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  1. Happy Belated Birthday and May God Bless You!!

  2. April, Ginger, And The Gang

    Good afternoon. (: [smiley Wavey] Been forever since I was on hereee, been super busy with work, school, and college apps. [bang Head]
  3. April, Ginger, And The Gang

    Me tooooo, I really should take a nap but I'm too lazy to walk upstairs to get to my bed. Haha
  4. April, Ginger, And The Gang

    Wow, I'm finally back on here! It's nice to not be busy for once, haha
  5. Keep You Kids Off The Road!

    I found myself in a similar situation. I was on vacation and in the place where my friend and I stayed you drive around in golf carts. I was driving down the street, and was approaching a stop sign so I slowed down. This little girl came RUNNNING out from behind her dad's golf cart and just stood like a deer in the headlights in front of my cart- I skidded to a stop and got out of the cart to go talk to her father about watching his kids better. I walked over to his cart but he was too engaged in his phone with his two other kids clammering all over him. People don't pay attention anymore, his little girl could have been hit by my cart, but it would have been my fault even though he was being a negligent father. I may not be a parent, but parents really need to start paying attention to their kids and what's going on around them. On a good note though- it's good that you were paying attention and obeying speed laws and such or else the situation could have ended up much worse.
  6. April, Ginger, And The Gang

    So I start my new job today. djfakljfaldfj Scaredddd.
  7. April, Ginger, And The Gang

    Good evening( morning?) everyone!
  8. April, Ginger, And The Gang

    Thanks(: Good afternoon everyone.
  9. April, Ginger, And The Gang

    Thanks! The manager is kind of creepy, but whatever I'll get over it. Haha Hope everything with Sonora is going well.
  10. April, Ginger, And The Gang

    Good morning Eskie! Sounds like you're in for a cold oneeee. I have a job interview after school today, the manager told my friend who works there that I'm already hired, but he legally has to interview me. For some reason, I'm still nervous about it. I need this job really bad, I can't stand working only one day a week and at a stair company at that (yes.. a stair company). Today is going to be a long day.
  11. April, Ginger, And The Gang

    Well I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, and I hope I can beat it before it gets me. I see the picture of her in your siggy, she's beautiful! "The actual daily amount of water that most horses need to consume (at a minimum) to maintain body functions and remain properly hydrated is from a half gallon to a gallon per 100 pounds of body weight. This works out to be a minimum of five to 10 gallons for a 1,000-pound horse that is not presently doing any work and is living in a temperate climate." "horse owners can evaluate a horse?s hydration status by monitoring for an elevated heart or pulse rate (28-40 beats per minute is normal for an adult horse), changes in the color of the horse?s gums (bubblegum pink is normal) and feel (moist is normal), and in skin elasticity (skin pinch test in which the skin along the neck in front of the shoulder retracts back to normal in less than two seconds when pinched and released). Changes to those vital signs will occur when the horse is 4 to 6 percent dehydrated. Visual signs such as a sunken eyes and a tucked-up appearance to the abdomen are also indicators, but they are typically seen with increased levels of dehydration approaching 8 to 10 percent. Unfortunately, the horse?s performance (work, competition or reproduction) will become adversely affected when the horse becomes 2 percent dehydrated, before visual signs become evident." Hope that helped some, I just lurked around the internet.
  12. April, Ginger, And The Gang

    I'm greattt, just freezing cold. I drove to school wearing a blanekt over me today, I think I'm getting sick [bang Head] You? Oh! And I haven't been following for the past couple days, I see you got your horseee, congrats! [Yay]
  13. Hi! Newbie From Wa State

    Welcome to HC! [smiley Wavey]
  14. April, Ginger, And The Gang

    Good morning everyone [smiley Wavey]
  15. April, Ginger, And The Gang

    Wow, it's been forever since I was on here! I've been so busy, haha.