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  1. Declawing .... Dogs?

    I work in a vets office and we try very hard to talk owners out of declawing cats. We see so many older declawed cats who end up with foot infections in later life. Plus if you see how they react coming out of sedation compared to a cat just in for other surgeries you would never do it. All it took was a little double sided tape and my former barn kitty house cat learned to keep her paws off my furniture. Plus declawed cats often have a personality shift for the worse after the surgery.
  2. Profiting From Horses?

    Vets, groomers, etc.... profit off animals. What is the difference?
  3. Returning Or Keeping Engagement Rings

    In a court of law you HAVE to give it back. It was a gift given with conditions.
  4. Getting ready for my final working interview for a new job.

  5. Irene To Throw Economy Back Into Recession

    My area just went through massive destructive flooding on level with hurricane Agnes. It is going to kill an area that was in an economic downward spiral. (A PA Appalachian Coal Community) The average family here makes $30K. And over a third are renters. It is bad.... It is in areas that have never flooded before. Roads are gone. Unfortunately this will not produce local jobs. We will be inundated with contractor from other areas that will underbid the locals. Penndot will go with out of area contractors as well.
  6. I Need Help

    http://www.n-ssa.org/ I would try the North-South Skirmish Association. BUT.... most groups will not let anyone near their cannon unless they are member of said group due to insurance issues.
  7. Hey Dog Trainers! Possible Situation...

    As a professional dog trainer..... GROWLING IS NEVER EVER ACCEPTABLE TOWARDS HUMANS. It is a sign of trying to exert dominance. Just like you never play tug with a dog. The only exception where I have played tug as a reward for protection, tracking, trailing, or detection work. And they are never allowed to growl and I won every game. If it has teeth it can bite you and hurt you. Would you ever allow a horse to lift a back leg or pin its ears at you? It is the same thing.
  8. Is There A Place?

    Pennsylvania up in Central PA. The mountains do not flood. The have tons of trails.. We have snakes but the only venous species stay far away from humans. Never seen one in my 15 years in the state. Lots of rivers lakes and etc. Stay away from the big cities and houses and land are cheap. So are taxes. I am 45 minutes from big city shopping if I want it. It is cooler up here in the mountains. I really only have to run my ac once in awhile and would be ok without it. My podunk little towns schools are AWESOME. Better than the private school I was paying for down by the big city. My neighbors are sweet and leave me alone. The down side is it is economically depressed around here. So I have an hour to an hour half commute to work (depending on traffic). BUT after living in the shadow of Chicago for 10 years that is nothing. It could take me that long to go one town over in Illinois.
  9. Rehoming A Horse.

    PUT HER DOWN!!!!! If you love her then give her peace not a questionable future.
  10. Lets Count Them Up!

    1 Westie 1 Scottie 1 Russian Blue Cat 1 Fish 1 horse. Add 4 if we are counting husbands and little boys.
  11. Dog Breed Question....

    Since you expected miracles out of the terrier puppy in two days I would say stick with the bigger dogs. Plus if you are looking for blind obedience from your dog a terrier is NOT for you. Most little dogs can be a bear to housebreak.
  12. Newsweek Calls Grand Rapids, Mi A Dying Town

    Grand Rapids is by no means a dying city. The city I live basically in has went from 18,202 in 1900 to 8,0009 in 2000. Last census it has dropped to 7,374. Now that is a dying city. There are empty homes everywhere. The average family scrapes by on $30k/yr.
  13. Sitting On The Curb

    LOL... Apparently we are still paying for the Jonestown flood of 1939.
  14. Sitting On The Curb

    Yep cherry RC cola.... It is good stuff. Our local Walmart and beer distributor sells it. I live in PA and we can't buy beer or alcohol just anywhere. We have to buy our hard stuff from the state. And beer and malt liquor has to be bought either by the case from the beer distributor. Or pray you can find somewhere with a liquor license that can sell 6 packs. But then you can only buy 2. *sigh*
  15. Sitting On The Curb

    Well since I don't have a curb here... some folks can join me on my porch. Plus we just had a down pour and the street outside my home looks like a river. Thank goodness my porch/front door is actually on the second story. Coal miners had reason for their madness when they designed local houses. I have Swiss Tea cooler (It is a PA thing) And CHERRY RC Cola.