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  1. Hey I Need Help With A Barrel Prob.

    she fine going in the ally has a great frist barrel swings her butt to far comming in to the second and a pretty theird i have had her for 3 months but a friend of my who had to sell her becuase she is in collage now can only have 1 barrel horse at a time she was riden her and she would do the same thing she has been runnin bareel all her life she is 10 yrs old twisted sanafle with a rawhide nose band so she does not tip her nose and no u cant put a tiedown on her i give her leg so she bends comming to the frist the i have to keep pressser on her right side so she doesnt swing her butt out by the second barrel and a little prsser on the right to the theird
  2. Hey Super Barrel Horse Savvy People!

    try walking him for 10 mons a day or do u have a lung line if u do then lung him at a trot for 20 mins a day
  3. i need help my barrel horse wants to swing wide on her second barrel every time run her first and thried r great but the second one she always gives me a problem then she likes runnin her poles better and we never work on thoses so please please please help me thanks [Question]
  4. I would want them to walk my horse out not just leave them there they could get a chill and get sick