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  1. Is "i Love You" Over Used?

    i couldnt agree more thanks
  2. Is "i Love You" Over Used?

    well i love gving hugs and saying i love you! and i mean it everytime but i didnt grow up getting hugs every day and "i love you" was and still is rare so i was always jealous of my friends. now im a total cuddle bug and he likes to cuddle too. i guess i say it to reassure him. idk i think i'll make him a cake and show up with his favorite candy and watch his favorite movie. ;)
  3. does anyone else think this too? I was talking to my boy friend this morning and he said "lately it just seems like another phrase like saying hi to someone..." but you know what? i feel like he's right, i'm not saying that when we say that we dont mean it. how can i show him i love him without repeating those 3 words over and over? it's not like i wont say it at all... but yeah i think actions speak louder then words do? dont get me wrong i love hearing it from him but i think its a given lol. idk this is just me thinking. but does anyone else have cool ideas?
  4. haha yeah i know that it grows like weed and that was the reason for planting it in the bucket. but i might end ou doing that though. do you think it would do better that way?i just dont want it to take over my vegtables lol. well thanks you guys.
  5. ok so i planted mint in a bucket and the last few days we had alot of rain. but i was away so i couldnt bring the mint in. i drained all the water out but the plant looked pretty bad. so i trimmed the plant to get the good leaves and stuff... was that the right thing to do? i really dont know because i never tried to grow it before so i dont know anything about it. so if anyone knows how to grow it could you please help me? thanks
  6. Makeup

    haha, im 18 i wore make up like 5times in my life... i can't stand the stuff! i personally feel that 11 is kind of young for make up, especially if she is caking it on. but i also agree that she should be allowed to experiment with the stuff if she would like... but i also feel its up to the parents to decide..
  7. Chocolate Chip Pancakes

    yeah ill try hot choclate he like's that
  8. Chocolate Chip Pancakes

    o haha i didnt know that this was in there i just clcked somthing too see what people said i thought it would be in a general topic thingy oops
  9. im planning on surprizing my boyfriend by showing up at his house with breakfast. im planning on making choclatechip pancakes with choco syrup what else would go with that. i would think chocolate milk but he doesnt like MILK!
  10. Random Question

    i was wondering if anyone knew what age thoroughbreds become fully mature. i have been looking online for about an hour. i thought it was around the age of 4 but other sites say like 5 or 6. i thought that was draft horses? lol im really confused
  11. are there any other ways to visualize this?
  12. i know they are thrying to train me up in the way i should go, i just dont think i should eat sleep and breathe religion. i found a church that i really really like and im not allowed to go there because i live in a dictatership lol i guess im just venting. but i wish i had little rules so thst i can act on my concenese. and learn and grow from my mistakes... im frustrated with them 18 years old and i still dont know what i belive... i cant make my own choices and i feel trapped
  13. ok so if i was to illistrate the holy spirit, god the father and jesus the son (i tend to be visual). could i use like a gift? wrapper- the holy spirit box- god jesus- gods gift to us three parts but one package?
  14. i dont think you are wrong at all i really like what you wrote.