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    My family, my friends, OF COURSE horses! - trail riding in our National Parks and any woods I can find!
  1. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Was stopping by to see what y'all were up to and I was the last post! lol Hope all is well with everyone. Still dealing with some heat but I'm sad that summertime is on it's way out. It has been beautiful here but we could use some rain - everything is so dry. I'll check back later - bye for now....
  2. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey y'all! Hope everyone is doing well. We are in a rain pattern - yesterday through most of next week so I hear. No bad storms, thank goodness, and hit and miss showers. I'll be happy when the sunshine comes back out! Had some riding planned for this weekend but I don't think we will be able to go. Bummer. I did get to go riding last Wednesday - always have a good time when I'm in the saddle! I hope y'all have a fun weekend! I'll check in later. Sounds like you have been having some fun fishing AD - and I can't wait to see those cute puppies! Hope y'all have a pleasant evening.....
  3. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey y'all! Dropping by! Hope all is well with everyone. It has been HOT and humid here. NOT complaining. Trying to get my work done early so I can get back inside. We've had lots of rain here lately. Not much riding. Seems like the summer is flying by. Not long and school will start. YELLOWROSE - loved all your puppies - it was fun watching them grow! Nothing like little puppies! AD - Guess you have lots of goodies from your garden! Liked your fish story! lol MEEKIE - Sounds like you have goodies from the garden, too! We've had lots of rain too - glad you've gotten some rides in. I'll check back - y'all take care!
  4. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey girls! Checking in. Been enjoying summertime - it's HOT but I'll take it! This past winter did me in! It posed too many problems down at the barn. AND I said I wouldn't complain about the summer heat - SO, I'm not going to! Went to TSC and got the horses another big barrel fan - have to do some repair on the one I had. It needs a new plug and I need to get a new belt for it. In the meantime, they have the new one and they sure do need it! We've been getting some rain showers - or downpours - every now and again. Pop up storms, complete with thunder and lightening. We've needed some rain, so it's all good. Took the daughter of a friend to a Horsemanship Clinic yesterday - learned some stuff - and everybody involved had a fun time. When the Clinic was over, some of the girls went swimming with their horses - that was fun to watch - I was tempted to go in with them!! lol The horses were in the water and I heard a rumble of thunder. It was in the distance, but still - thunder. We were hoping the storm was going around us BUT it wasn't. I headed back to my trailer because I had to put my awning up! Made it with a little time to spare - WHEW - that storm moved in FAST! Was planning on going riding today but I was exhausted from yesterday and the weather was iffy and we decided to make a new plan. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! YELLOWROSE - love those precious puppies -- they are SO cute! Nothing like a little puppy! AD - see you have been working hard on your garden - looks great! And, new little puppies coming -- AWWWWWW! Can't wait to see pics! MEEKIE - happy to see you on here! That's a story about the loose horses - they like your place better I suppose! Had that happen to me but only a couple of times. It's aggravating. Hopefully the owners will reinforce their fencing. We've been having afternoon storms here too - out of nowhere - pop up storms. They pack a wallop! HEAVY rains, but the storms usually don't last too long. We've been lucky so far - not too much thunder or lightening with the ones we've had hit us. Hope y'all get some nice weather to bale your hay for the winter. Our growing season has been good here - thank goodness! Y'all take care and have a peaceful evening! Bye for now....
  5. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey to all! Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day! It has been HOT here, but after this past winter, I WILL NOT BE COMPLAINING! The humidity has arrived, so I get my work done early! The horses are enjoying their fans! Getting ready for my trip and am so excited! Spiffed up my trailer a little - new flooring - looks nice and clean! Trying to get all the loose ends tied up here at home so hubby will have a easy time - my friends are coming, so it will be a revolving door around the farm! Cooked ahead so he won't miss me too much! Got all the wash done now getting the house straightened up and cleaned up a little....I'm going to be worn out by tomorrow! lol AD - you have A LOT of pork - WOW - some good eating! FS - hope the flooding isn't causing you any troubles. YELLOWROSE - Glad y'all are getting the house all cleaned up - know it's a chore you want to get finished with. Nobody better than YOU to deal with it -- wish I was so good! MEEKIE - YOU GOT TO RIDE - YAY GIRLFRIEND! Happy you and your friend rounded up the horses that were out! Cowgirl work THEN a trail ride - what could be better! Glad Walker was a good boy for you! That was some excitement for sure! I have some things to do at the barn so I'll check in on y'all later on! Y'all have a GREAT afternoon!
  6. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey y'all! I've been such a stranger.... time just get's away from me. We're having HOT and dry weather here - lots of sunshine and the humidity hasn't really been bothersome - YET! Been able to ride some, so I'm good! Getting ready for my horse camping trip out of STATE -- coolio! Can't wait! Updating my camper a little - going to stain my cabinets and put down new flooring. Went to Lowe's last night and got some linoleum. Been thinking about doing that for ages - the spirit finally moved me! YELLOWROSE - sorry your son left you a chore with your house - young people don't think sometimes - too busy with their friends. Know you felt like shaking him! Happy you had a great visit with your Mom! FS - hope all that snow melt/ice flow won't cause you any worries - that has to be scary! I remember those when we lived in Pennsylvania - nothing like you've dealt with though! AD - happy you like your new job and you won't have to deal with all the stress you've had to deal with in the past! Love the wishing well around the well head! Like it! MEEKIE - Sorry to hear about Abe - glad you're not having to deal with any lameness issue. Hope you get in the saddle soon! Going to get some housework started - will check in on y'all later.....
  7. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey y'all! Always say I'm not going to be a stranger BUT I'm a stranger - had to sign in AGAIN -- that means it's been a LONG time since I've been around! Glad to see YELLOWROSE, AD AND FS keeping the home fires burning! We've got a lot of years invested! I do get to see YELLOWROSE, MEEKIE & AD on FB so that's a good thing. FB is SO addictive! GEEZE! lol Anyhow, not much here. Riding a good bit - loving every moment of it too! MEEKIE - That maple syrup sounds awesome - happy winter has loosened her grip on y'all - I don't know how you do it girl! FS - Happy all is going well for you - we had 2 snowfalls, maybe 6" of snow for the year and I was ready to go and find a bridge to jump off of! I'm pitiful! What a beautiful little foal - Congratulations! AD - Glad you're able to stay home and do things you want to do! Happy you're enjoying your days! You always had the cutest kittens! Wish I could have one - my Dobie prevents that from happening. YELLOWROSE - Know you're OK! That's exciting about getting a new TWH! Glad to be back and it was fun hearing from y'all! Everyone take care and have a great afternoon - will check in more often....I know, I know....I always say that!
  8. Internet Friends Who Ride

    WOW - just like old times girls! Great to see you back BabiGirl! I had forgotten your HC name! FS - WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BABY! WOW! Love the name Daisy!!! AD - Happy you don't have to wear yourself ragged at work - now you'll have a little time for yourself - time to do the things you want to do at home. YELLOWROSE - You and AD held us together! I keep saying I won't be a stranger but tonight I was a stranger on HC - could not remember all the necessary info to sign in and had to look it up -- mercy -- I gotta do better! It was beautiful here today - 60's after a cloudy start. The sunshine felt so good! I am so tired of winter but I can't complain. MEEKIE - how do you suit up and go outside when it's -30? I would perish! I do not know how y'all do it! Looks like spring will be upon us pretty soon. This past winter has been brutal for the whole country! A lot worse for some of us. I hope everybody is doing well - I have been riding when I can. Nothing I love more! I will get myself on here more often - I'm glad I got on tonight - was beginning to wonder! Y'all take care. Have a peaceful evening and I'll be back tomorrow night!
  9. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey Buds! Too much on the internet to keep me busy anymore - GEEZE - I don't mean to let so much time go by before checking in but it always seems that is my usual excuse! Glad to see we're still hanging in! Trying to get through this strange winter we're having here - mercy - and we sure don't have it as bad as some! A lot of minus-temps and feet of snow - I'd perish me thinks! Can't wait till spring and summer - I'll take the heat over this any old day! Y'all have a great day - will check in - I know I keep saying
  10. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey y'all! Sorry to hear about the train accident FS - hoping everything is cleaned up and not posing a threat to any people around the wreck! YELLOWROSE - Glad y'all are feeling better. The weather has been horrible. I could hardly get through TWO cold days! Everything was frozen - hard to deal with the horses and I worried about them not drinking enough. My hat is off to our Northern friends - I don't know how they do it! We're supposed to be near 70 this weekend BUT rain is in the forecast Saturday I think. AD - Love your flooring - great job girl! That is quite a job!!! Sounds like work is keeping you busy - know you enjoyed the Holidays! MEEKIE - I am so impressed that y'all can deal with such dramatically cold weather! Minus anything is TOO severe for me - I barely made it though ONE day where it was hovering just below freezing! Today was in the 40's and it felt like Spring!! I would perish in your part of the world! I am going to go and clean up after supper - we had BBQ sandwiches tonight. My hubby's friend makes barbecue sauce and he gave us some for Christmas! That was a treat. I had LOTS of barn cleaning to take care of today so I'm tired tonight! I'll sleep well! Y'all take care! I'll try and not be a stranger!
  11. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey girls! Yesterday was our anniversary - Dec. 17, 2009 - we've been together for a long time! I don't get on here like I used to - so much gets in my way - FB to be exact! GAH! Anyhow, I think about y'all all the time and maybe my New Year's Resolution should be to get on our site more often! YELLOWROSE - Know you're busy getting ready for company and Christmas - how neat! Know you are looking forward to seeing your Mom! Glad all is going well for you in TX! AD - Glad you're going to get a little work break - have a fun Christmastime with your hubby! MEEKIE - It is good news that Walker is putting on weight for you! Guess the really cold weather is here to stay for a spell. I don't know how you manage those minus temps - good gracious - Loved your selfie with Walker! You were brave to get outside to take the pic! I am going to scoot - hubby will be here in a short while and I have to get supper ready! Will check in hopefully more often - y'all take care - luv to all - later taters!
  12. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey y'all! Just got home from a weekend horse camping trip. Had SUCH a fun time - challenging trails but WHAT an adventure! LOVED EVERY MOMENT! It's rainy today AGAIN - but it's supposed to be warming up a little but you could fool me! YELLOWROSE - SO happy that your friend and her baby are doing well! Know they are beyond happy! You guys have had some chilly weather too. We're wet and are supposed to be warming up - I can only hope. AD - Congratulations on the Grandnephew! PLUS vacation coming up??? You deserve some R&R! Hey to all our buds - hope all is well with everyone! I'll check back later. Y'all have a wonderful afternoon! Bye for now.....
  13. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey y'all! Gotta start getting on here more often - I feel like a stranger! Hope all is well with everyone! It was in the hi 70's today - mercy, I could get used to this! We've had rain - we needed some rain I suppose. Going horse camping this weekend! Excited about that. Not absolutely positive the weather is going to cooperate with us the whole weekend. Oh hubby bought me a new rain suit today - Frogg Toggs - pants and a jacket. If it rains, I'm ready! YELLOWROSE - Sorry about your friend. Hope everything will go well for her and I hope her little baby will be OK. A scary time for her I know. Hope your hubby's shoulder gets better quick - Pred should help. Now you and AD have me wanting Mexican food! lol MEEKIE - Wish there wasn't any arthritis - it's gets all of us sooner or later! Bummer. We had a BEAUTIFUL day today - hi 70's - I won't be complaining! AD - Sorry people at work do not have good work ethics -- then you have to back them up. We have our 'Anniversary' the 17th of Dec! We've been rocking the pages for a good while now! Everybody take care - will check in tomorrow.
  14. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey y'all! It is a fantastic day here - like summer! I'll take it - won't last long I fear! Hope all is well with everyone. Got all my barn chores done, am caught up and that's a great feeling! Not long before it's back to the barn for PM feeding! It's my most favorite place! FS - I am so happy Brooke is doing well - what a scare! Sorry to hear about Neesha. You just can't have that fighting - big dogs can do some damage if they put their mind to it! Sounds like she may be better being an only 'child'! Your horses look GREAT! Sounds like you found a good home for Ama! Bet the people are excited to get her home too. YELLOWROSE - I SAW THE JD!!! AWESOME GIRL! I LOVE IT - VERY NICE!!!!! AD - Hope your sinus infection is better - that can make you feel miserable! Did you say you were looking forward to freezing ground and SNOW???? Well....y'all have a wonderful afternoon! Will check back to see what everybody is up to! Later.....
  15. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey y'all! MIA ME! Hard to keep up with all the sites demanding my attention (lol!?). Not much going on around here - same old, same old, but that's a good thing I suppose. The weather has been SO nice - loving that, but I'm sure I'd better not get used to it! Had a very light misty shower early this morning then the sun came out and the sky was blue - now it's all cloudy again and no sunshine - gotta get back out to the chores at the barn so I hope the bottom doesn't fall out! Came in for lunch and hubby had saved me a leftovers plate with steak, garlic mashed potatoes and green beans for lunch --- SOOOOOO awesome good! I never eat like that for lunch so it was a big treat for sure! Got my flu shot last Friday - arm still a bit sore (the muscle). Had the flu back in the mid-90's and I NEVER want to go through that again - NEVER EVER! Thought I was going to die - literally. Got to ride yesterday - always a treat for me! Had a great time. The weather was beautiful - rode through the campsites (only 3 horse trailers!) and met some horse people. It wasn't as crowded as I figured it would be - surprised me really. It was perfect camping/riding weather all weekend. Passed a few day riders on the trails though. Looks like I am FAR behind again - FS....glad you found Ama a great home! Hope all is well with your other horses! Sorry to hear that Brooke feel out of the hayloft! Good grief - know that scared you to death! Happy she's OK except for bruises! That's a long way down! AD....Sorry about your sinus infection - I had one late this past summer - NOT good company. Hope you're all better now. Sounds like you've been keeping busy at work - like always lol! MEEKIE....My friend's daughter sent her a pic - she lives in Boone, NC - they had flurries last week! I know winter is upon all of us but I'm NOT happy about it! YELLOWROSE....Sounds like you've been doing well! I love Luchenbach, TX (Waylon, Willie and the boys) I do miss Texas, especially San Antonio! Did you get to go dancing?? Neat that you can do that with your son & his girlfriend - SOOO much FUN! I'm going to TRY and not be a stranger....y'all take care and I'll check back in (more sooner than later)