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  1. Collegiate Alumnus All Purpose Question

    Well I started my horse western, but want to dabble in english with her a bit. I just want something comfy to start out with. We won't be hitting the shows anytime soon, lol. I ended up getting it & it's very comfy! Definitely worth the money.
  2. Collegiate Alumnus All Purpose Question

    Has anyone had any experience using a collegiate alumnus saddle? It's one of the Collegiate saddles designed by Ruiz Diaz. I am thinking about purchasing one, it is the exact size I need for both myself & my horse. If the owner is correct (I will see the saddle tomorrow) it is in excellent condition, "nearly new". To me this seems like a steal at $150, but I am no english saddle expert. Any opinions/advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. First Ride

    Went for ride #2 today! She was even better today... we even did a little riding outside of the roundpen. [Yay] Got a couple of pictures today, not the best... but you get the idea. Thanks for all the encouragement guys! I took a video too... but it may take me a little while to get it posted.
  4. First Ride

    Thanks so much! She's my first horse & I'd consider myself anything but a horse trainer, but somehow we've managed (with a lot of help from some kind people on here too!) I WISH I had pictures, honestly I was so caught up in it I didn't think to get my friend to take any. I'll have to get some next ride & post. =) Maybe even a video.
  5. First Ride

    Haven't posted on here in months & months... but I just had some exciting news I was itching to share! I put my first ride on Cheyenne, my BLM mustang today. I've had her for about eight months now & she is an up and coming 3 year old out of the Divide Basin HMA. I was SHOCKED at how well she did, I could not have imagined or asked for more. We started with her on the lunge line & me on her, then moved to just having a friend hold the lunge whip in the center of the round pen (which we didn't have to use- knowing it was there was enough to keep her moving) & finally it was just us... & everything "clicked". Within an hour she was walking, stopping, steering, and circling. I am so proud of her I can't stand it =) To think just 8 months ago she was terrified of being haltered, and today she was a perfect angel for her first ride. A train went by, kids on 4-wheelers, dogs... nothing phased her. I hope this trend of excellence continues for the rest of her training... but I just had to gush to a group that would understand my excitement!! [Jump]
  6. H1n1 "swine Flu" Vaccine

    I think a lot of the "bad publicity" for this vaccine comes from the vaccine used to combat the swine flu outbreak in 76. Shots given at a military base in Washington were linked to Guillain-Barre syndrome, a deadly neurological disease. However... there was no specific research done to prove the link between the two. Not only that, but the vaccine this time around is very different... and that was over 30 years ago. We've made some fairly significant scientific advances since then. I'm not advocating one way or the other- it's a personal decision. But I can see why the government is financially "sponsoring" this shot. The more people vaccinated, the less people sick. The less people sick, the less people ending up in hospitals (those with & without health insurance and a means to pay their bills). And frankly, it would also "looks bad" to have an epidemic like this sweeping the country and killing off high risk citizens. At the colleges here in Florida it's estimated 50% of students will become affected, I don't know the statistics on the general population... but I'm not sure I want to risk the 50/50 odds they're estimating me.
  7. Teaching Her To Move It, Now.

    Sounds like you've gotten some good advice, so I'll just throw out a shot in the dark here. If she still doesn't respond after some horsey fitness boot camp- perhaps it could be pain related. With all the soundness issues she has had (good for you taking her in!! [Angel] ) maybe they are still somehow affecting her. I know you said that the vet cleared her, but since horses can't talk (& it's a shame too) there could still be some degree of pain somewhere that is escalated when you have her lope. Again, I don't know- but figured I'd throw it out there. Good luck!!
  8. Surprise Baby!

    Aww thanks! Yeah it's a pretty big relief. She was already back into the swing of things tonight... got her fat little tushie worked! haha :)
  9. Surprise Baby!

    Well the vet has weighed in & evidently... I'M DELUSIONAL! [ROTFL] He came out looked at her and goes... well she sure is big... and she's definitely bagged up... and then, NOTHING. No baby. We were all pretty shocked. So as it stands to reason she either WAS pregnant and at some point slipped the foal... or has always just been a little extra fluffy & was coincidentally bagging up from hormonal changes. VERY odd... not at all what I was suspecting, she sure had everyone at the barn fooled! But in all honesty it's quite a relief... she's far too young for a baby! That and we don't need another unknown grade mutt horse saturating the horse market... Don't get me wrong- I love my Chey but I don't need two of her, lol. So this foal watch has officially ENDED. Thanks for the support and advice on my imaginary foal guys... I'm feeling a bit duped. LOL
  10. Living With These Roommates...

    Doors unlocked TOO?? That's a BIG no no. Do you have renters insurance? It's only about $100/year & I'd highly advise it if you live with a bunch of airheads who can't lock doors. Sheesh. I agree with lcrutcher too... you can always clean up after their clean up job, but that's a big load of work to take on, & if nothing else it'll teach them at least a little responsibility. LOL
  11. Living With These Roommates...

    seriously? WOW. I had to set up a chores list with my roommates like we were back in second grade to make sure everything got done. I didn't want to end up being the one who did everything all the time (trash, dishes, cleaning, etc.) so we made a list of all the things that needed done & took turns & we made a list of each persons responsibilities (like clean up after yourself... you could include turning off the stove... evidently they need a reminder... still a little shocked, lol) Now I can't say everyone did their fair share all the time, but it did help. GOOD LUCK!
  12. Surprise Baby!

    Well vet's coming out Wednesday to check up on Chey & see how things are going. Nothing much to report yet, but I'll let you know what he says. ALSO she's GROWN since she's been pregnant... everyone keeps telling me the baby is going to stunt her grownth (still will I'm sure) but she was just 13 hands 7 months ago & when I measured her today she's already hit 14!! Pretty exciting! :)
  13. Surprise Baby!

    Hey guys, this is somewhat unrelated to the baby... but it was so cute I had to share! A friend of mine took some pics of Chey for me the other day & she caught a couple of her giving my dog Romeo a pony ride. He's so funny- he actually enjoys it, and she doesn't seem to mind too much either! They're a funny little pair, lol.
  14. Surprise Baby!

    Welp, nothing TOO exciting to report... we had a heck of a scare the other day. Well, I did at least... lol. I went out to the barn a couple of days after I posted that last picture of her bag &... it disapeared! She has un-bagged. I'd never heard of this but evidently it's normal after vigorous excersice, and the day prior to the "unbagging" incident, she had her first real work-out in a couple of weeks, so that explains it! Phew! Anyway I'll keep ya'll posted, she's getting bigger by the day! :) I'm getting really excited, but nervous too. I've gone from very angry about her pregnancy (still am, 1 year olds should not be bred. ever. ever. ever. EVER. EVER. EVER... EVER.) but as long as all goes well & mama stays healthy, I'm kind of excited to have a baby around. I hope she'll be okay but I've been told they have 'em that young out in the wild, and since she was a wild horse- I'm hoping she's got it in her. *fingers crossed*
  15. It Is Official.

    What a gorgeous lil girl you've got there! Enjoy every minute of it!