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    packing into the Missions or the Bob camping fishing the high mountain lakes<br />starting colts then puting the miles on them<br />the back of a horse is where im comfortable and at peace
  1. Wow things sure changed around these says HORSCITY.COM...but it dont look like HORSECITY.COM hope ya all are doin good...and frisky as a new born colts be safe good people
  2. howdy all...was 42 here today and sunshine....if i didnt have so much to do around the place i think i would of taken a ride.... horses are gettin plumb lazy....the pack of wolves up behind the place are coming down purdy low...hope they take after the neibors cattle befor mine not that i wish him any bad...i just wish me better...i should see if i can get the griz tracks in my profile...was late at night with fresh snow...i was comin home from hunting camp ad saw some fresh tracks in the out to take a looksee...there were three of them all the same size track and as long as my size 8 boot but quite a bit wider....was plumb dark out ant those tracks were just a few mints old...made what hair i have stand up for sure...i looked aroun the took a cupple pics...then dee deed back inside my truck...not that i was scared...too much...likes to call it comen sence.....i did upload a pic of a wolf track with my hand in one track alongside another...give ya an idea how big them buggers are....couldnt upload the bear track...guess its cuzz the track was biggere?? <------<<< bad joke on my part be safe good people
  3. been nice in these parts latly.....been puting out a round bail every so often but dont really need to as the 120 has lots of feed and the horses are doing great foraging on their own...wish that grass tasted as good as them horses can make it sound when they chew it be safe good people
  4. top of the mornin criters are all fed...snows falling...had all melted with the warm weather we been haveing...glad to see the snow <------<<< covers the dog poop be safe good people
  5. Hello All am glad to see the gang still all here hunting seasons over and the horses are getting a long overdew rest....went 21 miles back into the Bob for a week...was a 21 mile ride back out in a down pore...we was a wee bit wet by the time we made trailhead....we being my oldest son and my grandson in law...he being back from his second tour in irak.....washed the sand out of his briches for sure.. then it was hunting camp up in the north fork placid...till hunting season was over....we filled our freezers and got to see lots of wolf tracks and very few Elk or Deer....they are wipeing them out around these parts...wonder what they are going to eat after the wild game are gone???? sad to see a way of life end.... be safe good people

    My name is glory i saw your profile

    today at and became intrested in you,i

    will also like to know you more,and

    if you can send an email to my email

    address,i will give you my pictures

    here is my email address

    ( I believe we

    can move from here! Awaiting

  7. got anothe load of firewood yesterday.....had a hard time getting the truck loaded...ya see these huckleberry bushes are full of huckleberrys.......ys just cant step on them so id have to stop and pick them out of the cant load wood with a hand full of hucklberrys so not to waste um i ate um....then the next bush would get in the way......makes for purlpe hands.....and long explanations why i was so late getting home....and why i didnt bring some home to my wife.....told her she would have to come along next load and help me get hucklberrys???? i mean wood! be safe good people
  8. Quite Possibly The Naughtiest Pony Ever!

    think they best be getting it figured out befor a kid gets hurt. a frien of mine took to riddin his wifes mule...the mule started actin up and finaly dumped him....he got hurt prety bad and would have nothing to do with his wifes himself a horse....the horse started givin him a bad time so he asked me to put some miles on him ....the horse was well trained and a good ride...took him back...friend still had problems with him.....took his saddle to a saddle maker friend of mine to have some work done on it...come to find out the tree was broke.....must of been hurting the critters...he got a new saddle and problem with the horse stoped ill save my opinion on the pony till i can be around it...or get a lot more info???
  9. PR..speekin of mountain lions!!!!...on my way home threw the Jocko with a load of firwood this afternoon.....i see the herford cow along side the road, her calf was a few yards down the road and on the oposet side of the i got closer the calf ran to its mother ...i went by and about the time i got to where the calf was a mountain lion ran across the road in front of me from the other side of the road where the calf was....i dont know the brand on the cow so i called trible fish and game....said they would drive up there and take a look see in the that calf is dinner befor they get there.. saw a cupple camped at twin lakes with only horses,,,,drove threw the Jacko to the swan side and saw horse marking ever so often...the been riding and camping for quite some distance....was hopein they would still be there when i came back threw.....but only got to follow those same ol horse markings back to the mission vally...would of liked to know where they came from and where they were nosie side be safe good people
  10. Afternoon all Glad ta see the gangs all here and above dirt Hayin is don for me all held together and have lots of hay for sale My oldest son and his wife had a set ao twin girls...dont know what ta think about it...grandkids comon in litters now The whole family went on a camping trip...least ways the calls it camping...a place where you can drive to it....up at black lake...was nice and quiet...grandkids got to swim and play in the canoe....took a few horses along and went scouting Elk country its to sad what the wolves have done to things around here...places where the Deer and Elk thrived. its compleatly voide of any sighn at all....not even old tracks...the wolf is not an endangerd speies....but im afraid that people with commen sence are found a neibors cow up behinde my place ...was wolf killed....makes me wory bout my horses....can hear them howlin up behinde the place ever so often......wish we could share the expiriances with those that want big numbers of them around ge what did i come in here for??? to grumble about things??? hope i aint becomein a grouchy old man...duh Be safe good people
  11. morning everyone....been doing some back reading.....Jack...have been thinking of you....i do hope things get irond out and all goes well...enough is enough you all have been missed...been running around here like a chicken with its head cut off...fence mending ,rock picking, had three colts given me 2 three year olds and one 4 year old...hadent even been halter broke....<----<<< hope its ok to use that word...have all three well on their way...stope the training till the corrals dry up a little.....been raining here so much that yesterday i saw a worm wearing fins and snorkel??? looks to be a good hay crop this year...if i can get it up dry be safe good people Bill
  12. Jack your in my thoughts and prayes....hope things get better for you...and soon been so nice i figured id burn about 5 acers in the bottum...old dry make a long story and day short...i burnd 40 acers.......shewww...was i tuckerd sore and black when the last flame was snufed......all the time i was tryin ta put it out i kept thinkin.....if only i had a case of beer i could pee it out......or pass out tryin be safe good people....oh ya...just had another horse given to foal....will make 24 horses....must practis im ready for next give away
  13. hello everyoe..Jack nothin i can say that hasnt already been said...soooo ill just keep hopein for the best been busy busy....grand doughter go a trailer and the person that she paid to move it did ...sorte of...had to go and put it in place then show her husband how to level it...i leveled he watched lol have been overhauling my 656 hydroglide farmal...they sent me the wrong shims for the sleeves so am wating for the right ones to come.... the weather here is snow in the 40s....havent had to feed the horses out in the pasture a bit of hay....and they arnt loosin any weight...guess ill have to ride that off um....have two trips pland into the Bob Marshel this next summer...i know i know ya realy feel for me...but somebody has to do it sooo i will be safe good people
  14. Jack....ive been called lot of things on more then one ocassion...but i do believe this i a first.....been lookin in the dictionary to see exactly it is that you called far i aint come up with nothin....thinkin you may have complimented me be safe
  15. mornin all....see im the first to post today....just call me quicky hate to rub it in for those of you who are getting the snow and cold but i will Hee Hee Hee....yesterday my brother-in-law...who is a tribal gamewarden hat to shoot a problem Bear....been so nice around here that some are coming out of hibernation....go figure Jack i wish you would hurry up with the good fingers are gettin cramped from bein crossed so long oh did i mention no snow here haw haw hee...had to drive my tractor 5 miles one way to help my grand doughter get her trailer set up....then back home....didnt even get cold....did i menton its warm here and no snow... ok ive had enough fun be safe good people