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  1. Lameness

    Is he in shoes? It really sounds like it could be hoof related because you said he trots sound on grass. How about uphill or downhill? If he has heel pain, he will be more lame going downhill. If he's barefoot, have you tried hoof boots? Sorry, but there are so many possibilities.
  2. The Front Porch

    LOL! Shortman's semi-mohawk! Looks like a cool way to spend the day. Beats going to the grocery.
  3. Lameness

    Have you tried more time in turnout? Did the vet rule out hoof issues? Have you tried different shoeing, trimming?
  4. Lameness

    Which joints were injected? What did the vet say is causing the lameness? Arthritis? Is the horse turned out or kept in? I'd wait for the vet's opinion before riding. And riding him when he's still stumbling is dangerous. Been there, done that and got a broken collarbone to show for it.
  5. Sparkle went to the beach

    I'm impressed with Solo walking over that bridge. First try? And your ocean ride would be my horse's worst nightmare! But it looks very inviting considering how hot it is here.
  6. What is your horse's home like?

    Your setup is great for horses, Queen. They have everything they need. My horse would love a pond. He tried to climb in the water trough when I first got him. But if there's water in a ditch, forget it. He's not going through it--under saddle, at least.
  7. I did it!

    You're on your way! (I replied with this when you posted. I guess it didn't go though. This tablet takes naps.)
  8. Opinions please

    I think most kids would want to be in the pool. You could specify no gifts on the invitations. The parents would be thrilled. Just be sure to have enough adults to supervise the kids in the pool.
  9. The Front Porch

    I never spent that much time grooming for a horseshow!
  10. I did it!

    Go Poco!
  11. Happy 4th

    Frank's expression says, "What's he doing in the picture?" Little lab's says, "Will there be cookies and milk afterwards?"