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  1. Sorry, A Very Pleased Proud Owner Post!

    Have to say, from the very beginning I have enjoyed your coblet diary.
  2. Some Summer Pics And An Update

    Love those bronc shots ... of coarse the others also ... and what a handsome little guy Rusty is.
  3. Trail Ride From 10/12/13

    That is a nice loop to ride. Beautiful lakes. I head up there and ride every now and then.
  4. Yosemite - Tuolumne Meadows

    Your pics are wonderful. Really shows what the country is like.
  5. Some Pics From Various Activities

    Wonderful to hear from you, and see some more of your fantastic pics.
  6. Remote Rides

    Pretty cool pics of that part of the country.
  7. New Baby Colt

    Thanks JustinBoots. Looks as if you have a whole herd of very nice looking horseflesh, and a handsome mule to boot.
  8. 5 Star Saddle Pads?

    Darn, MarsCandyBar ( great minds do think alike ) I left a subtle hint in an earlier post hoping Eskielvr might pick up on if she decided on down the road that it just wouldn't work for her. Did you catch that Eskielvr?
  9. My New Trail Buddy

    Nice looking horse, and the color ... what a plus.
  10. Oh My Goodness!

    Those are some nice looking yearlings you have there. Looks as if they are already outgrowing their mums.
  11. 5 Star Saddle Pads?

    I have the 1 1/4 inch thick pad and have never had any slipping problems. We ride some pretty rough terrain all the time. Up and down canyons, [ we're talking extreme no trails riding ] jumping logs etc... my pad and saddle stay put all day long no matter which horse and saddle I'm using. Need to buy another one so I will always have a dry one to put on my horse the next day. [/url]
  12. New Baby Colt

    Here he is at 3 days And his pic at 3 wks. His grand sire is Rocket Wrangler and Great Grand Sire is Go Man Go And a pic of my new horse Mr. Spiderman, but of coarse I'm calling him Spider
  13. Trail Ride Today Finaly! Pics Added!

  14. Just A Few Pics W/ Reina

    Have to agree with RH .
  15. WOW... great pics of the area . Would like to ride around there some day. Hope the fire didn't do to much damage and everyone is ok.