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  1. Are you are talking AQHA and APHA and the horse is already registered APHA? A horse can only be registered AQHA if both parents are registered as such. So if this horses dam is not AQHA (even with her sire being so) the resulting produce (foals) can not be either.
  2. Omega Horseshine is what I go to. Great supplement, seen great results with it.
  3. Tires.

    The S model I am finding a lot that the OEM tires are P175/70/R13. So taking that into consideration it looks like the previous owner upgrading to the more Si or Vtech model tires and rims. Which is ok, the vehicle can handle it. You are looking at about a 1.2% diameter percentage diameter difference than the original. Within the 3%.
  4. Tires.

    Serah what is the make and model and year of your vehicle?
  5. Tires.

    AD you flipped the two around. The larger number and the first number in a tire size (I will use mine as an example 265/75R16) is the width of the tire or it's 'footprint' on the ground. So 265 is the tread width of the tire from sidewall to sidewall (measured in millimeters). The middle number my 75 is the height of the sidewall, that is measured as the 'Aspect ratio'. Tells you the height of the tire from the bead (where the tire meets the rim) to the top of the tread (or foot print). It is a percentage of the tire width. So if you use the aspect ratio at 75, the tire's height is 75 percent of its width, or 176.25 mm ( .75 x 235 = 176.25 mm, or 6.94 in). The smaller this number is, the wider the tire in relation to its height. When you start to customize tire size from what your OE (original equipment) is you can actually throw off your fuel economy and your speedometer. But if you keep the diameter within 3% of your original size (for cars and vans) it shouldn't have much effect. It is also always recommended to 'upgrade' your tire size than to 'downgrade' it. Trucks can often take a diameter change of 15%. Most companies have rules now that they can only put on the manufacturers recommended size. This is for liability purposes. I used to work at one so I know this! It can upset some people, but when it comes to larger companies and liability there isn't much you can do. Some places if you come in with an after market rim will put the same size on that you had, but they need to see it and make sure it meets their safety recommendations. So don't feel too bad, the guy wasn't trying to get over on you. Probably just watching his butt!
  6. Concealed Carry

    I actually just finished my CHL class today. Passed it all with flying colors. I qualified with my colt 1911 .45. Just because it is my favorite gun that I own. Never pass up a chance to shoot it. Though I will be carrying my Ruger LCP .380. Great little gun I like it a lot. Small, easily concealed, light yet heavy enough to actually feel like a gun. The trigger pull takes a little getting used to. But I am accurate as heck with it.
  7. Say "hi" To New Member

  8. Bay Coat, Lots Of Spots And Bleaching

    While he might have been maintaining on the 3 lbs of feed twice a day when you first got him, he isn't anymore. What was he being fed isn't enough. And considering he got such bad rainrot he also has been lacking on the Vitamin A aspect. I was actually surprised seeing how much work you do with him, and how little I feel he is being fed with that workload and his job. With what you are asking, I agree with Trinity to go up to Ultium, great feed. 4 lbs twice a day is a good place to start, though to regain the weight I feel he might need a little more (5 or 6 lbs even). Alfalfa is a good idea as well. I would also start supplementing with vitamin A at the very least. I would look into a flax supplement however (and not oil). I would try Omega Horseshine. You can get it right at TSC. This should also help in the weight building and fat aspect of the diet.
  9. Anyone Have Experience With Asus Laptops?

    Not a bad little lap top. However I have no experience or know any one with experience with a Lenovo IdeaPad. So I will not be able to speak there. What are you using it for? It has an onboard video card so it won't be able to do anything too graphic intense (gaming).
  10. Anyone Have Experience With Asus Laptops?

    I had some horrible issues with Dell laptops. And will not buy another dell because of this. I have one that's mother board would go out every year. It was sad really, and really sad since I bought the extended warranty they got to know it was the motherboard again and would just send another out... Another known a lot of other people to have issues. BUT considering what you have. I would stick with the bigger screen and just put more memory in it. Memory is a VERY easy to upgrade on laptops. A few screws on the back of it and bam you are there. that is it.
  11. Anyone Have Experience With Asus Laptops?

    ASUS, imo, is one of the best brands out there. Usually some top of the line computers and laptops for not a bad price at all. I have a ASUS desktop it's a beast. And all the laptops that I see are also top of the line. Toshiba are actually also pretty darn good. My old gaming Toshiba laptop is going strong still after years. Also another brand to take a peek at that is much better than it used to be is Gateway. I have seen some pretty dang good Gateway laptops that last out there now a days. Though when Gateway first came out? Crap.. They have improved.
  12. Gelding's Mane Wont Grow, Sores On Shoulders

    Have you done a skin scraping? Have you tried treating for NTW? What is your feeding plan like? Any hair and coat supplements?
  13. Loose Horse Question

    Depends on which neighbors. One of them I just call the sheriff on and they inform them and they come out. The other I would try quite a bit as they are wonderful people! I have actually helped quite a few loose horses around here. One I assisted the local sheriff with after bringing Ice home from the vet. That horse was plain mean, tried to bite me multiple times. Sheriff said it was getting out almost daily. Another I just pulled over and caught and guided him back into the yard and locked the gate that was unsecured. People are more in the mindset of 'livestock' and don't give much care. I have also called the sheriff a couple of times on loose cows, and bulls. Just another day out here in the middle of no where! lol
  14. Health Risks Of Early Gelding?

    I think some horses, especially breeds, do 'finish' growing at different times. I had a QH gelding that didn't top out until about 7 or 8 himself. My QH now still is seeing some growth, but I am hoping not as much as that other one, lol. The standard is 3-5, but I have seen growth later in life myself.
  15. Should Prisoners Have Rights?

    Working for a state correctional institution I can answer why we can't use all this 'captive labor force' for what ya'll want. You can't force prisoners to work anymore. Not only that but there are so many human rights activists and such there are restrictions out the wazoo. Can't work above this temperature, below that one, this many hours, blah blah blah blah only when the moon is facing north on a winter equinox.. you get the point, lol... Where people have wanted to give them so many rights and privileges we are unable to do what we have done in the past. I have no issues with GED's. I am a little iffy about the college courses though. I wish they would at least make these people pay for these things if they were able. Health care? They have to pay $100 a year here if they have the funds. That is only if they see medical over their yearly physical (including eye appointment and dental). Inmates here don't get internet access (I think they get some intranet access for college courses though), but they can receive emails that come through the mail (print them off to send them). They do get tv though, one TV to a dayroom (about a 27" maybe a bit bigger) between the hours of 8am and 10pm (until midnight on weekends). However there has been talk of small tv's available for them to purchase.. I'm not sure how I feel about that one. I'm all for making them work more, myself. The problem is with all the budget cuts, facilities being closed, and already low on staffing numbers it is close to impossible to have the kind of supervision that would be needed. On my satellite at my unit at night we have 8 officers supervising almost 600 inmates. Tell me, without some kind of privileges to keep them entertained and occupied.... how long do you really think the 8 of us with only 5 oz of pepper spray on our person could keep control of them all? Unfortunately happy inmates are controllable inmates.