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  1. The Front Porch

    It has to get better, Queen. Try riding for high blood pressure. It helps mine immensely. But the stress is probably what's causing yours. Riding helps that too.
  2. Kitty Needs Help

    She's probably so happy to find a home and regular feeding, she doesn't even notice the itch.
  3. The Front Porch

    RRW, how will Shortman find a girl who appreciates his railroad fixation?
  4. The Front Porch

    How do you swim with your glasses on?
  5. Kitty Needs Help

    Can you set the table in a kiddie pool with water in it? Would that deter the fire ants?
  6. Kitty Needs Help

    Heidi would know about feeding a starved cat. She helped me with Grace. There are cat probiotics. I found a Purina dry food called Gentle. She has done really well on it. Here's the thread when my kitty first showed up in my barn and everybody, especially Heidi, helped me with her. http://forums.horsecity.com/topic/47106100-heidi-please/
  7. The Front Porch

    ^^^Well, that's your fault. You keep taking him on fun trips! You should let him get so bored he's happy to go back to school.
  8. Hay shortage,what is a good hay stretcher

    Sorry, NP, I have to disagree. from https://ker.com/equinews/tips-feeding-horses-hay-based-diets/ One disadvantage of feeding only forage cubes is the lack of long-stem fiber, which may lead to the horse seeking other sources of fiber to satisfy this need. As your horse is recovering from a colic episode, the most important thing is to provide high-quality forage as grass pasture, hay, cubes, or a combination of these. A study from Rutgers found the same thing. Some horses fed only cubes began to chew wood. A horse that chews wood needs more fiber. https://esc.rutgers.edu/fact_sheet/forage-substitutes-for-horses/ "Hay Cubes: Long stem hay, either alfalfa or a mixture of alfalfa and timothy hay, is dried, chopped, and compressed into cubes. These are usually sold in 50 lb bags which are easy transported and stored, making them more readily available from regions where the hay crop was good. Cubes made from a mixture of alfalfa and whole corn plants may also be available. We have used hay cubes as the sole source of fiber in several research studies at Rutgers with good results, feeding up to 12 to 15 lbs of cubes per horse per day. However, there was a dramatic increase in the incidence of wood chewing in every study, and two horses had problems with choking on the cubes when they were fed dry. The wood chewing can be reduced by feeding at least some long stem hay or straw (see below), and the danger of choke is eliminated by soaking the cubes in water for 10 minutes before feeding them."
  9. Hay shortage,what is a good hay stretcher

    They definitely need other roughage when you feed cubes to keep their gut working properly and avoid ulcers. I had one who started eating manure when on cubes. If you have pasture, that will help even if it's dried up grass.
  10. Kitty Needs Help

    She looks a whole lot like my kitty when she showed up. She was that skinny too but thankfully, didn't have the skin problems. But it took her digestive system a good six months to recover. I'm glad she found you.
  11. The Front Porch

    Zero turns have no traction whatsoever. Mine has been stuck in the shallow ditch in front many times. I finally left the tow rope in the garage so I don't have to go to the barn for it. One time a pickup came by when I was stuck. Five big guys wearing bandanas on their heads and tattoos everywhere jumped out of the truck and lifted me and the mower out of the ditch. They then all jumped back in their truck and were gone practically before I could thank them. Now that truck honks at me whenever it goes by. Get a tractor, RRW. And a finish mower. You won't even need the zero turn any more. (But they are fun, aren't they?)
  12. The Front Porch

    I'm still alive! It's not that dangerous. There are at least ten feet between the fence and the creek and my tractor loader and bush hog are only five feet wide. I'm just a scaredy cat.
  13. The Front Porch

    I finished the bigger pasture. Now I'm procrastinating about the area next to the creek. It scares me because I'm afraid the tractor and I will go off the bank.
  14. The Front Porch

    I'd gladly give you some of our rain, RRW. Every time I get the yard and pasture cut, it rains and then another foot of growth, at least in the pasture. I have the bush hog hitched up right now to mow the pasture. That's a sure sign of rain tomorrow.
  15. New Puppy Pics

    I thought the water was too clear for the ocean. Or was it a lake?
  16. New Puppy Pics

    Cute pup! Where was the water picture taken?
  17. Starting levade

    I love his expression. It looks like "Really? You want me to do this?"
  18. Just some kids photos

    Looks like a fun, busy summer. Where is the zoo with the Przewalski horses? I've never seen one up close.
  19. The Front Porch

    Eat some for me! I love Chinese food but it doesn't love me.
  20. The Front Porch

    Take two Tylenol and skip exercise in the morning. That's all I got.
  21. Prayers Please

    Pink, your mom probably feels just as bad about it as you do. I'd bet she will say so next time you see or talk to her. This too shall pass.
  22. The Front Porch

    Happy Birthday, Danyel! Just have more wine. You'll get used to the pain. I remember 67!
  23. The Front Porch

    Who says it's too late for coffee? I'm having some now. I may put some Bailey's in it.
  24. Texas People #6

    Sorry to hear about your back, QH. But glad to hear about your hubby's good health. Your stenciling job looks really good. Lyra will probably be dating next month! Poor homeless ducks. I hope they don't come back and take revenge.