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  1. Help My Name My Horse!

    im going to ditto that ^ im kind of wierd like that though, I would never change a horses name
  2. Pics Of My Bi-polar Mare

    Awesome work lady!!! Its moments like that remind us why we stay insane about our horses and barrel racing! ; ) Good Work!
  3. 1st Barrel Race In Years!

    just try and relax! Your horse will feel you if your nervous. Enjoy yourself and goodluck!
  4. Pics Of My Bi-polar Mare

    well send her to me a wyoming winter will put some hair on her!! Lucky she stays slick, very pretty!!!
  5. Pics Of My Bi-polar Mare

    great pics!! That mare is looking Great!
  6. Updated.... Another Tick... Gross

    maybe thats where the expression "ticked off" came from lol
  7. Updated.... Another Tick... Gross

    Yuck I hate ticks Last year I must have picked 200 off my horses sheath! For my horse I took 10 CCs of injectable ivomec and mixed it with 10 cc's of penicillin. Gave my horses that shot and it was amazing all the ticks just died and fell off of them. If I find them on myself I will take a paper clip and heat the end of it in a flame, then put it on tick so it will retract.
  8. Consolidating "stuff" Questions...kind Of Long.

    this just reminded me of the movie When Harry met Sally, "I can promise you that I will never want that wagon wheel coffee table" [ROTFL] sorry Im not much help
  9. Practicing Advice

    You know I dont think the whole cell phone on the horse is a bad thing. Especially when working the barrels. I used to smoke so I would just let my horse stand almost scoring him or her while puffing away. I think my horse had more settling time. I dont smoke anymore but when one needs a breather, or I want to reinforce thats its okay just to stand there and relax I will chat with a friend. Seems like its easier to chill one out that way if needed.
  10. Name The Filly Game

    Redfox Redfox Redfox!!! [Yay] I had a little red sheltland growing up named Redfox, looked nothing like your classy filly I just think she looks like a Redfox!
  11. Wow! Cheap T-shirts!

    me to please!!
  12. Practicing Advice

    RNR no I most certain do not!!! When I was younger I used to say when speaking of riding a bucker "He would have better luck bucking off his skin" lol now I will pony, longe do anything to not get one bucking! and the worst part is Im not that old!!!
  13. Practicing Advice

    It is a horse by horse situation. Like RNR said younger horses need different kinds of conditioning. Also I think horse temperament affects it as well. I have horses that take much more riding during the week than others to keep the "fresh" off of them. I want my horses fit and feeling good, but I dont want to worry about them bogging there heads at the barrel race! lol
  14. Name The Filly Game

    gosh what a pretty filly how about Redfox
  15. He Won't Buck...but He Also Won't Move!

    Historyrider we were but I knew you would see this and elaborate more.