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  1. Other.

    ((I'm SO sorry that I haven't been able to post. I've been in Australia since last Thursday and haven't been ale to get online until now. I'm going to be really busy while I'm here for the rest of the month, so idk if I'm going to be able to post at all, but I swear I'll try if I ever have enough time/energy. Don't wait on me, because there's no telling if or when I'm going to be able to post. If you guys keep going I'll jump back in whenever I get home at the end of the month. :) ))
  2. Other.

    I'm so excited! :) Name: William Young Age: 25 Gender: Male Form: Human History: William was born in Lancaster, England, and his mother was killed shortly after his birth by a group of rogue Others in wolf form. Since that terrible incident, William?s father swore vengeance upon the shifters and created a small group of highly-trained ?assassins? called The Order whose job was to uncover and exterminate any shifters they could find. Ever since he was old enough to walk, William has been fed with hatred and malice towards the Others and was taught to get rid of them in many different ways. He has traveled to every continent with this makeshift family of his, ridding towns and cities of unwanted shapeshifters while keeping it hidden from the public eye. William?s role was, and is, to convince female suspects to let their guard down enough to reveal their true nature ? at which point, he would either kill them or let the rest of the group do the job. His natural charm made it easy, and his animosity towards the shapeshifters kept him from feeling guilty. William and the rest of The Order have just moved from Belgium to California at the request of the mayor of Los Angeles, as a result of the recent changes regarding the Others. Personality: Having seen much of the world and dealt with many tough experiences, William matured more quickly than most and is very comfortable with who he is. He is very smart and charming, and his relaxed confidence makes him both intimidating and alluring at the same time. His sense of humor is tactful and clever, and is especially effective when combined with his British accent. William typically does not allow himself to grow very close to people other than his family because he is almost always on the move. However, he can also be very stubborn and will stop at nothing to get what he wants, especially if what he wants is out of reach. Appearance: William has a very handsome face with well defined features. He stands at around 6?2? with an athletic, muscular build and tanned skin from working outside in the sun. His short-ish dark blonde hair is unkempt in that messy/sexy way and his eyes change back and forth between hazel and green. Other: Nope. (BTW, anyone?s welcome to be a part of The Order, just send me a quick PM :]) Name: Lena Sedgwicke Age: 20 Gender: Female Form: Fox History: Having been raised as the middle child with two other sisters, Lena became independent at a fairly young age and experimented with her shapeshifting quite a bit on her own in addition to everything her parents taught her. Fighting and stealth were her specialties and she spent more time in her fox form than any of her family, which allowed her to have better control of her phasing and become more experienced in her shifted form. Lena left home to go off on her own at a young age and has lived all around the United States, having fun and making many friends along the way. She has had plenty of boyfriends over the years but has never let her guard down enough to actually fall in love with someone. Lena moved here nearly two years ago and it has been her favorite place to live so far. Personality: Lena is typically a quiet girl, but she is not shy by any means and will speak up if something or someone catches her eye. She is very charming and loves witty, playful banter. A subtle bad-girl streak runs through her, so she?s always up for anything and doesn?t mind bending (or breaking) the rules. Lena?s curiosity and her openness with being a shapeshifter often have a way of leading her into trouble, but in her eyes it just makes life all the more fun. Her wicked sense of humor and fun-loving nature often serve as a wall to keep others from getting too close to her. Although she seems to act her age on the outside, her centuries of experience have given her wisdom far beyond what her youthful appearance would normally allow. Appearance: Lena has a unique beauty, with a small face and dainty features that give her a very delicate, innocent appearance. Her bright forest green eyes are rimmed with long, dark lashes and provide an interesting contrast with her smooth light skin. Dark ash blonde hair falls a few inches below her shoulders in lots of layers. She stands at 5?6? and has a naturally slender build with subtle curves in the right places. Her phased form is a large silvery black fox that can easily be mistaken for a small wolf, and she has the same bright green eyes as her human form. Other: Nah.
  3. Good idea. I'll go put that in. Thanks.

  4. i was thinking about it, and you know how you sent me that message explaining the shifters? maybe you should include that somewhere on the page so people know enough about them to play them correctly.

  5. no problem, i'm glad i got to help out with everything.

  6. Whoops. Thank you for pointing it out. Same here I'm super duper excited.

  7. ahh, it's totally perfect! i think you forgot to put an appearance/pic section in the stats, unless you left that out on purpose. other than that, it's great. imma start making my charries now hahah.

  8. I think everything is good. I have to all up if you want to look over it. See if the rules are good.

  9. yay, i'm excited. if you need any last-minute help or anything and can't PM me, you can email me at ennaleahcar@yahoo.com :)

  10. Probably tonight, or tomo. I'm banking on tomo. I will try tonight though.

  11. gah, me too! when do you think it'll be ready?

  12. It won't let me send a PM. I am interested in how it will play out too! haha. I hope people join and enjoy it.

  13. I'm Bbbaaaccckk

    OMG, I love Fallen! That's definitely one of my favs'...I can't wait for the second one to come out. I really liked Shiver, too. Have any of you guys read the Evernight series? I didn't have high hopes for those books, but I'm totally addicted to them now haha. I watch Pretty Little Liars too and the only word I can find to describe it is weird lol, but I do love the teacher and Spencer's sister's now-ex! Mmmm, love those accents. One thing that bugs me about the show is how all of the girls (except the dead one) look WAY older than they're supposed to be. Like, really? They couldn't find girls that actually looked like they were 16? It took me and my friend almost the whole first episode to figure out if they were in high school or college, hahah.
  14. An Idea To Throw At You.

    Never read the books, but I'd do it.
  15. Spence Academy: Class Of 1895

    I don't think we'll be continuing this one, but maybe we could restart it (or something similar to it) with everyone that's here now. I'm not sure if they'd be interested, but if you can drum up support, I'm game to try it again.