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  1. Horse Won't Lope?

    OK I will try to give more information to see if it helps. I have had her since November. She was barely green broke to a walk/trot when I got her. She ended up coming with a case of worms, so I had to give her more time off. She is being ridden in a simple D-ring snaffle bit, as she isn?t ready for a curb plus she listens now I work with her. She listens to leg cues 99% of the time, unless she is in heat or gets where she wants everything her way. She does everything I ask her for on the ground, she lounges at a lope. She does still have bucking fits on the back girth so we are slowly working on that. We had to overcome a rearing problem, which I?m glad is fixed. She is in no back pain, leg pain, saddle fits, teeth are in good shape. I?m rereading all my horse training books I have, as I collect them. Plus rewatching my DVD, this isn?t the first horse I trained, but the first one that won?t lope. Normally, I just put them behind there buddy and they fall alone. I know people who use spurs incorrectly, but I only use them as an aid when needed. It used to take a bit for me to get her to trot and now, she does trot at a sitting or posting speed which ever I ask her for. Normally she responds to light cues and the spurs never touch. When I ask her to lope, she gets a faster and faster trot under she is killing herself trotting. I keep steady pressure with my legs on her plus kiss to her. When behind another horse she will start loping, let off a tiny buck then she will lope about two strides then lope in the back and trot in the front. To me it seems she is confused about loping with a rider. I think tomorrow I?m going to out in a more open place where I can give her more room to try to figure it out, I have got my niece to agree to ride my other horse in front again. She learns quite so I believe if I can get her loping once or twice then we will be fine. If this helps you guys give more of a hint at the problem? I?m not afraid to answer questions you have on her? Well back to reading.
  2. Horse Won't Lope?

    I?m sorry if this is long before hand I have two problems I will outline both separate. The first problem is I have been told I?m ruining my horse, by making her lazy. I really don?t see how I?m making her persay lazier. Then the second problem is I can?t get her to lope. She is also being spur trained cause that is what she responds to the best. I bought a 4 year old mare, in November she is now 5. I haven?t got to ride her much until lately. When I got her she was green broke, to a walk, she would trot but wouldn?t listen much at the trot. I worked with her at the walk and the trot, but I didn?t lope her cause she wasn?t going to be controllable, plus she never had before. I have her where she stops and turns sharply at a trot. She listens well. She will back up, even turns backing up if I ask. She is learning to turn on her forehand, which is almost completed, then I?m working on turning on the hind end and side passing. She too me is doing really well in this area. I have worked hard on her. Do you guys think I?m messing her up by training her this way? Next is she refuses to lope. She has never loped under saddle, so she doesn?t know she can. I have got her to lope a couple strides, but that?s only if we are following another horse. I push her and push her with no results. Everything I have heard to try doesn?t work. The only idea I have left is to have someone lounge me while me on her so we are pushing her the same, as she will lope on the lunge line. Would that be the right thing or should I try something else? When I have loped behind an horse, she would buck then lope about two strides and stops. The saddle fits well and she is sore in the back or anywhere. I?m out of ideas on her and don?t have enough money to send her to a trainer. Thanks again and I will try to awnser all questions. I?m hoping to ride her tomorrow again.
  3. Men!?!?!?!

    I found my guy on facebook, well we had a friend in common, and went to the same school and same rodeo. We might at school first then after that we met at the local rodeo. We knew each other for a month before we started dating and that was over a year ago. I know it's still a short time but everyone is already telling us we seem like we are married and been together forever. I wasn't looking for an guy, I was wanting to focus on my horses, high school, getting a job and then college but it just happened. He is also a horse lover at heart but never really got to be around them much.
  4. Has Anybody Heard

    I have a show gelding with Midnight Sun on both sides too. What other horses are in his lines?
  5. I Finally Got Some Pic Of Spook

    She looks just like my dad's walker. Does she have a short back too, I can't tell in the photos? Shorter the back the better they seem to gait.
  6. How Would This Look On A T Shirt?

    I also would get a shirt with that on it.
  7. Weight Question

    Sorry guys I haven't been on to update, between school and stuff I have had no time to get on here. I did get all 4 horses wormed. In the photos you can't see all of the pen, the back lot that they are on 24/7 is 5 acres big and you have good grass in the back, then we are letting them in pretty much our whole yard so they have an acre of the richer stuff depend on weather. She doesn't get pushed away from again feed. I'm working on trying to upload a picture from my phone that I snapped earlier. She gets 6 pounds of grain total a day, 3 pounds twice a day. I have notice a slight difference in just the past couple days, I know she still needs a lot more, but I think we are on the path to getting a good weight. I'm ashamed to say that my horse was this underweight. She is one of the one who passes the hay up for grass any day, no matter the type of hay. We will be worming in 6 weeks again with a difference wormer. We are going to just see how it goes before changing her whole diet. Thanks guys, I appreciate the help with out getting rude. If I mess anything sorry, I'm really busy with a big school assignment this week, plus taking care of these guys.
  8. Weight Question

    I will try to get her wormed this week, my dad only warms June - December. I didn't think of worms because she is out in a pasture with 3 other horses and none of them show any problems, but now I think of it she does show signs of worms. I just got to talk my Dad into buying wormer earlier for them all. I will be getting her teeth check that's already in my plans. On the feeding issue I'm trying to get her off Sweet Feed, but my dad doesn't want to, It was a pain just to get him to at least feed a little over half Strategy. As soon as I get a job, I will buy her feed, so she can be put on some better feed. Thanks for reassuring me she shouldn't be ridden, I'm getting yelled at to ride her. I knew something wasn't right and wanted opinions since my Dad just keeps saying she is going to start putting weight on. The problem I'm in is my dad is very old fashion about vet care and feeding and teeth. He is hard to work with and I haven't found a job yet to provide for her myself, and as an high school student it's hard, but all my graduation money will go into getting her healthy again. Since he horse looks fine he doesn't think the inside might need more nutrients or to get the others some. It's hard to talk him into anything need for the animals. He does make sure they get feed everyday no matter what and fresh water. They get feet trimmed and everything. What I don't understand is between us we have had 3 rescued horses, two neglect and 1 abandon, plus bought many skinny ones and got to up to weight, but he doesn't understand this girl needs help. I'm going to put a couple more applications in this week. I will keep you guys updated and thanks for the advice and I will get her the help she needs, it just will a challenge. And thanks again.
  9. Weight Question

    I bought me a 5 year old Paint Mare, back in November. When I got her she wasn?t grained, but was on like 60 acres of pasture. She was a little underweight but wasn?t bad to me. I had her at a bigger weight within a month, and she was out running with my other horses. I rode her throughout the winter about once every two weeks, she needs some training work done. Once Spring came to me she dropped some weight, so I stopped all my training on her. I was feeding her about 3 pounds of sweet feed, twice daily. Since, I normally a changed in weight, I started in on a mixture of Sweet Feed and Strategy Twice a daily, she still gets 3 pounds a day. She has always been on pasture 24/7, but now she gets let out in electric fence in our yard a couple days a week depending on weather, plus early this week I?m hoping to make the electric fence area larger. She is her same personality, her temp has always been good, she is running around and being a pain like always. Her gum color is good and I see no health issue. I?m going to check her teeth good and if I see an issue I will be getting them floated. She eats fine, but I still will check them in case of an issue. I have wondered if she could have an ulcer, or if the weather change could have started having her lose weight. Now since her diet change she has put on weight, but I?m still not happy at all with her weight. I?m not allow to get her check out by a vet, until I see a major issue or until I get a job which I?m looking. My dad is wanting me to start riding her about two times a week, but in my opinion she needs more weight before I ride her? How much under do you guys believe she is, do you guys think I?m worrying to much? I?m posting a picture from over the winter and then a picture of her from today. She was at a pretty good weight to me in this picture, about December or January, and being ridden some. Then Today. I'm not happy with the way she looks. She is shedding lightly, and first chance I get I want to give her a bath (once it gets a little warmer) so I can see her condition better. Her with one of our geldings.
  10. Opinions?

    Second one
  11. Ages On Here?

    I just turned 18 a month ago, even know i mostly lurk on here.
  12. Should I Go?

    I would go, I went to one of his clinics last year, sadly it was a two day clinic and I only went for one day. I enjoyed it and if given the chance would go watch him again. At one part he took a break, but public was allowed to come up to him and asked questions on what he believes there horses problem was. It really helped my friend has he hit it on the nail the problem.
  13. Horse Riding Wrecks

    My worse wreck was when I was about 9 years old. I was riding my little mare, that I probably shouldn't have been riding. This was my first year old trail riding, and I wanted to show off for my mom, and lead the group. I had done this about 4 times now, even on these same trails. Now, this mare wasn't behaved, she would bolt and lay down in creeks. I was slowly breaking her of both these habits, but I didn't know much and she wouldn't do it with an experience rider. There was a creek I had to cross, we step in and then stopped. Now the water is normally a foot deep, but It was belly deep to Shelby (13.2 hands tall). My Dad was hollering for me to get off, but I wouldn't. I was kicking at my mare to go, but she couldn't find her way out of this wash out, and she has she was starting to find her way out. My Dad saw her moving so he pulled me off, getting my foot suck in a tree root. He thought she laid down and was about to roll over on her, when really she was trying to very carefully get out of the wash out without knocking me off. Some people on the trail ahead of us caught her and my uncle ponied her back to me. I now have foot damage that can't be figured out, due to this event. I have found ways to ease the pain. We ended up not crosses as we had a 12 hand tall pony with us to, my mom and Dad both fall off this ride too. The probably the worse horse injury I have had.
  14. Chicken People.

    Rhode Island Reds or Red Rocks (I believe thats what they are called) or Bantams. It depends the size and color of eggs you want. We had a Red Rock who always gave us a double yoked egg. All of ours always lay regularly, if you keep a heat lamp on them you still will get some eggs in the winter. We only pay farm raised chickens as they will set on eggs better and Bantams are also good for hatching eggs. We got off of breeding chickens and only have 5 hens and they give us 2 to 4 eggs a day, when it's warmer we get 4 eggs. One of our chickens never lays a egg. The Red rocks are the friendliest chickens I have ever had.
  15. Might have a job working with racehorses :)

    1. colt


      stay in school!!!!who offered you a job?