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  1. Update - Lots Of Pictures

    i hope you dont mind me asking...but what is on ur leg in the riding picture?
  2. Ariat Or Justin?

    hey guys. so i dont really ride western that much, but i do love it. I have decided to invest in a pair of cowboy boots just for the heck of it..i just got loads of money from graduation, so im hoping that i can use some of that to buy myself some boots. what brand do you guys suggest? which brand/make is the comfiest? anything i should know before i buy cowboy boots?? thanks guys
  3. Critque

    thanks guys!!!!
  4. Critque

    BUMP. Tips are greatly appreciated.
  5. Critque

    hey guys. so i took up the chance to jump one of the horses at my high school (which i graduate from on wednesday!!!) so i was looking for some advice on my position. im aware its not great, and the pictures dont really do it justice. but give me what you can from the pictures. eda--no critiques on the horse as he is not mine. he has done the M&S before, and was a saint for putting up with me.
  6. Helmets

    When i went to Dover to upgrade my helmet i tried on both the IRH and JR8...wasnt a fan of the IRH, they maked me look "bubble headed" and i was trying to avoid that look. I also found the JR8 to be more comfortable. As Smileitlooksgoodonyou said, they are made for wearing your hair down, luckily for me i show morgans, so i wear my hair in a bun anyways. good luck with whichever one you choose.
  7. Barns In Flordia

    Hey. So im going to College in Leesburg Florida next year and i would love to find a local-ish barn to ride at. I pefer Morgans and similar breeds but will ride anything as long as i get to ride. Any barns that you guys know of? thanks
  8. Picture And Video Update.

    congrats on both!!!!! i have a question! what kind of half chaps are you wearing in the video and pictures?
  9. Half Chaps

    how about with spurs? do the spurs fit over them nicely?
  10. hey! soi saw that you liked ProChaps on my half chap post. Which kind do yu have? the competiton or the Fit?

  11. Half Chaps

    Added note!!! It would also be wicked nice if they could stand up to the occassional mud
  12. Half Chaps

    hey guys. so my half chaps are starting to see the last few days. As bad as this sounds, i can't stand not riding in half chaps when i wear jeans. i've borrowed my friends half chaps before and i love them!! they are something by Ariat. we just dont know what. they are leather, zipper up the side, and have a velcro piece that goes over the zipper. i've been trying to find something like that online, but i cant seem to find them. any ideas on good leather half chaps that are worth the money? and will last me a while?
  13. New To Western

    hey guys. so i mainly stick to the hunter/jumper/Eq board but i recently started my project horse at school western. I do not have much experience with western. My project horse is and older (23) morgan gelding. he is most comfortable going western, and he enjoys having his head and neck long so i let him. But i would also like to have his head set to a degree too. So how do the western people set their horse's heads? is the bit pressure give and take? or is it constant pressure? Do i sit more or less "on my pockets" of my jeans? Do you go side to side with the horse's jog? or back to front? Help me out guys!! greatly appreciated!! and i will keep updates coming!!
  14. Western Bit For My Morgan Hose

    I dont know anything about western. but yae for morgans!!! and she's VERY pretty!!
  15. Hello. I am the one who posted about bringing the horse back to SS. Currently i am working him in his snaffle and a martingale. i would like to work him in a snaffle and draw reins. when do you think would be the appropiate time to switch him over?