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  1. Texas People #6

    Lyra will not thank you for those photos when she grows up!
  2. Signs of spring?

    Rain/snow mix going on here. I think spring has been cancelled.
  3. The Front Porch

    ^^^That's okay, then. I can stop watching for it.
  4. The Front Porch

    Which way was it headed? Anybody know how long it would take for a snake to travel from OK to KY?
  5. New Driver

    I don't have mud. Up until last night, I had plenty of snow (for me.) More expected tonight. You just turn Odie loose with that car and he'd head this way!
  6. New Driver

    He's headed for KY. He wants to be my dog.
  7. The Front Porch

    That's great, Danyel! Congratulations to your granddaughter! And to you!
  8. Horse Brand

    Do you know where your horse was foaled and registered? Some states have brand registries but you need to know what state. Do you know the states he's been in? If you can trace where he's been, you can google the brand registries for those states. I'm really not familiar with brands. Maybe someone else can give you better advice.
  9. Signs of spring?

    I went to the grocery and while I was gone, the snow melted off half the pasture! Jubal will get to go out for a short graze. He'll be so happy. He wants to run so badly but his feet still hurt too much. Poor baby.
  10. Texas People #6

    She is adorable. And looks awfully happy for a colicky baby.

    ^^^Maybe you need to put an ad in the paper. Maybe offer to trade handyman services for cooking.

    ^^^I'm with you, PD. I'm waiting for those companies like Blue Apron who deliver all the ingredients for a meal, to start delivering the ingredients already cooked into a meal. I'd buy into that in a heartbeat!

    You don't use that kind of noodles with beef tips, PD. You use the flat ones. Totally different. The hamburger and spaghetti with tomato sauce would be chili, which I had last night because of the snow.
  14. Signs of spring?

    19 degrees when I got up. I quit!