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  1. Pregnant And Still Riding

    wow really amazing stories ladys thanks for sharing. Alot of good points of view. I can see both sides and I guess it really comes down to personal choice. My job involves horses so Im torn but my baby is worth more than my job or riding horses. I guess at this point Im just taking baby steps and alot of my work can be done from the ground. I could have others take the kids out on trail rides and just do instruction from the ground. I work around alot of quiet horses so thats a plus (but they all can go bonkers at the drop of a hat that's always something that can happen) . They have to be quiet horses cause 90 percent of the kids are very green. They are just coming to a summer camp horse program for a week. Our staff horses can range a bit more but they are for staff only. Luckly I can bring my own horses to camp with me so like I said if I do ride it will be my 11 year old qh gelding who is a big puppy dog. Thanks for the input . I start back in the spring so I have a couple more mths to get bigger and I may be singing a diff tune all togeather by then.
  2. Camp Horse Staff 2009 Pic Heavy

    lol it was a poltuce.
  3. Pregnant And Still Riding

    [Huggy] thanks guys Im thinking of staying off my youngster but my 11 year old lazy bones quarter horse always takes good care of everone so he will be my main mount to take the children out on trail rides in the summer. Coops- thats awfull Im glad your baby was ok in the end though. I think thats the kind of thing most preg equstrians have nightmares about.
  4. Help! I'm Plus Size And Scared Of Riding

    "I'm short and fluffy too." -Nikki [ROTFL] That was to cute Ok all I have to say is [Huggy] Im a fluffy girl to. I think finding the right trainer is key! no we dont want to ride a 14'3 little spindly Arab but there are horses out there for us to. You need a nice quiet patient horse that you can trust. You will be fine. Let me know how things go. Good luck. Oh ps. If your just getting started trying to get back inshape try the excersise balls. Even if you just sit on it while you watch tv works on your balance and helps build muscle there are alot of great things that riders can do with excersise balls to work out.
  5. Pregnant And Still Riding

    Hi all, So Im about 11 weeks pregnant right now feeling all the lovely feelings of the first trimester. I was wondering if anyone else out there was pregnant and still riding and taking care of horses. I work with horses at a local camp spring summer, fall also have two of my own. The doctor gave me the go ahead to ride but I still am a bit worried about falling and hurting the baby.
  6. " I Am Still Fat And I Still Ride" #2

    hey guys its been awhile hows it going
  7. Camp Horse Staff 2009 Pic Heavy

    Thanks for looking at my pictures :)
  8. New Horse

  9. Camp Horse Staff 2009 Pic Heavy

    Ok this looks weired its the bridal game we do with the kids to show them how little it takes for a horse to feel you in his mouth. This is my staff doing it for the first time.
  10. Camp Horse Staff 2009 Pic Heavy

    Bringing home my horses yesterday :)
  11. I have been working all summer running a horse program at a local camp. Would love to share the photos with you.