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  1. Oz, Please Update

    Glad to hear an Elmer update. I'd be happy to shop out a detailed list of available critters to the different boards and groups that I'm on. I'm all set here with my 3 and with classes I don't have time to participate in setting up or driving for HC Pony trains, but I'm willing to give a bit of time trying to network them out in the world.
  2. Oz, Please Update

    Dawn, I went through and looked at both of Oz's threads on ABN and she asked for people to share. I'm guessing that's what RC was a little surprised about, that Oz wasn't sharing here, but still posting on other HC threads. I'm sure the folks of HC would have been able to help over the last month. Oz, can you post a detailed list of the horses you still need to place, maybe with some pics? Do you have a local vet that folks could contribute to a Rainbow Bridge fund for the 4 oldies/lame?
  3. How Much Had You Payed For A Saddle?

    My Rocking R Training saddle was around $900, and my Clinton Anderson saddle was $2100 after tax both new. I've picked up a used Clinton Anderson and my husbands used Mule Kick roping saddle for significantly less.
  4. When we were looking at goosenecks I wasn't particularly impressed with the Lakota's. This was a couple years ago and I can't say exactly what it was, but it was due to finishes, weld quality, some sharp edges. The dealer we were at also sold Platinums and for $10k more (I know a lot, but when you're financing that much...) I could get the exact same trailer from them. We ended up going with a 29" Class C and a 2 horse Featherlite. So probably not the best help there.
  5. Using Front Sport Boots On Rear Legs?

    Hey CR, she's talking about SMB's, not hoof boots. Anywho, it's pretty common to use 1 size up fronts on the rears, and 1 size down rears on the fronts. At least that's what I've found from the tack swap pages. Also, there's a few shows that won't let folks use polos in their pens, so it's always good to have a set of SMB's on hand if you generally use leg protection. I know the group I used to work with didn't allow them due to the multiple cases of polos coming undone in the middle of a run and accidents happening.
  6. 5 Star Saddle Pads?

    The only time I have slippage issues is when the pad is an incorrect thickness for the saddle or when the saddle itself doesn't fit properly. Count me as 3rd in line as interested depending on length and thickness.
  7. Tallest Rider You Know?

    Where I used to board the trainer was 6'6" at least. He did his apprenticeship with a cutting trainer riding 14H horses. He said he had to remember to keep his feet up and not lose his upper body to the momentum. He mostly works with pleasure horses now, so 16H.
  8. Balcony Gardening?

    How did your tomatoes fail? I can understand strawberries as most varieties don't self-pollenate so you need a minimum of 3 crowns. Last year my entire garden was a tomato plant in a large pot. I was actually able to pull it inside and winter it. We'll see what it does this year. Herbs, spinach, leaf lettuce should do well in containers. Maybe some peppers.
  9. Hay Bellies. New Pics Up!

    That's actually illegal to sleep with people and not tell them you have AIDS. There was a prominent rider that got caught doing this and was jailed IIRC. As for the horses, it will just take time. Continue doing what you're doing, make adjustments as needed.
  10. I too have an issue with the grossly obese animals. I recently came across this by attending my first 4H meeting with the local group and a girl was riding this HUGE gelding hard. Poor guy was being asked to lope all the time, do hard stops, etc and you could just tell he hadn't been worked in forever. I tried politely mentioning it to the leaders, as I'm not an official leader yet, and turns out he belongs to one of the other leaders who "knows everything". I like the idea of educational opportunities, and Purina does a pretty good job of these with their HOW seminars, but they tend to not really be well advertised. The other thing is you can't make people attend these, so maybe AC does get involved just for an awareness perspective? Either that or the state providing material for vets to disperse?
  11. Any Of You Know About Atvs? Need Input.

    I'm not really familiar with the Arctic Cats for ATV's. Maybe that says something? We have a Polaris Scrambler and I love it. It's not ideal for farm work, but it manages to haul hay and a dump cart as well as being amazingly fun on trails. My in laws have a Yamaha and a Can-Am.. the Yamaha is always broken, but probably because my BIL has abused the heck out of it. The Can Am is a ROCK, but when something breaks it's expensive. Our good friend has a Kawasaki Brute Force and I cannot recommend that quad enough. He's worked the crap out of that quad between around the house, plowing, playing on trails / mud, and it's still asking for more. We have a neighbor with one of the Honda utility models and he really likes it and it seems to have a bunch of uptime. We've had Honda bikes and had really good experiences with them. All of that said, at the right price, it might not be a bad idea taking a chance on them. Can you look them over, making sure that everything works like brakes, throttle, 4x4?
  12. Hay Bellies. New Pics Up!

    Nutrena also has a pretty good coupon program, you might check out their website on how you can sign up. They had a ton of buy 5 bags get one free coupons at Rolex this last weekend.
  13. Hay Bellies. New Pics Up!

    Count me as another that is supremely impressed with the way you are handling this and looking out for your horses! Major kudos! I was also one that used to buy the mediocre hay and supplement up with concentrates, alfalfa cubes, weight gain supplements, etc without great results. Over the last 2 years I've switched over to a quality early alfalfa cutting hay, so it's more of a 50/50 alfalfa grass mix, but still nice and soft. I've seen amazing results in that my hard keepers are plump when I start adding in their low calorie vitamin and mineral supplements. I've also found my overall feed costs are lower! It's totally made me a believer in the forage first philosophy for the equine diet. As for hay storage, here are a couple thoughts for you. First, if you have some bare property, you really only need 15'x20', you can put down pallets, get a GREAT quality tarp, and store outside. My hay was stacked in that same area for my 3 and I had around 6 months worth of hay stored. Second, you may be able to find a local hay supplier that would be willing to hold your hay for you. Get a written contract so you have something to fall back on if he sells it out from under you, but that would be my second choice. If you can't find a good hay supplier, find a breeder (or 4) who has nice looking horses in your area and find out where they get their hay.
  14. Clinton Anderson "no Worries Club" Anyone?

    I wish there was a like button.
  15. Clinton Anderson "no Worries Club" Anyone?

    Hey MCB. I'm a NWC member and I do find value with my membership. All of the TV shows are available to stream or download, the magazine is nice and so are the forums. I did a 3-day clinic with one of Clinton's clinicians Dale Cunningham and learned a lot. I'm also using my free tickets in June for a tour. As for rope products, I actually don't buy from CA any more. I purchase my halters from one person and my leads/reins from another. If you would like their contact info shoot me a PM. They use the exact same materials, or same specs, as CA at a very low price.