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  1. Happy Birhtday and May God Bless Ya!!

  2. New Foal! Its A Filly!new Pics

    Now that I see that other pic, I say dark chestnut with countershading.
  3. New Foal! Its A Filly!new Pics

    It doesn't look like mom or dad are dun, so I say bay with countershading.
  4. I Want To See Your......friesians!

    Some of my best friend's boys who I helped train and show in the past. (She used to be a member here and a few other places, may recognize the horses) Teake Tsjalke Redmar (I just had knee surgery 6 weeks earlier, notice my fat knee from the brace )
  5. Roping Sires

    My good friend is looking for some nice stallions to potentially put his mares to. They are all roping bred (can get pedigrees if needed) and he is looking for nice roping or western sires. We live in the Southern Cali area but will look at other states if they ship. Any links, pics, etc would be greatly appreciated. He isn't really an "internet" person and I'm not big into the roping and western world, so I'm not sure what resources to use. Even if it is your stallion, we are open to looking at any nice boys. Don't have to be proven, but should have the conformation to perform. Thanks guys. :)
  6. Equine Color Thanx For The Help!

    It is no longer alive. It was just equinecolor.com
  7. Spotty Has A Secret House Guest

    What a cutie! He's all, "Hello there." If they are helpful and don't bother you, leave 'em be. :) Like the burros near me, they drive me nuts and I wish they'd stay off the property, but they always manage to get in. But I can't really dislike them because they keep the coyotes away. ;)
  8. Gypsy's Foal Watch

    Give it a minute, it should be back up.
  9. Gypsy's Foal Watch

    Thanks! Lovely foal! Can't wait for photos and to know what it is.
  10. Gypsy's Foal Watch

    Happy Birthday! Today (the 20th) is my birthday too!
  11. Gypsy's Foal Watch

    Aw, is that Halo's Mom?
  12. Gypsy's Foal Watch

    I've witnessed many births, but they never get less exciting.
  13. Gypsy's Foal Watch

    Come on, mama, you can do it!
  14. Gypsy's Foal Watch

    Oh, good, she moved.
  15. Gypsy's Foal Watch

    I hope she moves away from the wall before she starts really pushing.