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  1. Berkley

    I keep forgetting I always have to draw a pretty picture for all of your little gang Nick... Here are the correct ones.. the first one was bait. and yes I saw this on another REAL debate board to rub your faces in your self absorbing mind set. I'm also happy that you participated in my experiment. Thank You! You have just shown people that fascism is running rampart in the democratic party by shutting down the opposite opinion of an individual using ridicule thus trying to shut down my 1st amendment rights. It could be why no one comes here to debate anymore. You don't want a bonded United States where individuals exchange ideas. You want separation and dictatorship of how others should think and live. You want the government to control how and when to pee. Yes , your the prime example of fascism and the predecessor of dictatorships that usually falls right in behind this type of thinking. You people don't want to debate, you want to ridicule and bully to shut down freedom of speech..or any other freedom our constitution sets. This country used to exchange ideas, correct others politely and properly debate those opposite ideas. If you could I'm sure you would pepper spray my face or hit me with rotten tomatoes. Again, Thank you for falling into my trap and proving that fascism has polluted the Democratic party TO THE CORE. If you want to continue to ridicule instead of have a PROPER debate on the subject of Fascism and the HISTORY of what it does to REPUBLICS and DEMOCRACYS, I'll just remove this post.
  2. Berkley

  3. Berkley

    UC Berkley has gone from the premier college of free speech to the face of fascism in America by not allowing freedom of speech on their campus. Its not only here, its on every university in America. It seems like the Democrats have given up white sheets and hoods for black hoodies and black masks. Amazing...
  4. in view of recent gaffes of our current POTUS

    for less than a 100 so far. Its taking time to FIX all the rope a dope ideas and legislature of Dems did to destroy America. Did you know that in 2006 the Secure Fence Act passed voted on by Democrats? They didn't call it a "WALL" in their ever present politically correctness, but called it a "FENCE". A double sided fence with chain link and a METAL WALL. It was supposed to be a double fenced WALL running 700 miles. Only 5 Miles were completed while only 652 miles of halfassed fencing was completed which is cut and or destroyed. Border patrols were called off the border during the Obama administration while the house dropped funding for it Did you know that the Obama administration LIED that the fence was done , yet the funding for it was diminished as were the parameters of the Fence requirements listed. Millions were diverted for ILLEGAL ALIENS. In 2013 The DEMOCRATS voted to defund the "fence" which required repairs YET voted instead to spend MILLIONS of AMERICAN TAX PAYER DOLLARS to fund lawyers for ILLEGAL ALIENS. Educate yourself about things before sounding so nescient with your comments. The ability to fund the existing Fence is still there with the bill thanks to the Democrats. It really wont matter because it will be passed soon enough when more Democrats loose their seats to Republicans. AMERICANS are tired of tax payers dollars not being used for AMERICANS and the SAFETY of Americans. Americans are also tired of the National Sectionalist who continue to riot and beat others of different views drowning out freedom of speech.
  5. in view of recent gaffes of our current POTUS

    Why would I read it and weep? He does not appropriate funding for things, that would be congress and there is some time to work on the funding for it. Bids have not come in yet for it , but repairs need to be made on the existing one first and find out what Obama spent the already appropriated money for the wall on that was never used. Yup lots of misappropriations on funding during the Obama years. Lots of money misused and missing 400,000 dollars of money spent to interfere with Israel elections by his administration. Time to expose more of the swamp monsters hiding in the Democratic party. Read that and weep.
  6. in view of recent gaffes of our current POTUS

    I don't wear cat hats. I know I'm a WOMAN and a FEMALE. .I'm not confused where or how to pee. I'm not a feminist.
  7. in view of recent gaffes of our current POTUS

    I don't think so Ann , they are dropping the wall funding for now, so it should go through. If it doesn't , we only have Democrats to blame since they are continuing with their stalemate of Legislative progress like they have for the last 10 years. Democrats aren't representing their American constituents, just the illegal ones. The American people are realizing this now. Wonder why they are loosing house seats right and left? Hopefully by the next presidential election we will have VOTER ID to prove citizenship. Supreme court should make the decision on this, not poorly run Federal courts like the Ninth Court..
  8. in view of recent gaffes of our current POTUS

    I find your "WIMMINS " comments to be demeaning.. Grow up.
  9. in view of recent gaffes of our current POTUS

    Practice what you preach.I ask you to digress from your hateful demeaning comments to others with different opinions. I don't like to have to remind you by correcting your spelling that your human also. Oh and by the way.. back to answering comments made on this debate by YOU and JUBAL... what bothered you girls most.. the CLEAVAGE comment? I hardly find you and your little buddy making insinuations that I'm stupid is sticking to any comments made by this debate board. Your not here to debate as it is to make your pitiful life more interesting for yourself by cutting others down to make yourself "feel" better.
  10. in view of recent gaffes of our current POTUS

    At least we have some to show if needed. Sorry ..kinda childish. Happens when you deal with immature rhetoric.
  11. in view of recent gaffes of our current POTUS

    Oh wait ...How did I miss this! Did you the anointed spell checker MISSPELL a word?
  12. in view of recent gaffes of our current POTUS

    Kinda of a idiot comment...I suppose you live in a mud hut....
  13. in view of recent gaffes of our current POTUS

    Yup... Fox don't have any ugly mugs like CNN has. The women dress like men or Hillary and are pretty Homely and most older washed out women who work for lesser wages. All dying to get a compliment from a man like an older woman waiting to get carded at a bar. Yet ask them for a hug because your glad to see them is considered sexual harassment. . HILLARY the muslim extremist since she took all that money from muslim countries in the name of Womens rights.. Supported the muslim men mistreating women by encouraging them. Didn't you notice she started down dressing with her chairman Mao outfits when she had her hand out for money? I'm not the only one that thinks this about FOX. Google it or Bing it. They are dressed and made up at work. They cant wear outfits of their choice. Picked for brains, looks, and education, whereas Liberal stations picks for mouthy opinions for controversy against the opposing conservative ones. Even ugly Liberal guests are made up so they are easy on the eye. Its not because the audience is "OLD" like the article suggests, its because the audience is mostly working class professionals and are used to looking their best for work. People dont like to look at women they can smell across the TV or that show their arm pit hair or lip hair and unkept eye brows. Sex sells and if you think those girls got there by wearing turtle necks and make the money they make, your naïve.
  14. in view of recent gaffes of our current POTUS

    Things at Fox news are settling down. Part of the issue is they dress their women there like high dollar call girls and people like Meghan Kelly and others don't like to be called pretty or the fact that most men watch them by looking at their cleavage that sticks out like a Cows Udder needing milking. Its like women screaming about Men wolf whistling them with their ***** hanging out and a mini shirt to the crack of her poop hole. Sorry folks , but dressing like this is not a way to be respected by any man or women. You dress like *****, you shouldn't be surprised to be treated like one. Greta Van Susteren and Maria Bartiromo are the only Woman on FOX that dressed professionally in my opinion. I have moved on from Fox's regular shows except to watch Tucker Carlson. He really shows the lower intelligence of the Lefty's and that entertains me. Most of my news comes from OANN , an actual news station without Opinions .. Sorry DISH people... its not on there yet, only on Direct TV and local stations in the San Diego Area. I don't find having a ban on ILLEGAL Immigration a detriment to our society. Perhaps now more American can get hired instead of bringing in Cheap workers under a green card. Before you go into one of your rants Nick, My Sister in law FINALLY has her brother here in America after a 12 year wait to live and work here and is working on getting a citizen ship. He works three jobs.. dish washing, hotel maintenance and bussing tables. He has 4 children that live with him as well. He has a LEGAL SS card, work permit etc. I have no problem with this. What I have a problem with is when Illegals come here and have made up SS cards if they even work for a pay check. You don't think of how this effects Americans until you don't get your much needed tax return back because some illegal used yours thinking your were dead and tied the return up for two years and any others you had due you.. This happened to my mom and dad, both 85 years old. I have another older friend that this happened to her SS check she was getting after her husband died ( His was greater than hers) and left her homeless because she could not pay her bills with the little she received. So don't tell me they don't hurt Americans. Look at the MS -13 gangs all over America killing Americans in Sanctuary cities.. cities that want government funding..I'm for cutting that funding off since its NOT being used for Americans. Personally I would like to have it made so Welfare is no longer given unless you work at a regular job for 25 hours a week. It would give people incentive to Improve their circumstances or drown in their own poverty. Weed out the bums that suck Middle class Americans dry.
  15. Funny ..from GOVERNMENT SITES.. its 1% or less used by MOW from the grants.. Investor's Business Daily editors provided a detailed and more accurate explanation: What Trump's budget does propose is cutting is the corruption-prone Community Development Block Grant program, run out of Housing and Urban Development. Some, but not all, state and local governments use a tiny portion of that grant money, at their own discretion, to "augment funding for Meals on Wheels," according to the statement. … So what's really going on? As Meals on Wheels America explained, some Community Development Block Grant money does end up going to some of the local Meals on Wheels programs. But it's a small amount. HUD's own website shows that just 1% of CDBG grant money goes to the broad category of "senior services." And 0.17% goes to "food banks." … All of this information was easily available to anyone reporting on this story, or anyone commenting on it, which would have prevented the false claims about the Meals on Wheels program from spreading in the first place. But why bother reporting facts when you can make up a story…? Its an easily corruptive grant program that needs to be eliminated. Money isn't even getting to the seniors in most states.