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    lovely Nebraska :)
  1. Anyone Need Some Mud?

    :) cute kid.
  2. Do You Get Excited Over Barn Repairs?

    Same here. I always need to be doing something. :)
  3. What Do You Think Of Horse Owners Who Don't Seem To..

    I think people who can't afford taking care of horses shouldn't have them. But with that said, horses lived for thousands of years without humans caring for them. So I wouldn't go as far as calling it "neglect". In my opinion, if you force the horse to work in any way (riding,driving,ect.) you need to keep ip with it's basic needs.
  4. Thanks, things are getting a little better. But only time will tell. Thanks so much for the support :))

  5. Hey! I read your topic tonight, just wanted to tell you to hang in there things will get better. **hugs**

  6. Goodnight Hc ...

    My day has been hectic. Me and my father are constantly getting into aguements over my horse situation. I thought buying one would help solve my problems, instead it created more drama in the buying process. To make things worse, my social life is all messed up. I'm constantly judged. On top of it all, I have finals this week, and i'm close to dees in 2 of my classes. I'm so sick of trying to be perfect. I never suceed. Sorry for the waste of a topic, I had to get it off my chest. Goodnight HC
  7. How Much Is Too Much Information?

    Well said XD
  8. Apparently Horses Are Stupid

    that's what we're here for :)
  9. First Lesson Back With A Real Trainer

    Danggg, exciting night. XD
  10. Just A Few Pictures

    Too cute,I'm gonna come steal her! Justkidding :)
  11. Wish Me Luck!

    Fingers are crossed,goodluck!
  12. Your Celebrity Crush

    Shia labough is gorgeous. Donnie klang (from making the band) is yummy ;)
  13. Help! Heel Crack?

    I feel stupid for asking.. But what crack?
  14. Apparently Horses Are Stupid

    Tell her to to ride her dumb cow, hahaa. MOO! :)
  15. What Do You Ride?

    Well english hunters mainly, but I tend to do better in the eq. Classes :)