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  1. Internet Friends Who Ride

    YR- it was cold and drippy here all day too. I am going camping with horses this weekend. We are supposed to go gaited but now Toco is coughing so bad. His allergies are flaring up. Snugs if off on her front foot, either from her last trim, farrier got her a little short or she is working on one of her abscesses. Sigh. I will take Mattie if I have too but she is way to slow to walk with the gaited folks. Hopefully I can get the allergies under control before Fri. Sigh, I doubt it though.
  2. Internet Friends Who Ride

    YR- are you having bad storms? Is that why you lost power? Hope you are all safe. AD- sounds like you are getting lots of food stored for the winter! Skipa- how are you? I haven't been on much lately either. My phone won't vibrate and I really need that function for work. Took it in yesterday and they have to send it in, will take 2-3 weeks to get it back. I am using an old phone of mine because it still had all my contacts on it. Took 5 hrs for them to get it going again because they did something wrong the first time. Works great now. I don't do well without my technology. LOL Night all.
  3. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hi all, I haven't been on in forever. Been crazy busy with work and robotics. But I have great news. I MET MEEKIE TODAY!!!!!! I was in Prairie Du Chien Wi with my sisters for a sisters weekend. I FaceBooked Meekie a question about where a trail riding spot was in Wis and she told me she was headed to PDC today. I only spent a few min with her. I didn't want to hold her friends up since they were all just about ready to head out and ride. It was so GREAT to finally meet her. We are about 5 hrs away from each other but have never been able to meet up.
  4. Shyannas' Service Dog Part 2

    In our school we have medically fragile children and a couple with severe allergies. We are a pet free and peanut free school. Meaning no classroom pets other than fish. If you were to push this in our district, several other children would be unable to attend school due to their medical issues. I am sorry you are having such troubles. It is a very tough place when the needs of one child directly conflict with the health/needs of other children. Hard place to be.
  5. New Horse Walking On Coffin Bone

    Missyclare- we ended up putting shoes and pads on him. After the trimmer talked to the vet and looked at him again that is the route we went. I will get him barefoot as soon as I can again. He is much happier now. He is moving beautiful too. Sorry it took me so long to respond but I couldn't get on HC at all. I have a Mac and at first it was just on the laptop that I couldn't get on but pretty soon I couldn't even get on from my Android phone. After several weeks of HC withdrawal, I'm able to get back on. I haven't changed anything but am glad I can get back on. I missed everyone and all the help and advice.
  6. Mineral/viit Question

    Smilie thanks. I have not been able to get on HC for weeks! Grr. I couldn't even get it to open up from my phone. I have no idea why. Finally I can get back on. I think I was in withdrawal. LOL. Smilie his hair coat is beautiful. That is the thing. It is shiny and soft. The vet is sure that his cough was stressing his body out and it was putting all its resources towards healing the inflammation. His lungs are now clear and lymph glands are no longer swollen. He does have a neg coggins- March 2013. He is at a good weight, acts fine. Thanks
  7. Mineral/viit Question

    Gaitinalong I acquired Toco in Dec. Early spring he stated coughing. Talked to previous owners and they aid he had spring allergies. Gave him a vetalog shot. Was better for a few weeks and then he started coughing again worse than ever. Vet was seeing a lot of influenza and said they presented the same symptoms. We did a blood test and found no infection but he was anemic. Vet had done a physical and was very surprised he was anemic. She is sure the severe coughing is too blame. Just got his allergies under control a few weeks ago. His lungs are finally clear and his lymph glands are finally no longer swollen. But his coat is no longer shiny and jet Black. Otherwise he loojs good weight wise and energy wise.
  8. Mineral/viit Question

    SR our shows days are over. I have discovered trail riding and camping with the horses. Lol. But I still want them healthy and looking nice. I was thinking I saw something about zinc and copper and maybe vit A. But I could be remembering wrong or putting two things together.
  9. Mineral/viit Question

    I have searched the forum but not finding what I want. I think the info is buried in a thread Anna I'm not putting in the right words. I'm looking for what mineral/vit to supplement for a faded hair coat. My new Rocky Mountain had spring allergies really bad. Ended up doing a blood test and found out he was anemic. Vet said red cell which is high in iron. Now his beautiful black coat is fading in the summer sun. I'm thinking the iron is making him low in ??? Zinc copper? I know Smilie and a couple of others are very knowledgeable in this area. Thoughts? Thanks
  10. Hay Prices?

    We had a drought last year so everybody's reserves are gone. Very wet spring made first cut very late. My water ways were ruined by the torrential down pours we had. They are full of mud. I didn't get a second field made until July 4th. They is typically time we start second cut. First cut was a bumper crop for most folks but now we aren't getting rain. The one day we did get rain it wasn't forecast and lots had had down. One guy had $8000 worth of hay on the ground. I don't see process around here dropping a lot til the end of the season and people have a chance to get caught back up.
  11. New Horse Walking On Coffin Bone

    Thanks Trinity. Would you use metal or the rubber ones? Comfort something I think they are called?
  12. New Horse Walking On Coffin Bone

    He all, In Dec I acquired a new horse. He is a 15 h, 9 yr old Rocky Mountain gaited horse. He has a slight club foot and is very pigeon toed on the other foot. I was told he could never go barefoot. So I promptly pulled his shoes. He was sound barefoot until the middle of June. Our stable flooded and the horses had to be evacuated. Horses were gone a week, he was on part grass and part rock lot. My farrier passes away from cancer in June so we switched farriers. New farrier took him pretty short. He has been sore ever since. Took him in and got xrays. Joints and bones are all really clear. The vet was amazed at how little sole he has. She wants him in pads and boots 12 mon a year. Farrier will stop in and look at the xrays before he comes to trim on Wed. I would like to keep him barefoot but not sure how to do it. I use him for trail riding. thanks. The foot is actually balanced but he leaned just as she was taking the xray. She didn't retake it because she could see what she wanted to see. I don't have any pix of the actual hoof. I can get those today. Thanks for the ideas.
  13. Can't Open Forum From A Computer

    All I have is my cell or a mac laptop. I have xrays I want to pist to the hoof board and get some help with. I can't upload pix from my cell to here darn it. Otherwise I'm ok.
  14. Made It To Iowa!

    Mars I'm in Iowa. What part of our fair state did you move too?