationship so much. I have never seen a dog and horse take to each other like they have and for a horse to actually want to gently groom the dog is amazing to me. Hope you enjoy the fun they had today in the pics. I know there is a lot and I did it on purpose to have some memories all in one place. Hope you like them. **** I was going to add one of Max's pics to whatever they call the pics at the bottom of our post and it has been so long since I have done any thing I am lost and don't know how to do a darn thing. Nothing like having a memory problem. Oh well it isn't important.
  13. Thank you.......... Tomorrow the horses will get a chance to say good bye to Maxie before I cover him in his grave in the pasture where he is the happiest with his horse buddies. The horse Comanche above grooms him since a weanling from head to toe and will probably try to wake him. Going to be roughest thing in my life to do tomorrow. Some of you will remember what happened to my beloved Arabian and so help me the poor new vet tomorrow better hope Maxie dies in peace or **** well be paid on the spot. I will explain what happened to my Arabian to him by a saddistic vet and better not happen to my best friend Max.
  14. Helloooooooo Any one home? Is every one surviving this triple digit temp with no rain> Grrrr. No grass in my yard and pastures are gone turned brown. Bought two round bales for the horses to graze on already. Not much going on with me. Had a horse rear and fall on me and put me out of commission. Haven't ridden Sunora for months because of a darn abscess that left a big hole in her hoof and also the sole had to be cut away so now mud gets in the part not grown out yet. Tried putting some memory foam in it and it seems to be holding now. Since Sunora's accident and yanking the divider out of the two horse trailer she wouldn't enter the thing. I have to take her and Comanche to a farrier Monday so have been working with the two last few days around 6:30 in the morning when it isn't so hot. She is doing unbelievably good now. I can send her in and tie her. Today she was cross ways in the trailer and I was getting ready to load Comanche. Not even using the Anderson stick to tap and tell her side I just gave the command side and the stinker side passed to her side of the trailer. I am busting my buttons on my girl now for over coming her fear of the trailer. Sure be glad when we get some rain and get out of the triple digits. Christy how is the house going? I am guessing with this weather you have the cement poured and finished.
  15. OK Chris give you an example of what I have to put up with Master Joker. Here is him standing so innocently. But when I opened the door before he ran to the middle of the yard to look innocent he was making a big bang that caused me to open the door. Here he is so innocent. But the bang I heard and opened to the door to check out was Ornery half up the porch steps trying to drag the steam cleaner off the porch. He is always up to some thing. He has even ran by me and grabbed the halter out of my hand. At least when I yelled at him he did stop and drop it before he took off again. lol.