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  1. Critique My Pony!

    not quite ewe necked IMHO. it looks like both top and bottom bulge out. maybe he's POA/morgan?
  2. I've Had It!

    What's the reasoning behind that question? I have an Impressive-bred mare and the all time I've had her, she's been an angel. BUT the woman I bought her from said she got a wild hair up her butt and bolted/reared/bucked with her daughter on her back. I always assumed she just didn't respect the rider enough to be a good girl. So now seeing your comment.. I wonder if I'm wrong! lol Stinger, hope everything turns out for the best with your situation. I had a nasty mare exactly like your missile four years ago, glad I found someone brave enough to take her on. She reared and bucked like nobody's business. Once she threw a fit and tossed me off to run to the hay stack and have an all-you-can-eat buffet..OR SO SHE THOUGHT! Frustrating to say the least.
  3. D Rings & Breast Collars

    so my grandparents came down from texas and brought me a late birthday present. really beautiful hair-on breast collar from teskey's BUT, the thing is only one saddle fits my main riding horse...and it doesn't have d-rings. I've never used a breast collar on a saddle that wasn't rigged for one. i read somewhere you can just attach the tugs to the front rigging dee? i haven't tried it yet, but it seems like it would set too low and interfere with shoulder movement. just wanted to know if anyone has ever hooked up breast collars that way before? does it work just fine?
  4. Riding Area

    personally i would go ahead and do it. put a small round pen in the spot or leave it be (depending on safety). working some is better than not riding for weeks at a time in bad weather.
  5. I Totally Love It

    reminds me of an episode of animal cops houston. the lady used honey, but it didn't work. i'd rather use those natural remedies for myself. when it comes to the horses i wouldn't chance it, maybe for little scrapes and cuts. raw honey does have antibacterial properties but i would have called my vet for other options instead of a masseuse. glad to hear everything is turning out for the better! any photos of the injuries and how they're coming along?
  6. Fly Repellent Leg Bands

    not sure if you're interested in sprays still...but i bought something called 'zonk it' last year and it works wonders on my horses. smells like baby powder too
  7. Free Bee Horse/rescue

    lurking on this thread since the begining...just HAD to say I commend you Not many people can do such a great job at taking a horse and turning them around like that...and as successfully! i'm so jealous of your daughters! can't wait to see more updates
  8. Red Duns

    my maggie
  9. Baby Is Finally Here!

    just precious
  10. Help Me Apha People, Pretty Please

    I'm doing cooled semen. I was just looking locally first so I could go personally pick up the semen and not have to get a courier service. But now I don't care about them, as long as I get a great stud that compliments my mare it doesn't matter to me. ROLEX BAR TWISTER SILVER ELITE I'll probably just end up breeding to AQHA if all else fails.
  11. Help Me Apha People, Pretty Please

    I'd never! I expect honest opinions on here, no fluff. With something so important I try to not throw my good judgement out the window. It's just a little hard not to do when you're set on something in your head. I was trying to stay away from WP/Halter horses just because the last paint I really had was WP, I rescued him from someone who couldn't take care of him. He was extremely muscular and tall, but his tiny little feet caused him sooo much trouble. I wanted to stay away from that kind of breeding. I figured mixing my mare with ranch/cutting/reining blood would get an elegant looking foal with good feet. I really strive for the best when considering breeding. I refuse to bring something in to this world that is less than mediocre and will add to the problems that backyard breeders have made. I want a lifelong healthy friend that will also be my future children's friend. I have some high expectations and can't afford to mess up, because then I'd have no one to blame but myself if something went wrong
  12. Help Me Apha People, Pretty Please

    No hard feelings!! I was taken by his color and the fact that he's reining. The more I looked at him the less I liked him. I agree 100% with you. I think that's why i've been searching forever for a good stud. I want a good horse that will go on to show, not sit in my yard and be miserable. Juan bad cat was my favorite paint stud and hesa dirty rocki was second. I thought juan was a good fit conformation & discipline-wise. I went on APHA and checked the leading sires on point earning horses, hesa dirty rocki #176 out of 646. My mare is bred WP so those two would definitely make a great halter/wp baby. I feel like I may just end up breeding to Gold King Peponita for a personal horse because I love him so much. And I can always breed in '13 for a show prospect. It gives me time to get school over with and focus on showing.
  13. Help Me Apha People, Pretty Please

    CUTE!! But I'm still stuck on APHA. I went and looked at the APHA website and opened up the Breeders listings and looked through every single farm that had listed a website. There's a ton of halter & WP studs, but hardly any reining/cutting. I found these stallions that caught my eye: MARK THIS CLOUD < looked at Boyd Ranch and he isn't listed as a stud there anymore though :-( JUAN BAD CAT < LOVE his breeding & looks HESA DIRTY ROCKI< would reconsider disciplines because his babies are amazing LEAN ON THE BAR -- TOMMYS TOP GUN< I like both of these guys, but it says "2008" season My AQHA studs SHINERS DEW<same ranch of the OP stud FAMOSO STARLIGHT MISTER SMART REMEDY GOLD KING PEPONITA< I fell in love with this boy about two years ago and haven't stopped wanting to breed to him...he's got that old school bulldoggy look I just adore ** I still like QTsGOLD MASTERCARD I seen some of his videos on youtube and think he's super
  14. Help Me Apha People, Pretty Please

    Lol...exactly! I'm having such a time trying to find something. There is a ranch around here that has nice stallions , but they only breed to their mares. I was really keeping my eyes open for a paint stud. I have some other AQHA on backup, but they're all black. I reaaaally appreciate it
  15. Help Me Apha People, Pretty Please

    This is my mare : AQHA 14H Red Dun Mare "MAGGIE" CHICKS HARDBODY I'm looking for something along the lines of NRCHA..anything reining or cutting. She's had two babies before, but this one was the only one registered, JCLP GUN N DUN IT. I was hoping to find a black/dun/buckskin stallion since I LOOOVE how her first foal came out. BUT I don't want to sacrifice color for performance. I've wanted a paint for a super long time and she's getting older so I'd like to breed her sometime within the next two seasons. **picture taken the first time I seen her, only picture I really have of her whole body, I always forget my camera when I go out**