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  1. Malicious/deceptive Message

    Actually, no I couldn't. Every time I did, HC refused to load and I got the general "This server refuses to send a response" screen. I wasn't the only one that couldn't click through either.
  2. Malicious/deceptive Message

    Oh hey, I can see HC again. Haven't been able to view the forum in a couple months because of this. Oh well.
  3. Texas People #6

    I have kept large cats. 99% of people have no business keeping them. I've been in these secret exotic animal auctions. Never again. Never. Been to quite a few of those sanctuaries too - and lived in one - and not all of them are better than private homes either. I'm more surprised people are coming to claim her, but then again, they're not illegal here, and I'll never back legislation that stops us from keeping what we want to keep, because some people can do it properly. I've taken a real fancy to Persian and Alpine Ibex and would like to win the lottery so I can keep wild goats too. But yeah if she was able to escape to begin with, that's irresponsibility 101. The animal should never be able to leave your property alive. Even with flooding or down fencing. If you don't have a completely secure "den" (concrete box) for a big cat, you are stupid.
  4. Texas People #6

    There's more tigers here in Texas than anywhere else in the world. Breeders operating all over. Probably swam out of it's enclosure during all this damned rain. Lol.
  5. Good Friday

    Have a great weekend all
  6. Texas People #6

    I'm going to fill up my friend's bathtub with the hottest water Seattle can provide and sleep in it for a while. Seriously though, Steven is coming along for the first time so that should be fun. Him and my friend's husband plan on finding the illegal late night street races to watch (sigh) and going to some other car things. I promised dinner in the Space Needle too. Otherwise, for me, it's just about getting away for a little bit! I've been in such a terrible mood and mindset, it's time to reset.
  7. Texas People #6

    Wish goats did that. I think they would come up on my doorstep and die if given the chance. They do it out of spite. "Oh, you gave me half grain rations today? I'll get get silent pneumonia and die overnight without even giving you a chance to administer the extremely expensive antibiotics sitting on your shelf." I'm glad my vacation is soon - it's been a schit year to be honest.
  8. Why Oh Why?

    This is submissive behavior that has a root in wolf puppies. Wolf pups lick at the mouths of their adult caretakers, which triggers them to regurgitate partially digested meat for the offspring. Even as adults, they continue their behavior with their parents (the leaders of the pack) and mates. In dogs, it translates to basically the same - submission and affection.
  9. Dang Goat!

    Give her some food and take pictures of her from behind - get everything from the udder to the vulva and anus if she holds her tail naturally so we can see it. Side shots are good too, but make sure to squat down on the ground. Angles make a different. Obviously looking at pictures, I would be just guessing, but there are very distinct signs in the majority of pregnant goats in all stages. It can be difficult to get pictures, but if you do, well you know where to find me.
  10. Dang Goat!

    Don't be alarmed by a large size. I think I've even talked about this on this forum before. You absolutely cannot judge how many kids you'll get by how big the doe is. (Doe is the proper term - nanny/billy are slang that you don't want to get caught using around other experienced goat owners, heh). Are you on my Facebook? If you get get certain pictures, I could give you a better estimate of kidding date. If she's pregnant. A huge stomach doesn't mean anything. Goats have a rumen - you WANT wide goats. And happy to help post them here too. Kristina Epona Saucedo
  11. I Got A New Pony!

    And man...you picked a good name. I have personal reasons for thinking so, but just know that I highly approve and it makes me smile.
  12. I Got A New Pony!

    Oh she is CUUUUUUUUUTE! Congrats! It must be pony buying season....
  13. Dogs Eyes

    Those eyes are freakin' awesome
  14. Texas People #6

    It could have been something as simple as shock - she was an older doe, and had already suffered one very bad injury in her life. You can wrap a goat in bubble wrap and it will chew off the plastic and choke to death.
  15. Texas People #6

    I've had things like that happen. Someone on COTH pm'ed me asking if we had two dogs named Bob and Sam - turns out she was the one who rescued them and gave them to my employers to become the farm's guardians. She so enjoyed hearing how they were doing.