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  1. Fall & Winter Exchange

    id be interested in either heaven knows I have plenty of tack to go around HAHA
  2. Midwest Horse Fair

    im game for a meet up..
  3. Midwest Horse Fair

    OK I cant believe no one else is going
  4. Midwest Horse Fair

    OK il be there all 3 days so what ever day works best for you
  5. Mn People

    I have a mare that was bred out of Preston MN at a farm called supposedly Windy Ridge Arabians I cannot find ANYTHING on them.. story goes the breeders wife passed away from cancer gave my mare to a family friend as there first horse.. Long story short they were WAY over horsed with her.. Im just trying to find out information and let them know shes OK
  6. Mn People

    I have my mares reg name and number shes in my name and ive found his address but I was looking for a phone number or email
  7. Midwest Horse Fair

    Ill be there again!!!! I wouldn't mind a meet up again!
  8. Birds In The Barn

    I have a cat you can borrow LOL hes a great hunter ive seen him take a bird straight out of the air
  9. The Walking Dead

    I thought the kids were supposed to load her but then didn't.. Im wondering if that's not why the kids ran back IN the building and tyrese was telling them they are going the wrong way
  10. Having Confidence Problems, Topic 2

    Hey So haven't posted in FOREVER but I sold Layce she was a great mare we just DID NOT like eachother... She would ride anywhere I asked but would throw a fit I couldn't load her in my trailer to save my life.. I wanted a horse I can do barrels on for fun no competing.. And a horse I could trail ride with weekly with a new trail group I met.... I have lucky and hes great loads to go anywhere but he has extreme heaves so I don't ride him unless I have to. Hes great no problems as long as he has his meds and he will load and go anywhere.. But I still need to get weight on him hes put on over 300lbs since ive had him but still needs a good 100-150 yet... and MUSCLE hes all flub right now.. SO I sold layce and bought another mare a 9 year old reg arab mare shes great so far ive rode her 3 times but shes totally green only has 90 days on her and only like 15 days this year riding time aside from the 3 times I rode her.. I think shes going to make me an awesome horse I just need to be able to take her OUT of the arena and I just don't have anyone here to ride with that I TRUST incase something happens.. I don't think id have a problem taking her out but ive seen videos of her from a trainer last year and she had crazy blow ups! were thinking it was from her back being out and now shes seen a chiro
  11. The Walking Dead

    If you download Zedge on your phone you can get the walking dead theme song as your ring tone
  12. The Walking Dead

    Carl has just gotten weird.. I don't really like the governer I cant believe he killed off andrea the way he did how stupid.. I hope he goes that man just grates my nerves... Rick is going to have major melt down.. im wondering how this season is all going to go hubby said he hears one of the major characters dies im hoping its not rick or daryl .. If rick dies it would just be weird I mean hes the one the whole shows ben following but at the same time if daryl dies then that would just be dumb too hes really steped it up
  13. The Walking Dead

    I would bet she is one because I don't rember seeing a bullet hole in the concrete below where her body would have ben and even if that other walker ate her I honestly don't think they would have ate bones and all espscially not that fast with only one walker
  14. The Walking Dead

    So is anyone else still wondering what happened to lori? I mean I know she had the baby and carl supposedly shot her but when they went back she was gone.........
  15. The Walking Dead

    Love this show but I think season one by far is my favorite season 3 my least I really hope they do better in this next season... I actually JUST checked my DVR last night to make sure it would tape!
  16. Cougar Attacking My Animals ..

    OMG id be so scared do you have pictures of this?
  17. Ama, 3 Weeks Old Now!

    You can show halter in a skirt
  18. Does Anyone Has An Awesome Coleslaw Recipe?

    I don't really measure when I make mine but 1 Head of cabbage 1 bag of carrots (add to taste or however much you want color wise) 3/4 jar of mayo 1/4 cup sugar (add to taste) 1 table spoon vinegar
  19. Draft Horse Tack and I get ALOT of my tack off the classifieds area there... what kind of saddle pad are you looking for I have one on my facebook album ive ben trying to sell its TOO big for my horses
  20. They have a facebook page "Fight for Leo" WE need help to spread the word and get the perpetrator sent to jail where they belong This i s from the horses owner
  21. Please Share (Horse Abuse Case In Wi) Try that otherwise its on the
  22. Where Should Women In Their 20's Shop?

    I shop Kohls a lot and Jc penny... I fit in small or extra small shirt sizes in the JR department its hello trying to find shirts in any other department so I usually go for as plain jane as I can find...
  23. Is My Horse To Small?

    Im 5 ft 7 and 125 lbs my gelding is 14 hh on the dot and he does fine by me so youll be fine!
  24. Frustrated... What Would You Say/do?

    Id say trade is off.. but thats just me and i would sell/ trade them to someone else
  25. Mirina/dyspareunia/migraines

    I have it and i LOVE it i dont have migranes much any more but im also on a BUNCH of other meds for migranes