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  1. let me in!

    I just had to see if my login still works...and it does! I recognize a few of the names here. A bunch of us that are no longer here have a group on Facebook and got chatting about our old stomping ground so I had to look. Hi!
  2. Hc Revisited

    Ohhh, the trouble we all caused around here years ago, eh? Great to see you all! Draftiemama, sorry to hear about DPapa, many hugs to you!
  3. Can Someone Tell Me What Kind Of Cat I Have?

    Here is a good shot of his head, notice the tongue sticking out? He does that a lot. He went up a ladder and couldn't figure out how to get down.
  4. Can Someone Tell Me What Kind Of Cat I Have?

    Here's an odd one for ya. Meet Mouse, aka Rat Cat. He is 100% barn cat, his momma was a long hair calico. He is steel grey, no tabby markings or anything else. He has a very refined head.
  5. I Wish..............

    Do what I do to my son when he doesn't do his chores. I take the controllers and hide them.
  6. Those Of You Who Know Orlie

    Awww, that's too bad. Maybe take some pictures of the horses, enlarge them, and hang them in his room for him?
  7. We have the opportunity to bid on a couple of Arctic Cat ATVs through my husband's work. They are both 2006 Arctic Cat 400 4x4 ATVs. They have been used by utility workers. They have roughly 4000 miles on them, bodies are okay, engines run good, approx. 40% tread left on the tires. Starting bids on each are $800 and no one has bid yet. We just want them for riding around, having fun. Sound like a good deal? Or something we shouldn't mess with? I just don't know much about 4 wheelers. Thanks!
  8. Tires.

    Take a look at them on my car and love them. But yes, if there are aftermarket rims on the car then you need to go with what will fit on the rim. What the car came with is irrelevent. If that is the size that is on the rim, that is what you go with.
  9. I Am So Done-Vent

    With WINTER. Yeah, supposed to be Spring....except for the blizzard of big, fat snowflakes coming down outside! GAH! We still have snow on the ground from that blizzard we had come through a week and a half ago! I need to move..... Gotta love North Dakota! <insert sarcasm here>
  10. I Am So Done-Vent

    I hate tornadoes even more Oz! LOL It is now sunny out. The weather is bipolar.
  12. What The Heck Was That?

    Horsecity must have forgotten to pay their bill!
  13. Suv Vs Truck Vs Car

    If you are looking at moving in a year and want a truck at that time, why not just find an el cheapo car to get you around in the meantime, continue saving some money, and then sell the car when you want to move? If you aren't an expert on cars, take someone with you that is so they can look over what you are going to buy. Whatever you buy right now doesn't have to be pretty, just get you from point A to point B. Then you don't have to worry about selling it to pay off a loan in 8-12 months.
  14. I Had To Have A Grey Horse.....

    Ohhh, lovely! I can top ya though. I had a Paint gelding who was about 50% white. The first place I boarded him had just run water lines in his paddock for the water fountain. One day, after a hard rain, I headed out to the barn to ride. Instead I ended up grooming and bathing him for around 3 hours. He had rolled in the clay where the ground had been dug up for the water line and was coated with a thick layer of dried clay. Clumped in his mane, through his tail...his belly had been spared and that was about it. I could not believe it. He was pretty proud of himself though...the flies and mosquitoes couldn't penetrate that layer of armor. It was an absolute mess. Wish I would have had a camera phone at the time, he was crazy looking.
  15. Boise, Idaho?

    My husband has the opportunity to apply for a job within his company in their Boise offices. I've heard Boise is nice, but that is all I know. I'm not sure if we would actually go through with it, but we are entertaining the idea. Is anyone on here from Boise or the area? I am looking for sites with general employment listings as well as education positions as I am a teacher. I would also like to see real estate sites. If you have anything you could toss my way I'd appreciate it!
  16. Boise, Idaho?

    He has already had his since June here. So, that won't work. Talked about it tonight with the hubby and he isn't sure he wants to do it as it would be a huge step professionally for him. So, we'll see.
  17. Boise, Idaho?

    Dondie, I'm actually in North Dakota now...winter doesn't phase me! LOL Not even sure this is a possibility yet as we have a son who is a freshman in high school. But he is open to bribes.
  18. Random Facts You Know

    I need to amend that. I did some looking and they buried some of his ashes in one. The rest were buried in an urn along with the can.
  19. Random Facts You Know

    Fredric Baur invented the Pringles can. When he died in 2008 some of his ashes were buried in one! eta: "some of"
  20. Random Facts You Know

    Today's random fact on my door: The melting temperature of bubble gum is 125^ Fahrenheit.
  21. Random Facts You Know

    Did you know that the first flushing toilet shown on the big screen was in the bathroom scene of "Psycho?" I do a random fact of the day each day on the library door, that was my last one.
  22. Ooh-La-La, New Shoes For Me!

    Sigh...I wish I could do heels...even short heels. But alas...the foot that they removed a bone out of protests quite vigorously if I try to wear anything that has more than a roper heel on it. Blast and tarnation....
  23. Anybody Here Have Roper Slip-Ons?

    I have a pair and my only complaint is that they are heavy. Of course...that could be because I wear a men's 10 or 11...