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    Horses of course. My favorite things to do our spend time with my new greenie horse project. He's a 7 year old Paint Gelding named Jet. He's a black and white tobiano. He has a white jet on his side it is very neat. I am a full time college student attempting to be a teacher. Crazy as it sounds I enjoy working with children and look forward to being a teacher. I have a strong belief in Jesus and thank him for my life. I quess I'm pretty boring, I love to read and watch lifetime. When I'm not working, hanging out with my horse, I like to sleep :).
  1. What Do You Do?

    Yes, I think I finally worked it out. Thanks again for all the help. I am going to let the people bring one other person if they want to come. Though some people don't like coming if they can't bring the whole gang.
  2. Have You Ever Fired A Vet Or A Shoer?

    Yes, both a shoer and a vet. The vet for being incompetant and not knowing that my horse at the time had navicular. Digging out an abscess with a knife and causing my gelding to be lame worse and many other things. Also, stopped using a shoer because he made my horse lame everytime he trimmed, because he trimmed so short.
  3. I'm the same way, I am shy, so people just think I am stuck up and too good to talk to them, but really I am a littlel shy. I have never heard of someone allergic to KY Blue Grass, do you get a rash or something ? I am sensitive emotionally, but as pretty tough physically if I break my ankle or something bleeds. I am getting better at being such an emotional person though. :)
  4. What Do You Do?

    Okay, thanks guys. I am getting a new perspective on this. The thing is these ladies brought just themselves, and one family member brought her two kids, which is no biggie, but I have only room for them the people that came and one guest, basically if they came to the shower I am making room for them and their husbands, etc. just not anyone else, truly thanks for all the suggesting. Sometimes it is hard to type out these things. I think I am going to call the women that I am speaking of and let them no, so no feelings get hurt, and they can still come if they want to. I want everyone to have someone to chat to and dance with :) Oh, another question. A person kinda invited herself to my shower, not really that big of a deal, she is fine, but her daughter is well not so great. She is only 8, but I swear this kid is twisted. I have a little brother and one time when they played together he learned about his male part and what it does, and bascially you get my drift. So, I don't want this kid there and I am lying to the mom and saying I only have room for her, because I don't want the children at the wedding to learn graphic details of their anatomy and she is mean too. I mean she is sweet as pie to you, but not to other kids.
  5. What Do You Do?

    Yeah, I know it is tacky. See the women I am mentioning are extended family, I have room for them and maybe a husband, but no children, or grandchildren. I guess it is appropriate to say bring someone with you, or an escort. I am not good at wording. There were extended family cousins from my dads side of the family, my granfather's sisters kids, that attended my shower. I want to invite them becaus it would be rude not to, the thing is if they come I might risk the chance of having an extra 20 people there, due to their family. So, I am guessing to ask how to tell them to bring just a boyfriend, husband, etc, one escort? I don't mind children, I just don't have room to have all the children from this family here. The tent is already set, I really can't order another one, but its a thought to order a smaller one. Thanks everyone :)
  6. What Do You Do?

    Thank you VA, and shadow great idea. The whole idea was to have it really small. The thing is I half to tell about 4 ladies that I cannot have their husbands, boyfriends, and children, I feel bad, but its what we want. Thanks guys!
  7. What Do You Do?

    I would but I can't afford to buy more food or another tent I wish I could, I guess they could always hang outside the tent???
  8. What Do You Do?

    I'm getting married June 5th, we are having my wedding at my church and the reception in a tent adjoining the church. The tent is a 30X40, so its not so big, well I'm inviting about 60 people. The thing is what would be the best way to say sorry I can't have you come. See my dad's girlfriend's daughter wants to come, honestly I just don't have the room. If she were to come it would be pushing it, I decided I would invite just her, not her boyfriend, and children. How do I tell the ladies that came to my bridal shower, I don't have room for their boyfriends, kids, etc, but I would love them to come? I know I sound like a diva, but I don't have room for people and I have a budget with a friend's friend who is catering and cooking for me. So, what do you do when you have a wedding, get together and you can't invite everyone, I don't want feelings hurt.
  9. Pet Peeves

    My dad's girlfriend is the same way, she was in the Army, so she cusses alot, but she's great. No, hating on the people that cuss, I just don't like it when I am out with my neice and people are using cuss words around her, just me no biggie, but if with her I'm protective.
  10. Are Chiropractors Cons

    In this case, I would say that this guy is a scammer. Yes, chiropractors are legimitate, I don't like them, but that is me. My stepfather went to the chiropractor and now if he doesn't get aligned he is basically crippled. I love massage therapy. But really it is all in what works for you. Plus you can get a massage for a present descent price, but again getting a bad massage is like getting a bad chiropractic visit. Awful!
  11. What Do You Do?

    So, what do you do when someone is rude to you, that is a worker? Turn the other check, say something witty, be political, etc? Here is the scenerio that spurred this conversation. I go to Southern States to buy my feed they were having a sale on my feed and if you spend $25.00 you get $5.00 off. I went in store, now this store in famous for the workers in store being rude to you. Only front store workers, not the men in SS. I was behind a customer (actually old boss) he was putting items on his account. Worker is obviously perplexed and starts getting upset saying, crap, no one put a skew on here, account sheet. She calls her manager, and says dang he won't answer, no one will answer, she is loud and overall not professional. Okay, all along I say this worker named (Jane, not real name) is not checking anyone out, just in background. Jane is a rude person, been to the store for 7 years and she is never nice. I ask her if I can get coupon, she says yes, very rudely. I say well have a nice mother's day, she is a mom and she says mmhhmmpp, basically and gives me a face like s**** you. So, what do you do in a situation like this? Or when a worker is rude? I am thinking of contacting SS, and telling them about this worker. I mean normally I would let it go, but she just continues to be nasty and rude to me. I could name a few times, but I won't bore you. I guess what I'm asking is, do you cuss someone out, say something snarky, turn the check, or complain when a person in a customer service position treats you in a bad waY? My take on it is this woman has a cool job, I have been laid off already twice this year, and I would take her job in a hearbeat. She should be nice, suck it up, or not work with the public. I have considered she had a bad day, but you can't just have a bad day for years. But who knows?
  12. Pet Peeves

    Okay, I have a few more -People that litter, yes you are littering your planet and it affects you too. -People that follow you in a one car median (only room for one car) and pull out in front of you, even though it is your turn, because they cannot wait -People that park so close to your car that they hit your car with the door because A) They are too lazy to find another parking spot, or They just don't care -People that drop cuss bombs everywhere, not everyone wants to hear that -People that don't put away their shopping carts, I mean it only hurts everyone when you get a big dent in your car -Tailgaiters -People with really, really, loud bass, i'm all for bass, but come on -People that buy expensive clothes, alcohol, etc. when their kids have ratty clothing and don't have enough to eat -Parents that cuss around their children and when kids don't have enough clothes on, such as if it's cold.
  13. Pet Peeves

    Interesting responses. I am weird about being clean. I am a horse person, I think there are places to be dirty. I just didn't see it necessary for a new baby to be so dirty that he has dirt in his toenail far down and the girl smelled bad. There is a difference between romping in the yard, riding horses, and just not washing your kids. I am also weird because I cannot stand when people talk about anything blood related. See if I get any lab work I get an anxiety attack, I think this is because as a child I was very sick and got blood work all the time. I actually will get sick, faint, and be very ill just to get blood work. I can get shots. Though if someone gets hurt I can snap out of it and animal anything does not bother me. Really not a pet peeve, but just saying I am a strange individual :)
  14. Pet Peeves

    So, I was waiting to check out at Farm Fresh the other day. I see an adorable baby boy, about 6 months old and little girl with their parents. The thing that stood out was they were filthy, the baby had dirty toes and fingernails and the girl was dirty, it was very obvious. I actually smelled them even from standing far away. That is one of my pet peeves. I have many others, many of you could guess I like to be clean and see no reason why a baby should be that dirty. I get the girl if she likes to be outside, but a baby I don't see it. So what are yours?
  15. If You Love Your Country And You Believe ......

    I agree with you screaminghawk, good topic. :)