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  1. Staple Inserted In Forehead As A Calming Effect?

    I have a friend that purchased a racehorse towards the end of the meet here in VA who was totally unruly!!!!! He was a STB and he had to be gum chained to handle him anytime you were out of the barn. If anyone has ever dealt with a STB racehorse they are extremely docile and most people don't even use lead ropes on them. They are mostly big dogs. Well Mark was not one of them and he was a big guy 16.1hh. He went through a couple grooms that couldn't deal with him until I finally took over his care. I started with TB racehorses and while he was bad he wasn't as bad as some of those guys. He took him to Florida to race over the winter and when her came back Mark was a different horse!!!! Now he still could be a bully but no where near what he was and anyone would groom for this guy after they saw the change of his behavior. One day I was grooming him and was brushing under his forlock and found 2 staples one on each side. The staple is not in the skull but just in the skin. I was like WHOA!@!@! what did you do to him? The trainer was like My vet in FL suggested it and it has made a HUGE difference in his behavior. I did see a huge difference. HE said that they are surgical sterilized staples and the vet puts them in for him. They didn't bother Mark at all as he didn't really know they were there. they don't bother them and I have seen them reinserted and he doesn't act like it hurts at all. They greatly improve his attitude and make him a much happier and less stressed guy as well as a much safer guy to work with.
  2. Thoughts On Putting A Stallion Back To Work

    Smilie -that is the way my current stallion is, most ppl never know he is a stallion. I know this guy was in regular training and work around mares while he was breeding before his owner's accident. He is currently 13 and is really bored. I have given him a week to settle into the new routine at my place and he has brought my mare into season. I am going to hand breed them this evening( I have help to assist) as my mare has a foal at her side and I don't trust him in a field with the baby. Then this week I will be starting ground work with him. I am planning on treating him like he has never been started and go from there. He is a good boy but has learned that he can be pushy and we have been working on this issue since he got here. He isn't dumb so he has gotten much better with manners. I'm sure he will be ok. I will keep everyone us to date on how he progresses.
  3. Thoughts On Putting A Stallion Back To Work

    I have recently been offered a stallion that is a Belgian Warmblood. He is a pretty reasonable guy but hasn't been ridden in 4 years. He was schooling 3'6" and doing second level dressage prior to that but his owner broke her back (not related to him) and just stopped with him. He has been hanging out in the field breeding and he has some pretty nice babies on the ground and I have been looking for a project horse for myself and I have finally made the decision that my current mount is not going to be what I need him to be either as a riding horse or a stallion in my breeding program, and I don't think it is fair for me to push him to try to be something he is not. This guy is more what I'm looking for and I am not sure I don't really want to cut him at this time but that being said he needs a job besides making babies and if it comes down to it I will cut him if I have to. He hasn't been doing much but hanging out in the field with his mare for the past 4 years but I have been over to her house and done ground work with him and he seems to want to work. What is everyone's thoughts on putting a stallion back to work after this long of a time off and he be like he was before (he was breeding when he was in work back then too). I have a small breeding operation and this guy has not been getting many outside mares, but his babies are sought after locally. I do plan on breeding my warmblood mare to him as soon as she cycles again.
  4. New Stb

    Sara - He is a classy boy. He has been such a good boy and has really taken to his new life wonderfully! I am very happy to report that he and my stallion are now out in the pasture together like two old men and getting along wonderfully. BoBo has finally decided that he isn't a stallion any more, it only took 4 months, and he is getting along much better with everyone There will be plenty of pictures but for now we haven't been doing much as the heat indexes here have been in the 110+ and it is just too HOT!!! Everyone has been hanging out in front of their fans. My yearling has taught BoBo how to crawl into the water trough and i am trying to get a video of that!!!! I will start posting pictures as soon as it cools off and I start doing more than hosing everyone off .
  5. New Stb

    2pacers I am planning on both riding and driving this guy though we need to work on not pulling my arms out when we are driving. He seems to revert back to his racing brain. He has been a saint so far under saddle and hasn't paced at all since he stepped off my trailer at his new home. We are currently working on canter and he has hopped over some smaller jumps out on the trail. I mostly trailride and foxhunt these days. he has been mistaken for a morgan arab cross mostly. He is more "up" and any other STB I have taken in, which is why I think I have been enjoying him so much. He still isn't getting along with my stallion (who goes out in the field with geldings all the time) so they can't go out together but things have gotten pretty settled here finally. i am currently treating him for ulcers as I I was pretty sure he had them when he was racing and he has shown symptoms of still having them. Its better safe than sorry with him.
  6. New Stb

    He is very well bred. He has a mark of 153.4 at the Meadowlands as a 3 year old. He was a one owner model and I am so glad that his owner liked him enough to make sure he found his person when he was ready to retire. With his quirky personality he could have ended up in a bad place.
  7. New Stb

    Bo is only about 15 hands, so he isn't a big guy but he is wide and my wide tree saddle fits him perfectly. I'm hoping that as soon as he gets less race fit and more rounded out that he will take up more of my leg. My stallion is the exact same height and I don't look big on him at all. I have his pedigree here is a link to it. Yokozuna Bo's Pedigree He is a pacer but he is one that only paced when you put his hopples on and I haven't seen him pace in the field yet. I have plenty of experience with teaching them to canter and it takes time an patience for them to realize that they are allowed to canter.
  8. What A Lovely Horse In This Video.

    You just missed my birthday but I will take a late birthday present. He is stunning and so careful. I have a HUGE weakness for greys!!
  9. New Stb

    Well I just inheritated the newest addition to my farm and one of my favorite boys ever. A 2004 STB now gelding that I have taken care ofwhen he was racing here in VA for the past 3 years. He one of my favorite racehorses of all the ones that I have taken care of over the years. He just has such a great personality. So I am doing the opposite of what most of your guys are doing, I am breaking him to ride. I am still driving him as I have missed being able to drive at home since I rehomed my last STB to my best friend for her mother to ride. I want to introduce everyone to Yokozuna Bo or BoBo for short. Him winning when I was taking care of him Him and me at the track Him his first day at my house (he had to be in the dry lot because he wasn't gelded yet and he couldn't go out with the mares or my other stallion I will keep everyone posted how it goes. I will also try to get some driving photos of us but unfortunately we are always by our selves when we go driving.
  10. Thin Pregnant Mares

    I will say one thing my mare is one that her foal pulls her down. She wore a grazing muzzle through most of her pregnancy and only got a handful of grain so that she could get her supplements. I made the mistake of breeding back during her foal heat last year (she looked great and she was clean and my vet told me to go ahead) I couldn't feed her enough all year. She was on the ultium growth and got 8 lbs plus two times a day plus all the alfalfa she could eat and she didn't start gaining weight until we lost her foal this March. Now just over a month later I am starting to think I will have to put the grazing muzzle on her before long.
  11. Horse Losing Hair

    My stallion is almost completely bald this year and when my vet came out to geld two others at my place she said it was because of the weird weather and not to worry because the skin looked healthy.
  12. Riding After Ankle Surgery

    Let me know how is goes. I have to have the same surgery but I am trying to put it off until after the first of the year. I am interested in how much down time I will have.
  13. Vetericyn

    I really like the stuff...I had a new guy come that had no idea how to live in the field with other horses and as an end result ended up pretty beat up!! He had a hematoma that opened up on his chest and I could stick my whole finger in it!!! I called and talked to my vet and she said to irrigate it 3 x a day with salene and a mild betadine solution. I did that for a week with not much improvement (he is a jerk and you can't put him in a stall, so he has to be out)then I a friend gave me a bottle and said try this, at that point I was willing to try anything. Well 3 days later the hole is almost completely filled in and just has a small scab that I clean and spray twice a day. He is so much better that I am going to actually get on him for the first time this weekend. :)
  14. Color Question

    stallion is definitely splash sorrel. Both these foals were from the same mare. She is plain bay with some mild roaning (if you could call it that). I have always thought that you needed a dilute to get a dilute but I have never seen as much counter shading esp. with the markings across the shoulders that this guy had. It would have been nice to see how he grew up but it was not meant to be this year. My yearling from this match-up is holding his winter coat for all its worth....I'm actually hoping that I don't have to clip him. I want to see what he looks like once he is all shedded out.