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  1. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    Yeah, the HC site is dead. I pretty much just hang around Chronicle of the Horse bb.
  2. Fred Phelps Is Dead

    Rather than do anything to his grave just know he likely burning in ****. He was a small man that posessed no meaningful character. The world is a better place without him.
  3. Proper Way To...

    sweep the aisle?
  4. Proper Way To...

    works fine when i click on it.
  5. Proper Way To...

    link fixed.
  6. Need Hunt Team Name

    The nutty bays
  7. Round/square Cantle?

    Should be just fine.
  8. I Want An Update On Everyone's Riding Lives!

    My job position was eliminated earlier this year so I'm unemployed looking for work without much success. My Father died and I really miss him. I turned 50 today and I'm not happy about that at all.
  9. Was jumping Aammy thru a grid today and he pulled a rail on the next to last fence. He didn't like that and made a big effort an kicked out over the last fence. Almost got me off!
  10. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    And as quick as that kiss and feel with the hot Italian trainer in the stall was, it is all over (this thread). Such are the whims of a Hunter Princes.
  11. Anyone here in Kentucky? I'm at the Kentucky Horse park this week for the International Hunter Derby Championship.
  12. My New Favorite Place...

    In Lexington, KY. Well, other than KHP. The Blue Stallion Brew Pub.
  13. Update With Show Pictures!

    Nice! How do you keep him so clean!
  14. Hits Saugerties, Ny

    I'm here at HITS Saugerties this week thru Sunday. Anybody from HC boards here also?
  15. Hits Saugerties, Ny

    Ryegate show services Here is the link
  16. Hits Saugerties, Ny

    That's awesome!
  17. Hits Saugerties, Ny

    I'm at pony finals right now. Leaving tonight but coming back on Monday for the Bluegrass horse show
  18. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    Say my name! Who's your daddy! Say my name! Who's your daddy!
  19. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    She is probably too busy slinking around the barn, occasionally ducking into an empty stall and sucking the life out of that hot new Italian/American trainer, doing the dancing banana ..
  20. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    If you were a true "hunter princess" you would suck the life out of your bf Peyton AND the new "hot" Italian/American trainer guy. Not think twice about it and move on to new hunting ground. The world is your oyster- crack and slurp away!
  21. Working Student

    You have an iPhone? So do I (iPhone5). Wow, you are a commoner just like me. And here I was thinking you had a cadre of minions to do your evil bidding.
  22. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    EqQueen98, one minute you are bragging about daddy, his money, gift car, paying for horses, etc and the next minute you are trashing him as a lying, cheating father. Troll much?
  23. Almost Got Dumped Today - Video

    Nick I saw that video. You are right it was hilarious!
  24. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    You need help but not the kind you are asking for. Lol Maybe go back to troll school and get your money back.