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  1. QH, I had a mare who had that same injury, except the tendon was severed. The vet came right away and stitched it. It took forever to heal. She was in foal and she lost the foal at seven months. It healed shorter and her leg was more upright than the other which made it appear she was limping. She had just won the reserve championship five gaited pleasure horse at the KY state fair. It was devastating to me.
  2. I finally got to the fair today. I wish I had worn my pedometer watch. I walked more than I have since last year. We saw a lot and left out a lot. I ate TWO corn dogs and now I'm good till next year.
  3. Miniature horses have been approved as service animals for the blind. They absolutely can be reliably trained and they live longer.
  4. Thanks for the photos, Queen. You must have a lot of energy! I could walk that bridge if I didn't look down. My mother didn't allow animals in the house either, but what she didn't know, (or pretended not to know,) was we sneaked them upstairs anyway. I raised an orphan lamb in the basement, too. But she didn't complain about that because it was "livestock."
  5. You can't just leave that there without a picture!
  6. ^^^Very brave person. I wouldn't even try to wash a cat!
  7. Gee, I didn't know all the urban legends about the happenings during an eclipse. I was perfectly happy to watch on TV. And NASA had some cool shots online.
  8. I'm so sorry, NN. But it doesn't make you stupid. It makes him a horrible person. Think how much better off you are wthout him. And now you're out of it and free when the perfect guy comes along.
  9. BTDT, Danyel. LOL!
  10. I had no glasses or welding goggles. I had to watch it on TV.
  11. That looks like fun! Coblet makes a great unicorn or anything else you ask him to do. I like your face sparkles too.
  12. ^^^Nice little scam. I wonder how many times it has happened or if Pay Pal is in on it. If you had notified UPS of its condition before you insured it, she wouldn't have been able to collect.
  13. He doesn't, thank heaven.
  14. PD, within your grandchildren's lifetime, whites will no longer be the majority race in the US. That's what the racists fear more than anything. I guess they know how badly minorities have been treated by the likes of themselves. I think your grandchildren will have an easier time than mixed race children up to now. My best friends from high school both have mixed race grandchildren. They live in larger cities where folks think the rural and southern racists are backward and laughable. The key to acceptance of people of different races is education and exposure to other cultures. The south is a little behind in that regard. Your grandchildren will be okay.