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  1. The Front Porch

    My horse doesn't come into my living room while I'm eating (or any other time.) And besides, he doesn't beg for anything. He makes it very clear he only tolerates humans. On the other hand, he really liked my cat that died. And he liked Grace for the time she was in the barn. But now, she won't go out. She runs when I open the door. Odie, if you require snow to be happy, you probably don't want to come to Kentucky. But I suspect, you would be a happy dog wherever you were.
  2. The Front Porch

    I don't give my cat treats. I eat dinner from a tray on the couch while watching the news. I don't want the cat staring at me waiting for food. The horse is a different story. He loves carrots so he gets carrot disks during the day. We play guess which hand the carrot is in. He always guesses the left one first. Then I switch off and he thinks about the second guess. He's right about 75% on the second one.
  3. The Front Porch

    What a cutie! Are these colts born in the pasture?
  4. The Front Porch

    The pillow case is an inspiration! I've used a large garbage bag too, because I used the real garment bag for my bridle.
  5. The Front Porch

    Okay, I draw the line at jeans at a funeral. Another reason not to have one.
  6. The Front Porch

    I was kidding about the cars. I could tell they were somebody's treasures. A fellow down the street sells vintage cars all restored. Most of them are sports cars. The buyers think our 1 1/2 lane country road is a drag strip to try them out .
  7. The Front Porch

    You could make them walk through the back seat of those vintage cars in the background. I don't have any real ideas except put water in the baby pool and find an old mattress for them to walk over. And maybe make a bridge by nailing planks on a pallet.
  8. The Front Porch

    It got into the 60's here but the day was spoiled by having to go to the accountant and get my taxes done. At least it's over with. I got a very small reduction in Federal taxes but it was wiped out by the changes in KY taxes. So much winning!
  9. The Front Porch

    PD, no redbuds yet but maybe in the city where it's warmer. The jonquils have buds but no flowers yet. Only thing that's bloomed are crocus.
  10. The Front Porch

    Okay. I need to stop watching the news. I feel so sorry for those people losing their homes. And they showed horses closed up in a barn up to their bellies in water.
  11. The Front Porch

    I guess it's only near the rivers, which made me think of Wolfhaven. https://weather.com/safety/floods/news/2019-03-15-record-flooding-nebraska-iowa-south-dakota-bomb-cyclone-snowmelt
  12. The Front Porch

    RRW and PD, how close are you all to the flooding? How about Wolfhaven?
  13. The Front Porch

    What's the purpose of that thing, RRW?
  14. The Front Porch

    Heidi, I'm so sorry. We've probably all gone through this and we know how much it hurts. You did your best.
  15. The Front Porch

    Queen, I used nylon ropes attached to the surcingle and to the tire. Someone would need to lead her to keep her from stepping over the rope. You don't have to use a heavy weight, just something that gives some resistance. Heidi, stop googling. Bad news travels fast enough. Do something with the other horses to take your mind off of it.