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  1. What To Wear To A Clinic

    Thats what I was afraid of. Huntereguy, I can tell you with absolute certainty that my boots do not fit correctly! Unfortunately, I have wide calves, and one wider than the other, so without getting customs, I got the best fitting boot I could cram myself into, which is not pleasant. My wider leg throbs and will have a deep zipper crease up my leg when I remove it. The foot part is too small and causes blisters on both heels. I had to buy a 7 1/2 (even though I wear an 8-81/2) because in the larger foot sizes, I couldn't zip them because the widest part of the boot was not meeting the widest part of my leg. As you can tell...I hate my tall boots! Can we compromise and say breeches and half chaps?
  2. What To Wear To A Clinic

    Im going to a clinic tomorrow with a big name Morgan trainer and I'm not sure what to wear. I want to be comfortable, and I usually school in jeans and half chaps, so would this be ok? I don't want to come across as sloppy or disrespectful, but I just hate wearing in my tall boots and I don't want to be so distracted by them. What do you think, can I still appear neat in jeans and chaps?
  3. Goat With A Pony

    I had a friend who's horse was turned out with a goat for a summer and the goat ate the horse's tail! Like completely ate all th hair, the poor girl had just a fuzzy stump left. The goat was witnessed on many occasions munching on the mares tail, despite the more than ample field they were turned out in. Anyone else had this experience?
  4. Anyone Use Orvus To Wash Horses?

    I'm considering buying Orvus paste this summer as an alternative to traditional horse shampoos. It seems more cost efficient to buy a big jug or Orvus that will sustain MANY, MANY baths, rather than buying 2 or 3 bottles of shampoo over the summer months. Anyone use it to know how well it works?
  5. Helmet Question -

    My concern would be the lack of visor on a skateboarding helmet. The visor is designed to absorb some impact and prevent the rider from injuring the face should they fall face down, but will also break for pop off under pressure. It's my understanding that skateboarding helmets don't have visors, but now that I think about the function of a visor, I'm not sure why they don't have them!
  6. Acupuncture?

    Acupuncture is great but you HAVE to do your homework and find someone who really knows what they're doing. I had my horses done by my vet and had a so so reaction, then I attended a health seminar and found a vet who studied in China and did true acupuncture with real acupuncture needles (not the little subcutaneous ones my vet used before). He did the whole Chinese approach first, looking at the tongue and feeling pulses. I had a much better response from this approach and I would really recommend anyone who does true acupuncture. After I had my horses done I found an acupuncturist for myself and I thought it was great. Unfortunately, my insurance wouldn't cover it so I don't go as often as I'd like to.
  7. Teaching Kids About 9/11. . .

    To each their own, but I would not be afraid to tackle this topic with kindergarteners. Obviously, the language and details I would share would be different than if I was talking to an older child, but I think it is important to inform them. There are lots of good books that could help parents with this issue, my favorite is "September 12 We Knew Everything Would Be Alright". It's a children's book written by a class of first graders. It's a really nice book.
  8. Girl Falls While Texting During Live Newscast

    Here is the girl falling in the fountain at the mall. All of the security people got a good laugh watching the security cameras.
  9. Horse Treats Without Oats

    There's a pony at my barn that LOVES celery! I thought she was crazy because NO ONE else would eat it. My mare is allergic to oats too, but we switched her to a grain with no oats, so I don't worry too much if she gets a treat or two with some oats in it. Plus she was on the low positive side. As a rule I don't buy the uncle jimmy balls, since they're filled with oats, but I don't worry about feeding Mrs. Pastures or Rounders.
  10. Nerving A Horses Tail?

    I have always been against tail blocking, then I read this story and now I KNOW that tail blocking, even temporary blocks, is dangerous and unnecessary. What kind of surgery can be performed to repair a nerved tail? I would be cautious about buying a nerved horse. They can't swish flies away, can't lift their tails to poop, and can't communicate pain or anxiety through tail swishing.
  11. Couple Of Questions About Classes

    I've shown my horses at TONS of fairs, and I love them! Most of the time the horse show is set apart from the actual fair, and other times you are right in the thick of it. We once had to walk out horses right past the rides to load/unload them. We literally had our trailer parked beside the ferris wheel, it was scary! I would talk to past exhibitors and find out what the fair show is like. How close to the commotion is the show, is there stabling, how far is the ring from the stables, etc. Many fairs I've been to don't have stabling, and that can be tough if your horse is having a hard time to now have a stall. In a nutshell open showmanship is about executing a precise pattern in hand and showing your horse to the best of your ability. You will be judged on your appearance, as well as your horses cleanliness, clip job, bands/braids, etc. Your horse will need to trot off, stand square, back, and pivot. You will need to know the quarter system. Where I live, showmanship is a bid deal among the stock horses. You will see most of the exhibitors are western (even if they don't ride western, almost everyone do SMS western). Depending on the level of the show, you'll need a silver show halter (if you're western), but if it's a small, schooling level show you could get away with a neat, clean leather halter with a chain leather lead. Clean jeans, boots, western style shirt tucked in shirt and cowboy hat would be fine attire. Again, at the big shows you'll see custom SMS outfits!
  12. Bell Boots

    My gelding is not gentle on his bell boots! He wears them daily and was destroying them on a regular basis. I really like the Roma ribbed bell boots. I pay about $7 for them and they hold up really well. And when they do eventually fall apart, at least they're cheap! I think the Davis boots are too expensive and don't hold up as well for the money. I would be concerned about using the Professionals Choice overreach boots for daily use. They fit really snugly and aren't designed for sustained use. I would be concerned that they would cause rubbing.
  13. Horse Video.. His website is hilarious! It's full of misspellings telling the story of how his dad brought home a one eyed stud pony in the back seat of his Buick. He would jump off the roof and on to the ponys back, and do all kinds of stupid crazy stuff. After he outgrew the pony his dad had him gelded, not sure I understand the logic there.
  14. Detangling A Mane

    I had a mare have a run in with a burdock bush. I HONESTLY thought we would have to roach her mane. It was insanely tangled and snarled. We tried cowboy magic detangler and shine, we tried show sheen, but nothing was working. Then a friend suggested WD-40 and it worked like magic! Sprayed a little in, gave it a minute or two and the burdocks literally slid out of the hair. No damage at all. I was so amazed, now I always keep a bottle in the tack room just in case!
  15. Wa State Legalizes Gay Marriage

    It's about time Washington legalized gay marriage, if a vampire and a human can get married, why not a gay couple? Lol, couldn't resist, sorry!