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  2. Evolution Vs Creationism

    that is your interpretation but i was taught that we are made in God's direct image, as in when i was younger i pictured God as an 80 man with long hair and a white beard. lol. i am interested to ask, do you believe in evolution? goldentoes you are very patient. i have always been one to question "what i have been taught" and look to all possible answers and try and understand each answer before i dismiss any. sometimes it seems others purposely try and construe your own words differently so that they don't make logical sense, but i see that as extremely counter productive. this conversation is interesting, it is good seeing folks trying to understand eachother and not immediately or meanly dismissing eachothers information or "argument".
  3. Hello Oldies!

    LOL Lumptoid, SnowCowgirl, LuvOfTheSport, cheyenne (don't remember what her SN was)...i've been on HC for forever (since i was like 12. i'm 20 now haha), don't remember what my SN was. i used to be really shy haha so i doubt anyone would remember me anyways...does anyone remember the forum GanglyHorse? i think you were on it, schatzl. my SN had something to do with cookies...that site corrupted me/open my eyes, lumptoid definitely did at least. edit: i feel like that was back when the internet was amazing still haha...i remember i thought HC was really cool and i wanted to be friends with everyone in real life lol
  4. Dressage Chit Chat #30

    i don't keep up very well with this...just had to post. we went in a clinic with someone really good a month ago (PM for name!) and he saw that v was basically really tense about leg aids and basically didnt know how to move off my legs. it was really eye opening and very encouraging. well i can now say today, we have a really nice shoulder-in, haunches in, AND half-pass (GREAT canter 1/2 pass to the right, still not so great to the left lol but WAY better than a month ago!!). and his collected canter is getting amazing, he just needs to get stronger. but he no longer runs, and he knows how to listen to my legs and seat so i don't just have to pull on him! PLUS, we had 4 clean flying changes today (tried 6, 2 were late behind)!!! he is the 1st horse i have ever taught flying changes to, and i have never owned or leased a horse with changes, i've just ridden a couple at the barn sometimes. and he didn't get worked up or anything!! PLUS we got a couple 1/4 pirouettes, AND some half steps!! it's amazing, i feel very encouraged. i was really feeling discouraged cause even though we were doing alright at 2nd level (scores in the mid/lower 60s), it really felt crappy and it felt like if i let him go it would all fall apart. it just felt like he was capable of so much more and i was riding him so badly but i didn't know how to fix it, i wanted to quit and just event him lol. but i feel very hopeful now! AND we're going to show 2nd and 3rd next year, and i can't wait to show 2nd again cause i think we could do really well!!!! ALSO, i got to ride my trainers old horse like a week ago, 3 times. the 1st time we did 2 sets of 3 tempis (not very well lol) and some crappy pirouettes. but on the 3rd day we did some sets of ones!!! and our pirouettes were wayyy better! it was great i finally feel like i am FEELING again haha if that makes sense. i was so discouraged for a while because i read so much (in books and on the internet) about how dressage was soooo hard and you have to do all this different stuff, and it really IS really hard but you also have to trust yourself i think and trust your feel and not try and overthink it, because you can understand theory all you want but what it comes down to is actually doing it enough (most of the time doing it wrong haha) and finally getting it right and feeling it be right!! i am definitely still working really hard to develop my position and effectiveness, but i feel very encouraged. also my trainer is realllly nice and lets me ride lots of fun horses (i'm her working student). anyways i helped her break this 3yo friesian about 2 months ago (i lunged her while she rode), and she put about 20 rides on her and i've been riding her 5 days a week since then!! and she is SO fun because you can feel the progress everyday. and you can feel when you're screwing it up, b/c she hasn't had any bad training so anything bad she does is either my fault for not fixing it, or my fault for riding her wrong. but she is really starting to go forward and i have weight in my hands and she listens when i ask her to slow down and doesn't run around like a freight train haha. i'm really excited too b/c her owner wants her to show next year, but we also have this 3yo dutch horse that my trainer is training and is going to show next year, so for their 1st show (probably a schooling show since they'll both be most likely wild, well maybe not the freisian but the dutch horse lol) she said i might ride the friesian eee i'm so excited. i'm just very excited haha i should just journal or something but im too lazy to write so i posted it here sorry guys
  5. I Have Come To A Realisaiton

    lol... i have sooo much stuff. 1 barrel saddle 1 reining saddle 1 jump saddle 1 dressage saddle about 20ish sets of polos (sets...meaning 80 polo wraps...i have 1 horse currently lol) about 13 dressage saddle pads (the nice ones...) 2 snaffle bridles just ordered a custom double bridle 1 pair open fronts 2 pairs woof boots 1 pair ankle boots (for behind) breastplate and about 20 pairs of full seat breeches (6 i bought, the others my trainer gave me as hand-me-downs, she has over 50 pairs and they're almost all pikeurs....she has a serious addiction)
  6. The Duggars Again

    watching how they care for and love those children is inspiring to me...i think they do a very good job. their children are taught responsibility by caring for eachother and compassion. they all seem well adjusted. ETA: schatzl i agree completely.
  7. Thought Some Of Yall Could Use A Laugh

    LOL that does look really creepy, i used to run around on all 4s when i was younger so totally not saying shes creepy it just looks really weird hahah
  8. Dressage Chit Chat #30

    just jumping in here, i have an 8yr old dutch riding pony ive had for 4 years and done all the riding myself, with the help of my wonderful trainer! it is both our first journey doing dressage, and it has been fun! i just have to brag a little though, we just finished champs at 2nd level on sunday, he got the past 3 days off, and my trainer rode him today, his 1st time in a double bridle (1st time ever in a curb bit or anything other than a simple snaffle!!!!), his 1st time ever doing flying changes, and he did 3, the 2 first ones were late behind but the last one was PERFECT!!!! i am such a proud momma! also it was my 1st time really seeing anyone work him and he looked SOOOO freakin cute, he is so much cuter than what i imagine him looking like!! im so proud i have such a fancy little pone pone!
  9. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    yes!!!! i love them both! so great!
  10. My Dad Died Yesterday

    i'm so so sorry
  11. Aspca Maclays

    ditto completely to Dobby! no one was overly mean, but maintaining a little patience, especially with a poster who is not at all crazy or mean or refusing peoples advice, just extremely ambitious. i came on here and said the same thing like 2 years ago! "i've never really jumped before...but i think i'm going to try out for young riders in 2 years!!" lol i definitely had the horse (super nice ex-GP mare) but unless i completely dedicated myself solely to show jumping and training and taking lessons (and my parents dedicated their money to me boarding at a trainers barn and taking lessons 4x a week) i would have probably injured myself or that horse...people weren't overly mean to me but it is nice to be met with encouragement...a lot of people don't dream of being at the top because they don't feel they ever could be...that time, money, something is holding them back...i think, where theres a will, theres a way, but usually it takes too much work (both physically, mentally, and socially...gotta find someone to fund you!!) and people give up, blaming their circumstances...i think it is great you are ambitious lucky#10! you might want to find a new trainer, from what everyone is saying about your videos. a good trainer and hard work can make you improve a million times faster than a mediocre trainer can...especially a competitive, driven trainer. good luck!
  12. Xc Schooling Pictures!

    thx you guys!! i'm glad to hear 8 isn't too BO doesn't know that much about horses lol his wife does but she rides pleasure so hes not used to sporthorse stuff. goldentoes, thats kinda what i figured, that since he's doing dressage pretty well and can come under himself and sit on his haunches it has been beneficial, not detrimental, to his future jumping career definitel gymnastics will be awesome, he really has like 0 experience jumping. i had a QH for 2 years that i jumped like 2x a month 2' and below haha, thats all my real experience...and when i 1st got him i had like 5 or 10 jumping lessons on him, that was 3 years ago though and in the past 2 years we've only jumped 2x, both times were XC. racknrun - ya i used to ski race and barrel race so its in my nature to be a little stupid brave haha...i think next time i should probably have a trainer lol...the only part that i was pretty nervous about was when he ran out and i fell off, i got back on and knew i had to make him go over it but i'm not that secure in a jumping saddle so it was a little sketch haha. but i'm mostly brave on him bc i completely trust him and he tries so hard, i know if i ask him hes going to try his hardest to do it!! hes so fun. thx for all the horsey love ya guys! i'll try and post pics once i start actually taking trainer right now (who i love and respect immensley!) is a BN dressage trainer in my area and dislikes jumping, and REALLY dislikes eventing, so it will be a little bit difficult to start jumping before my working student position is over without upsetting her...but hopefully we'll be able to make it work
  13. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    refound ray lamontagne...don't know if you guys already listen to him but he is seriously amazing...
  14. Xc Schooling Pictures!

    thx stillraining and goldentoes!! golden, about the jumping strap, i remember someone suggested that from the pictures from last year, and i was totally planning on doing it but completely forgot until we were already like an hour into driving to the course...all i had in my trailer was baline twine (no extra stirrup leathers) and we ended up having to use that, along with a nose chain, to hold up my friends stirrup cause her leather snapped in two!! haha it was redneck eventing! but ya next time i definitely plan on bringing an extra leather, i think that would make me feel a lot more confident cause i'm always worried and thinking about catching him in the mouth. ETA: also this winter i think i am planning on taking some actual jumping lessons, my dressage trainer has some jumping experience so she told me she'd help me...and my working student position ends in march and then i plan on bringing him back to my house and then i can start hauling to lessons with an eventing trainer!!! i live in the PNW near 2 really good eventers so i'm really excited! my goal has always been to event him but for some reason unbeknownst to me...i have forced us to do dressage only for the past 4 years. i think it is because i'm a perfectionist...anyways now we're at 2nd level and getting mostly mid-60s i figure our flatwork is probably good enough to start seriously jumping, lol! ETA: ALSO, he is 8 now...and hasn't jumped all that much but is pretty athletic...could we still be competitive in eventing or is he too old to teach? i thought that he wasn't too old at all cause he's in good shape and is really muscular, but my BO was saying it would be mean to try and teach him now...
  15. Fixing The Underachieving Horse?

    wow he looks amazing!!!