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  1. Horse Christmas Cookies! <3

    Thank you! yeah I could only imagine lol Fire would be like MOM I NEED TOOTH PICKS!
  2. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Goodmorning all!! I have the hardest time keeping up with this! :) I don't see why though, I was up all night sick and I was on here until like 1am! Jackie- I'm sorry to hear about the surgery I'm glad you're doing well though. Yeah I know how the whole trying to hear something from the doctor third person gets. Glad to hear you're doing well. Everyone else, Thank you for welcoming me
  3. A Never Ending Story!

    Ride- Martinsville, IN just south of Indianapolis in the middle of nowhere! :-) MrsO- Thank you so much!!!! I will go check it out! How is everyone today? Cowgirl- Welcome! I'm sick and will be on here all day so feel free to chat with me
  4. Um so I think you need to define your gender, Sarah. lol.

  5. What's The Most Expensive Horse You've Been Around?

    Around my friends Canadian Warmblood which will be sold for around 40K. I'm not into price tags though. a 40K horse may be an accomplished show horse in the arena but a pain in the neck to deal with on the ground or out of the arena. To me, the big seller with horses is disposition and personality (Horse-nality lol) If you horse isn't willing to do what is asked and a horse is nasty to be around, and the horse has bad habits, who cares if his price tag says 40K? Give me the $500 do anything for you kind eyed gentle sweet horse that will make you happy AND do what is asked of him. Remember, every elite expensive horse came from a little nobody horse who made something of himself.
  6. Horses Really Teach Us Patience!

    Quarter Flash, She has never had any track time, she was sold before they ran her. She was started by the previous owner and by started I mean she was mountable when I got her, that's about it. I have been working very patiently and dilligently with her you wouldn't believe the difference from when I first got her, the first time I went to take the bit out (of course I had no idea she had this issue) I took it out just as I normally do and she reared and knocked me into a wall... so, with that said, I took her bridle out the last time I rode and she tensed up and then dropped the bit.. So much improvement. She's still leery but she's come a long way. I may try that idea but finding a secure stall will be hard. The barn we're at now is an old track barn turned into a hunter barn so the stalls aren't exactly luxurious
  7. Scar On Front Right Knee And Mid Metacarpal

    yeah that is similar to what her scar looks like except hers is just a line going right over her knee horizontally. So it worked eh? I mean you can't really notice hers until you're standing in front of her but I need it to be coverable. I am going to look that stuff up
  8. Scar On Front Right Knee And Mid Metacarpal

    also what I am thinking, since the hair won't grow... hair dye won't work...
  9. A Follow Up On The Abortion Debate

    I agree. If you are not fit to take care of said child, there are tons of people out there who do not have the gift of conception and would love to adopt. If the baby is not meant to be, it will be a miscarriage. I do not think that it is anything less than murder to abort a child. From the time of conception, the sperm meeting the egg, a human life, a human soul is formed. Anyone taking that life, that soul away from it's destiny and not allowing it to have a say in it's own life, is selfish and wrong and a murder.
  10. Scar On Front Right Knee And Mid Metacarpal

    oh I would never use regular spray paint I meant the horse one. I like the gel idea better it seems easier to use and the spraying will probably be a huge disaster... but if the gel doesn't work, I'll have to find spray
  11. Scar On Front Right Knee And Mid Metacarpal

    Yeah, I figured spray paint would work, too.. I know lol I was just hoping for a miracle ;)
  12. A Never Ending Story!

    the first town I visited before I moved to Indiana was Wabash! Oh that's awesome. Good ole Indiana :-)
  13. A Never Ending Story!

    Ruckandride- Yeah not many people like Indiana lol it's pretty boring I'm from an even smaller town than Elkhart. I've only been to Elkhart once for a 4H Horse Bowl and Hippology tournament. Indy is beautiful city!! MrsO- It's not a big deal MrsO I understand, busy life! I have til closer to Christmas anyway ;-) Thank you so much though!!!
  14. A Never Ending Story!

    Yeah Indiana is my home. I was born in Ohio but I lived most of my life in Indiana, so yep! I'm thrilled to be going back, there's no place like home :-)