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  1. Were you able to find any pictures of her winning/running?
  2. I would love some information on a mare her name is Crypto Gal and she is a 2000 tb.
  3. 5Yrs, Green Broke...what's The Problem?

    One of the nicest easiest going mares I have in for training right now is an unbroke 12 year old broodmare. I wish all the horses were like her. My other project is 5 years old with 8 rides on her. Both are easy going with great minds and smart as whips. I got lucky with them! Now if we could just get the 5 year old over her hind foot issues I could have her sold as a kids mount by the end of summer.
  4. Des Moines, Ia?

    Depending on the area you're looking at and your price point I know of several places available.
  5. Allies Going To Have A Baby *baby Is Here!*

    Her name is now pippa or pipsqueak as I like to call her.
  6. Des Moines, Ia?

    Oh and mars if you want add me on fb. Let me know if you need anything once you get here!
  7. Des Moines, Ia?

    Tracy we still need to get together sometime and have you meet pippa! And the others of course lol.
  8. Des Moines, Ia?

    Yeah I was going to recommend dittmers. We will have to meet up when you get here! I keep my 5 guys at an amazing barn down in Truro Iowa, about 35 mins south of Des Moines if you ever wanted something different. We have a reining trainer come in several times a month, we do all around, and then I do hunters out there.
  9. Allies Going To Have A Baby *baby Is Here!*

    Thanks guys! She still needs a barn name. Right now we are just callin her the baby lol.
  10. Name That Foal

  11. Clinton Anderson "no Worries Club" Anyone?

    I'm a member and I think it's well worth it.
  12. Name That Foal

    I bought this pretty girl a mint green halter today and will be playing with her tomorrow! You can expect pictures soon!
  13. Name That Foal

  14. Name That Foal

    Thanks! Feel free to throw barn names out there too. Right now she's just called baby pony lol.
  15. Name That Foal

    Thanks guys! I love her! It'll be sad when she sells.