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  1. How To Handle Gelding Mounting Mares On Trailrides

    The old rule-a horses length between riders- would prevent him from mounting a mare-but putting him first would alleviate the temptation. He sounds like he does not respect his rider. More time in the saddle might solve some of his issues. Mounting a mare with a rider is dangerous and should not be tolerated! Turning him away from the mare when he shows interest. If he is vocal when a mare is "in" he should be discouraged from this activity also.
  2. Anyone Had A Horse With A Hematoma On

    I have had horses, dogs and myself with hematoma. It's just where the blood pools under the skin . If there is surrounding tissue swelling and damage-the bute will take down the swelling and alleviate pain. The blood itself will be reabsorbed into the body. I have used a syringe to remove excess -Usually it is just a minor eyesore for a few days. A drain tube is installed for a major injury. Anyone who has raised horses knows that things happen, some more serious than others. Cold water for the first 48 hours will help reduce swelling-Warm and cold alternately will help blood flow to the area and promote healing.
  3. My New Horse Trailer Pictures And Question

    Plugs aren't hard to replace-I'm a girl and I've done a couple of trailers over the years-It's just a matter of matching the lights and brakes correctly-usually there's a schematic on a new trailer-or if your truck was already wired for pulling in your owners manual...Running new wires isn't hard if you don't have to snake them through rusty or pinched channels. Put some primer where you've got rust spots and paint it to match when you can-It's great to have mobility for your horses---I love to trail ride and they've built up so much around us we have to haul about 5 or 6 miles to ride any more..They call that progress-I call it pollution-how many strip malls does a city need??I liked the dairy farm better even if was muy fragrant in the summer...
  4. Stupid Cruel People.

    I've had two of my friends loose livestock to gunshot wounds here in Georgia-One arabian mare-deer colored I guess they were too drunk to tell the difference and two longhorn cattle for pure meanness. The parents of the boys paid for the longhorned calves and my friend's mare was insured-no consolation for her five month old foal that lost it's mother. I keep my horses inside at night dusk and dawn during hunting season-and put blankets on if it's cool enough-deer don't usually have red or orange blankets on....
  5. Culling Deer From A Park?

    My daughter's friend works with a wildlife re-hab center in Al. they have had to stop taking in a lot of animals due to budgetary cuts. She has worked without pay for over 6 months because a-her husband has a decent job and b-she truly enjoys her job-paid or not. We had a similar problem at Red Top Mtn state park here in GA. Most of the park is on an island the deer were all in poor body weight and not healthy. They closed the park two weekends during hunting season and "culled". J worked the scene as part of her school field trip-she majored in wild life mgmnt. She said it wasn't pleasant but necessary. I manage a barn here in Ga. and we are working with a cat rescue group who spay/neuter and re-home feral cats. I have let them use one of my empty tack stalls to re-hab some of their rescues. One of the largest problems in this economy are the animal hoarders. She recently worked a repossesed house with over 35 cats. Several were found dead, starved and five had broken legs. She has only put one cat down that I personally know of. It had Felv and was too far gone to save. We could only catch it when it was too weak to run away. (It wouldn't go into the trap). Anyone needing a good barn cat in Atl contact SNAPTO IT@Comcast-Kyla will bring you a spayed/neutered-hunter. Our retarded Humane Society/Animal control will not adopt out a cat for barn duty-because of the leash law. I don't know if they have changed the policy-I sure hope so.
  6. Anybody Seen Cavalia?

    My wonderful daughter took me to see the show-The founding producer of Cirque de Solie did not disappoint me. I was not expecting an olympic Prix St George performance...merely a beautiful and entertaining theatrical production based on the equestrian pursuits. The technical aspects of the performance were impressive, costuming and stunts were well done with horses that were happy to do their tasks and appeared to be very well cared for, I was entertained throughout the show with the variety and technical skill of the performers-not to mention the connection the trainers obviously had with their equine partners. We had rendeveaux tickets. the seats were center aisle and the view was great: except for the inconsiderate folks who arrived late-answered their cell phones during the performance and those that constantly talked-Why did they bother to come at all? Oh I know! To ruin the performance for those who actually wanted to see it. I would go again, maybe the rude folks will stay home, or go to the bar instead.
  7. Credit Unions Vs. Big Banks

    I love my credit union...I have a checking in the conventional bank, they are open on Saturday, but my Credit Union is a LOT Nicer.
  8. Making A Trail Pony-need Advice On A Couple Of Issues

    A horse that is constantly talking and calling out to others is just a little insecure. Give him some time to become adjusted and gently discourage his behavior by switching gears, asking him to back or change gait. When he accepts you as his alpha herd leader he will have more confidence. Spooking at things on the trail? A half halt to get his attention, if it is due to insecurity, talk to him calmly, let him face the object. Some horses will use any excuse to get out of work-if this is the case be a little harder on him and use a firm cue with your leg to move him forward. Wet saddle blankets make a good trail horse. Give him a little time to get used to trail riding. A good trail horse isn't made overnight.
  9. I'm Calling Doctor Tomorrow

    Good for you! I've taken my own stitches out before-and gotten chastised by the doc. Most people aren't proactive enough about their care.
  10. I Have A Surprise!

    What a teeeeeeeeease You will pay.....Karma will catch up with you
  11. Rolex Tickets Are On Sale!

    I'm in if I can come up with the $$$$-Micro tel is INEXPENSIVE-A few exits away....
  12. How Expensive Is Health Insurance?

    I currently have no coverage-I kept Cobra as long as I could to the tune of almost $500 a month. My daughter has Peachcare-we only pay $10 per month-my husband has Medicare-He's on disability..His supplimental insurace is about 250 per month.I have none currently-when I checked to see if I could get covered it would cost 1/2 of my monthly income. I will qualify for medicare soon. Maybe I can get my shoulder /arm fixed then. I have nerve damage from an accident. The nerve "test" will cost $600. I know I have nerve damage I don't need to pay $600. to have someone tell me that. Especially since I couldn't afford the fix-rerouting the ulna nerve somehow.
  13. Animal Control

    In Georgia horses fall under the livestock category and the Ga Dept of Ag will seize and re-home equids that are abandoned, abused, starved or even medically neglected.They will not give the name of anyone that reports the abuse/neglect. Sometimes the animal will be in bad shape because the owner does not know how to take care of them. I warn people all the time that buying the horse is the least expensive part of having a horse, the upkeep will cost more in a year than the iniitial purchase price of the average horse or pony.
  14. Funny...

    And why do horses allow you to clip one ear just fine and then totally freak when you try to do the other one? So you have one beautiful cultured horse profile and the cave-horse E-wok ears from the other.... Thanks for the laugh.
  15. I'm Back..... Cancer News

    [Huggy] Prayers for a speedy recovery. I'm so guilty of not getting a mamogram (no insurance). But I do self exam every once in awhile.