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  1. Fall & Winter Grooming

    My horse Tanner is outside all winter with a run in to get out of the rain or snow. She gets a really thick coat so I don't have to blanket her. She was at a barn that had a LOT of burrs. Thank goodness for baby oil, just put in the her tail, mare and forelock and the burrs came out with little work. She would look like a unicorn with all the burrs. Don't have to do that any more.
  2. Is This Unpractical?

    You guys are good. Thanks for the half chap problem. See nothing is unpractical.
  3. Is This Unpractical?

    Ok, I want a pair of half chaps but I can't find a pair to fit my half. If they do fit my half then they are too tall and pinch the back of my knee. Try to figure this one out. So wear your half chaps and enjoy!!!
  4. Hi, I'm New :-)

    Welcome for Canada. Hope you enjoy the forum groups and riding again.
  5. Hi, I'm New :-)

  6. Kicking Horses From Behind Her

    Hello I have a 6 year old quarter horse that I have had from the very beginning. I saw her at 2 weeks old and here I am today with her. Tanner has been a very easy horse to break. Nothing spooks her. I road her all the time on the road or trails with no problems. She is the laid back mare of the farm. We boarded at one barn for 3 years then had to more. It was just 3 horses that had been together from the beginning. Last year, 3 new horses came onto the farm I was boarding at and well Tanner was the horse that everyone kicked at. She never kicked back, she would just move to a different area. I have had to move Tanner for a number of reasons. We moved 3 months ago and everything has been great. I have been going out riding 3 or 4 times a week. Which I was unable to do at the last barn. I understand that she was not worked for well over a year ( not that I didn't want to just couldn't ). We have been working with her when just going for a little ride down the road after. Well, now I have a bigger problem. She has kicked at 2 different horses when we have been out for a ride. The first time she was just walking down the road and she turned and kicked the other horse. Not happy as kids with riding the other horse and he turned and kicked back. Now tonight I was riding her and we were with 2 different horses and we were the middle horse on the side of the road. For no reason , she kicked at the back horse. THIS HAPPEN STOP. So my question to you all what do I do to stop this behaviour. Where has my laid back little mare gone. I want Tanner back.
  7. What Is Your Horse's Favorite Treats

    My girls is a pepsi fan too and pink cream soda. She loves it right in the bottle. She drinks it like a baby bottle. Have you tried peaches? They loved them and spit out the pit when they had all the peach off it. It is so funny to watch them
  8. So Very Mad.....

    Don't you wish you could make this mad man live the same way he treated this poor pony. Thank goodness she is safe now with you. You both need a big hug.
  9. Wild Horse Photos

    Sorry I want the grey in the 8th picture too.
  10. Horsey Tragedy

    My mare had an accident when she was 5 weeks old which split her eye in two. We kept her and her mother in night for a month then out with the other horses. She is amazing. We have never treated her different then the other horses. I can touch her any where on her blind side without talking to her. She hears everything. We trail ride over bridges, water any place I want and she goes. She will be fine so enjoy her.
  11. Cuteness Overload

    love,love love this picture
  12. Anyone With Riding-confidence Issues . . .

    I could join the club too if you need me to. I am an older rider.
  13. English Vs. Western.

    English riding is for me. I like the smaller saddle under me so you are closer to the horse.
  14. Finally! After 4 Years..

    HE is a Clay. I thought that name once I looked at the first picture. Then I read the next post and there it was CLAY. Congrats. OH, the pony is way to cute too.
  15. Mane Growth

    Tanner 's mane grows back but I have to cut her mane short so the hair all grows out the same time. Her nutrition is very good but she like to put her head through the fence to eat the newly cut grass.