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  1. *~Cowgirls Rule~* Dear Government: If you feel the need to stop paying our military personnel, then I think you should feel the need to stop paying yourselves - or take their place. I'd like to see you support your family without a pay check! Maybe if you take your pay check down to less than $100K it would help some of the budget issues in America. I'd like to see you survive on enlisted military personnel pay! RE-POST if you agree

    1. Cowgirls4Christ


      Couldn't have said it better!!

  2. I hate the weather today.....

  3. Another day at the office.... Dirt rules....

  4. Couple Questions.... Please Help...

    Maybe it's a reaction or allergy to fleas...biting flies....etc..
  5. Western Saddle

    I would think maybe you would be more comfortable on an "Australian " type trail riding saddle.Not as bulky as a western saddle.... maybe more what you are used to...
  6. Habits

    My friend has a horse that rides great & is great tempered ....while you are onboard...but, when people walk around him he has a tendency to want to kick.he is scared to have his kids around him,but would like to raise them with the horse.Any ideas how to get the kick out of him?By the way this is a 5 year old. [Question]
  7. Octomom Mom Losing Her Newhome..

    Ok, so this is one less home (we working people) have to for.The only bad thing is the children will have to pay for her "fame" costs to want to be popular doesn't it?
  8. Rubbing Bum On Fence,stall Gate Etc! Help!

    Maybe he had worms before & it may have just become a habit, try walking him away from the stall when he starts rubbing.Maybe even tying him up,away from the gate....possibly on a post away from everything.
  9. I Have A Dilemma...

    The truth hurts ,but must be will smooth out in a few weeks...I would say what's on my mind. may God bless you & all of your decisions.
  10. Split Reins Or Loop Reins?

    I prefer split reins,to me it just seems like you have more control with them.maybe the horse responds a lil better to them ,to me anyways.
  11. Loading In A Slant Load Trailer

    The training section may help,but you think of loading the new horse first?It may go in if it has more room & don't feel like its walking into a closet.
  12. Ok... I Remember People On Here That Worm Themselves

    I know a few people that take "pin worm" medicine,every so often.They spend alot of time with animals (Pigs,horses,cattle,etc.) with 4-H.I guess it's a preventative.
  13. My Butt Likes Cheap Saddles

    Maybe try something a lil different.There are "underpants" made for motorcycle riders with gel on the backside.Kind of like underarmour,only with a gel pad.Very good on a long ride,according to people I know.Sometimes we may have to get out of our element to be comfortable maybe. Gotta Go Now.Have A Blessed Day.