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    My family, my horses and trailriding,the rest of our animals: the mini donkeys, and especially the mini dachshunds Harley and Willow. I do fiber arts,knitting,crocheting, weaving and spinning(a little), but trailriding my Walking Horses is my passion.
  1. Internet Friends Who Ride

    I think the interest is falling off on our little site here. Having the shoes pulled on the horses this afternoon for the winter. Riding season is all but over for me this year. You all have a great day!
  2. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Well here it is July and the garden is coming on and we have been eating broccoli and squash(zucchini) radishes and Swiss chard. Onions and green peppers and little carrots are also finding their way into my kitchen. :) We have been getting so much rain that it has been really hard to get first crop hay in. Finally got the last of it in Thursday and now to start on the second crop! I have gotten a few rides in between rain drops, not as much as I would like. Doctor also had to increase my Thyroid pill explains why I was falling asleep in the afternoons! Well you all take care and HAPPY TRAILS to you all!
  3. Internet Friends Who Ride

    We are having so much rain its hard to get the hay crop in without getting it rained on. Finally some sunshine today but the ground is so wet it squishes when you walk across the the grass. Hope we aren't getting all summers worth of rain in one month!!!!
  4. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Well we have been getting our share of rain and then some! Hope we aren't getting all years worth now! Got a ride in with daughter DJ Hope this link works to take you to the pics on FB. Have a great day!
  5. Internet Friends Who Ride

    It is thunder and lightening here. The thunder is a continual rumble. Not a lot of rain but lots of noise. The pups are beautiful YR! They sure are growing fast. AD Gunny is awesome! Remember the neighbor with the loose horses. Well they have been back at least twice since then. The second time it was 5 different horses. Then the 3rd time the first group was coming back but Hubby saw them coming and turned them towards home and met the owner on their trail. Haven't seen them again for awhile. But with the storm tonight I bet they will be back again with down fences. I have been out riding a few times and the Vet is coming out on Thursday to pull Coggins and give Vaccines. Then I'll be ready to hit the trails. You all have a great night!
  6. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Thanks YR it was a bit of a rodeo for awhile. The horses were here until this morning. Hubby had to help him catch them by making a smaller catch pen.Once they got them cornered and haltered they settled done. I didn't go out to help at all cause it was pouring down rain! But at least they are home now. More rain coming in tonight. Have a good night!
  7. Internet Friends Who Ride

    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU ALL!!!! Hope everyone had a great day! I got to ride for the first time on Sat. Spent the morning helping the neighbors catch their horses. 5 of them were running loose and we we lost them for awhile. So another neighbor brought her horse up and we went looking on horseback. Found them at another neighbors and tried to lead two of them with the others following. Friend Brenda got off her horse and took the two very naughty ones we were able to catch and lead them on foot while I ponied her horse. It was too far to take back where they belong so we took them to my place and put them in our summer donkey pasture. The donkeys are not in there yet. That was Sat. morning and they are still here. Owner is at a horse show in MN and suppose to be back tonight. Hopefully he will come get them tomorrow. But anyway after penning them up we went riding for 2 & 1/2 half hours. So I'm a little sore today but feeling good!!! No pictures as I figured first time out for both Walker and me and strange horses it could be a rodeo so I left the cameras home. Abe is getting better but still touchy on that leg. He does let me touch it now and I am hopeful I can start picking it up soon. May have to just shoe the fronts and leave his backs for awhile yet. We'll have to see. We had a cookout here today and the kids and grandkids were here nice day. Tale care and you all have a great day tomorrow! WOW when I posted this it was all double spaced. Don't know why!
  8. Internet Friends Who Ride

    So sorry YR. My Mom had the same thing happen with my Sister and then with my niece! This was an apt. over the garage that was part of the original house. Anyway she never rented it out anymore and kept it for a guest house until she passed. Family can be really hard to deal with. Raining and cold up here last week and again yesterday and today. Still not up to seasonal temps yet. Have my bread maker going with 7 grain bread and it sure smells yummy! Still haven't gotten to ride yet. Well the bread machine just beeped so the bread is done got to go get out! You all have great day!
  9. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hi all Boy talk about being a stranger!!! I get on FB and play a few games and then I read my books and I know I'm bad for not coming on here more. We had a nice day today!!!! No wind to speak of and some Sunshine. It was actually in the 60's! It has been raining for about 2 weeks and after tomorrow I think it is suppose to start raining again. This the clay soil we have the rain makes it like ice to walk on or like quicksand to sink into. So no riding yet. I did get shoes on Walker and Blue on Friday but Abe had hurt is right hind leg and we decided to wait a couple weeks to shoe him. He scrapped all the hair off the inside of the leg, and has a little swelling in his upper leg. He must have gotten it hung up in something. Anyway he does not what you to touch it and even gives me a really hard time spraying the Vetericyn on it. Hair is starting to come back already and he doesn't seem lame on it ...just don't touch it!!! Could have probably gone riding today but no one to go with me and since they haven't been out yet this Spring felt it wasn't a good idea to go out alone. AD so glad you are happy in your new job. Sure makes life easier if you like what and where you work! Well I'll try to come visit here more often ! You all take care and have a great night.
  10. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hi everyone well the sap finally started to run and we have been gathering and boiling down for maple syrup.Still have a few snow banks but they are melting fast. Now for the mud and it is slippery mud with the clay soil we have. Its good to see the 3 of you YellowRose,AlaskaDraft,and Flying Stars keeping the thread going.
  11. Internet Friends Who Ride

    We are in near white-out conditions right now!!!! D**n snow!!! I really am over winter!!!!!
  12. Internet Friends Who Ride

    FS this is our 3rd year doing the syrup here. Each year we get better at it. Hubby doesn't think its going to be a good year this year as the weather isn't cooperating at all! Don't you just hate when people back out like that! Or say they are going to show up and you never hear from them again. I really hate to try to sell anything!
  13. Internet Friends Who Ride

    We have beautiful sunshine but it is really cold! Everything froze up again including the sap. Not running at all in this weather. Hopefully next week! Will be looking forward to your puppy pictures in the May YR! We use to raise a litter or two of mini dachshunds when I was a kid. Loved playing with the pups but really hard to see them go to their new homes!
  14. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hubby tapped the maple trees yesterday afternoon and got only 3 gallons of sap today but it is very early and it has gotten colder again. AD have fun with your bears. YR good luck with your new litter of pups! You all have a wonderful night!
  15. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hi everyone!!! We are getting some hints of spring finally! Can see some bare ground and the water is running down the drive from the snow banks melting. We still get very cold...yesterday was only 10 degrees but it was above zero! LOL Today was nice but a cold wind blowing up here on the ridge top. Hubby is ready to tap the trees for making maple syrup. Figures to tap this weekend. Was going to put shoes on the horses tomorrow but decided to just trim again this time. Still to much snow, ice and mud to do a lot of riding. Most of the trails don't open until April 15th anyway. So will ride barefoot for a little while. My boys only started shedding this past week so I have a long way to go! You all take care and have a good night.