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  1. The Front Porch

    Queen, I thought I had posted congratulations to you and the girls, but don't see it. I see some second and third ribbons. What an accomplishment for their first year showing! Heidi, thanks for posting your vacation photos. I love old graveyards! It's interesting that so many writers are buried there. There is a cemetery in Louisville that looks much like that one but dates only from the mid 1800's. People visit there for the beautiful grounds alone. Too bad you couldn't visit the witchy place. Have you inherited any witch powers?
  2. OMG lookie lookie

    Wonderful! Right up your alley. Of course, we'll need updates on your progress. And I'd like to hear what the courses are like.
  3. OMG lookie lookie

    Whoopee! Big party! What are your plans now? Keep going and get a degree?
  4. Whats Your Daytime High???

    I have rubber boots. They have pink horses on them. But I need warm boots for winter. I wear moon boots but I'm having trouble finding my size on line. We have a short reprieve on the weather. It's 60's, but raining. Thirties tonight.
  5. Solo got ridden last night!

    Maybe he thought it was a race. I'm glad the rear ended okay! What's the stone building in the background?
  6. Whats Your Daytime High???

    Sheesh! I haven't even bought snow boots yet. It's 50's and raining here.
  7. Texas People #6

    Just make that little romper suit fuzzy and she can mop the floor! Good news about Paul. Enjoy your quiet spell.
  8. Whats Your Daytime High???

    I fully intended to ride this afternoon. But it was 57 and breezy and I wimped out. Jubal didn't want to either. And I'll never stop buying coffee.
  9. Whats Your Daytime High???

    Now it's up to 60, but even that feels cold after high 80's and 90's all week. I guess we need something to talk about.
  10. Whats Your Daytime High???

    It's up to 48 now. It isn't supposed to get below 40 the rest of the week but it was a rude awakening this morning. I had to scramble to find my gloves. On one hand, I wanted a freeze to stop the grass from growing. But I'm not prepared for it yet.
  11. Whats Your Daytime High???

    Gahhhh!! It's 38 degrees! That's not the high but I'm not ready for this.
  12. Solo got ridden last night!

    I'm looking forward to your pictures of the Battle of Hastings. I think I know how it will turn out.
  13. Prayers Please

    Woohoo! Great news!
  14. The Front Porch

    ^^^Even if the show's a bust, it's a learning experience. And they'll remember it forever. I don't remember the shows that were uneventful but the disasters are firmly etched in my memory. There was the one where the curb chain wasn't attached correctly and the pony ran away with me. And the one when the lights went out and our mare got loose and was running pell mell around the dark fairgrounds! Things to talk about when you get old.
  15. Solo got ridden last night!

    It looks like Solo aced the pole exercise.
  16. The Front Porch

    RRW, where is the ponies' room?
  17. The Front Porch

    Haha! I thought they were all of Shortman's room and I marveled at the size. I wondered about the kitchen, though. A sandbox inside? Are you sure? Does the fireplace produce heat?
  18. Girls night

    Okay, great. Good luck!
  19. The Front Porch

    Sheesh, Queen! It sure wasn't your day. LC, your rabbit hutch looks like a guest house! I don't know how the bunnies feel about the snake painted inside, though! Or is that a bean stalk?
  20. Girls night

    Hi Poco. How's the GED going? Did you do the math yet?
  21. The Front Porch

    Double entry.
  22. The Front Porch

    Heidi, your horses are going to run away from home!
  23. Solo got ridden last night!

    Well, yes, mine is getting fuzzy too. But I meant their manes and tails. Next, you can teach Coblet to lead Solo around by his lead rope. They can exercise without you. My horse almost does the sit up trick in order to scratch his belly. The first time I saw it, I thought he was having some kind of attack and couldn't get up.
  24. The Front Porch

    RRW, I have a zero turn for the yard but it wouldn't have cut the pasture. I finally did that today with the tractor and rotary mower. The horse was so excited, he rolled twice and bucked and played before he settled down to eat. We've had lots and lots of rain this summer so the mowing has been overwhelming. PD, I definitely wouldn't buy a horse this time of year. Not enough riding time left before cold weather. Maybe in the spring if the world doesn't end. LC, I'm sorry your trip ended with the flu. I'm just getting over bronchitis from **** after three weeks. Funny how animal owners can manage to keep taking care of them while at death's door, when any sane person wouldn't get out of bed. RRW, I congratulate your energy. It helps when you have someone else sharing the work. My horse and cat won't lift a finger, ...er hoof, ...er paw.
  25. The Front Porch

    ^^^I've been seriously considering it, PD. A normal horse could live in the pasture with a run-in to the barn. That would be a fraction of the work and would virtually eliminate mowing the pasture. Jubal has been unrideable for nearly a year. He's close to sound now but if I don't get on a horse soon, I may not be able to.