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  1. Haven't been on in years

    I haven't been on here since like 2010. Time flies and I'm getting old
  2. Mileage To Charge For Trimming Services?

    heck i dont love doin that many myself. but i sure do love the way my wallet feels when im done lol.
  3. Mileage To Charge For Trimming Services?

    i try my best in groupin areas and clients together. for one it help cause i absolutely hate drivin. and two it makes it to where i dont have to charge mileage cause im not havin to make multiple trips out to the same area. given that a great majority of my clients are 45+ miles away from me one way, it is not so bad cause in one trip im usually trimmin 17+ horses. plus i put after market parts on my truck to get better mpg. so all in all i never ran into a situation to where i needed to charge extra for gas.
  4. How Do You Do It

    you know the more i think about it the more i see i spend WAY more time under horses then i do on them. and when those rare times come that i wake up and say "i'm goin to the pasture and hang out with my big babies and ride Napoleon" i forget to take all my trim gear out of my truck and leave it at home. cause as soon as i show up there is bound to be a dozen or so horses that i gotta trim. so my chaps and baseball cap gets put on and off to trimmin i go. you ask how do people find the time to trim, i am cryin how do yall find time to ride or just hang out with the horses. in the end i just tell myself that most likely my place in this world or purpose is to be under horses makin sure that they run free and fast with healthy beautiful hooves to the best of my ability. its not a sad life, just a back breaker.
  5. We're Seeing Dr. Teskey Next Week

    you know i plan on trimmin for the rest of my life till i cant lift a rasp anymore. and i sure do hope that one day someone will say way you posted on here about me. well besides the whole it wont be cheap part. yeah that sure would be neat.
  6. What To Do With My Other Horse Right Now

    okie dokie. IMO and from what I am seein, castin is a great idea. But castin might make you have to buy a boot one size bigger then the real hoof size. Then again it all depends on how you cast the hoof and how much wrap you use. But by lookin at those pics I would say you might need a good deal of wrap to build up those heels a tad. What I would suggest instead of castin at this moment would be Sole Gaurd and boots and pads. And then when you get further a long in rehab then cast. Boy you need a complete overhaul on the heels and heel platform. I would love to see the x-rays too. Don't be hard on your farrier. Though the road to **** is paved with good intentions, at least he is givin his very best to try to fix your mare. I currently have a client that has a geldin who's hooves would chapped my butt to the point I almost screamed out "DANG IT GROW RIGHT AND FIX DANG IT!!". And I just was baffled why the horse was not filling in old abscesses with new growth till I asked my client to have things checked out by the vet next time she had x-rays done. Turns out there was a good bit of bone infection that was killin the new growth before it formed. So now that is taken care of there has been improvements. Well I am not entirely sure where I am gettin with this. I reckon I am just tryin to say that I know what it is like to put forth all your effort to fix a hoof problem and make all the pain go away but be held back from some unseen cause.
  7. Honey For Thrush

    HA! Very valid concern. Especially here in TX.
  8. Getting Her Shod

    I am just wonderin what puttin shoes on a horse with weak hoof walls is suppose to fix? I mean shoes do not encourage healthy thick hoof wall but rather do the exact opposite. So I'm baffled at that part. And what would shoes do for thin sole? It's not gonna fix the problem. I don't know, I just think its all kinda silly when I hear farriers tell people that sorta stuff. And Hibiscus IME and IMO abscesses are not mostly due to bad trims. Especially if we are not talkin about abscesses on the sole. But even then I would say abscess blow out on the sole are not due to bad trims 85-90% of the time.
  9. Finally Going Right By My Poor Filly...

    please do not expect a radical transformation in this trim. if you do you will be settin your self up for disappointment. always remember the rasp is just a file on steroids not a magical wand.
  10. There Is A Big Difference!

    preach on sister ETA- I tell people who think they are getting the barefoot trim to google or yahoo search "wild mustang hoof" and look for the images. Then I tell them to look at those pics and look at their horses hooves, and if they are not similar in the slightest then they are not getting the true barefoot trim.
  11. Finally Going Right By My Poor Filly...

  12. How Long Does It Take You? (or Your Trimmer)

    First off I wanna commend all you ladies that are either trimmin just your horses or trimmin for others. (not tryin to be sexist or anythin) but hoof work is not the kinda work that women have a easy time with cause of the size and strength issue. So with that bein said, it tickles me pink to read yall sayin stuff about yalls little hands and so on LOL. I use draft size nippers 100% of the time. For one reason its cause I do work on a good number of drafts and a lot of horses with very thick hoof wall. Another reason is cause you have to get use to the bite of your nippers just like the cut of your knives. And if you go back and forth between different nippers and knives you might make a big mistake with your cut and nip. And for those that said yall lack the leverage and hand size for thick hoof wall, I actually shorten the handles on my nippers cause my hands are big and strong enough to not need that extra leverage and also I dont like the handles bumpin the horses belly when I trim. But anyways back to the question from the OP. I tend to take about 20 mins a horse and try my best to not go any faster. I do not trim for speed or quantity. I much prefer to trim at a good calm pace so that I have plenty of time to focus on the details of the hoof so that I dont miss anythin. Now I run into a lot of neglected hooves or bad tempered or standin horses. And those take me about 25-30 mins to do them. But that has to do with the fact that a horse has a harder time fightin with and pushin around someone my size and I'm pretty good at controllin a horses movement. The lady that you trimmed for that said you take too long and she doesn't have the time to wait for you to trim for her, I would just be thankful that you dont need to deal with her and feel sorry for her horses. There is a old sayin "the recipe for failure is to try to please everyone". Just think about that when you run into people like that, and you will run into them a lot if you trim for the public. Well thats pretty much my two cents. And once again kudos to yall women who are trimmin. [Not Worthy]
  13. Natural Hoof Trimming Clinic

    you cuss and yell at it till it straightens up and acts right. the same technical works on kids too
  14. Natural Hoof Trimming Clinic

    what is the name of this instructor that did that clinic?
  15. For Anyone That Loves The Barefoot Hoof

    I might catch some **** for this cause I'm not sure if postin a advertisement up is against the rules but it is worth showin yall cause its awesome. A while back I saw a ad in a Natural Horse mag that I have that was for barefoot hoof jewelry. And I ordered the 24 '' necklace (cause my neck is over 18'') on monday and got it wednesday mornin here in TX from CA. I think they are an awesome design and really show the world where you stand on what the hoof should be. Here is a pic of their jewelry and a link to their site. http://www.goldhavenstudios.com/
  16. For Anyone That Loves The Barefoot Hoof

    lol thats why I got the silver one. but I never were yellow gold anyways. and 79 bucks is just a tad over two trims for me so I didnt mind the price at all.
  17. Boarders 2nd Filly's First Trim

    I agree with MC on the hoof not actually bein clubbed but lookin clubbed do to lack of proper hoof care. I have ran into a ton of cases where I was told the had a clubbed hoof or hooves and when I get there to work on the hooves I see the hoof/hooves were not actually clubbed but just misshaped/over grown into lookin sorta like a clubbed hoof/hooves. Here is a couple pics of a mare that I worked on that was said to be clubbed on both front hooves. These pics are on the second trim but you can see what I'm talkin about. Also the pics are not the best of quality cause they were taken with my camera phone. On the first trim the horse basically had a 90 degree toe angle on both front hooves and from the coronary band to the bottom of the hoof was over 6 inches (it looked like the horse had platform shoes from the 70's). After trimmin the horse the second time the owner noted that she never seen any toe angle before since she has owned her for 2 1/2 years. Also there was no lameness after the trims or any blood drawn durin the trims. So IMHO and FME I would lean more towards that those hooves are not actually clubbed and wouldn't be a bit surprised if after a few trims you will see the hoof givin you more heel to take off and toe to shorten.
  18. I'm Just Learning

    You know I been known to have run ins with horses that are not very willin to have any hoof work done. Some were just wild pasture horses, some were abused cases, some were just plain ol pissy. What ever the case may be with the horse that does want me to work on its hooves, I approach the horse in the same manner I do with the well behaved horses. I just go up to them and introduce myself to them, then handle them with a strong confident but gentle hand. Basically I act like they are not gonna to give me a problem once they know they are in good hands. Now without knowin or seein how you are pickin up your horses hooves, I cant really tell you what you might want to do differently. But since you have stated that the horse just gives you a hard time about pickin up the right front and rear hooves and not trying to hurt you and that the horse has been given a clean bill of soundness, I would assume (though I really hate to assume anythin without all the facts) that she is most likely just bein pissy with you. What ever the case may be here is some suggestions I would give. 1. Try to pick up the horses hooves on different footin. If you tried on hard or rocky ground and it didn't work then try on softer ground. If there is somethin goin on with the left front or rear hooves you might find her more cooperative on different footin (which I can't seein it bein both since if it was say the front left with the problem she would be more inclined to pick up the rear right since she is not havin to really load that front left much with that rear right up and vice versa). 2. When you pick up her hooves, regardless to her left hooves or right, make sure to grab and control the toe of the hoof. If you hold the hoof's toe pointed up, it is a lot harder for the horse to try to pull away and/or put the hoof back on the ground. After working on drafts for a while, I have learned the benefit to controllin the toe. Cause if a draft points that toe down there really is no stoppin the hoof from bein put back on the ground lol. 3. Probably should be the first suggestion and you should already know this but I'm just gonna mention it for giggles. But make sure the horse is on level ground and standin squared up. If the horse is off balance or have the wrong footin, the horse will give you problems about pickin up the hooves. 4. I can't really instruct you on how to keep the hoof up and in control when the horse is tryin to take it away from you and just weather the storm till the horse stops strugglin. That's because it can be dangerous for you and the horse if you don't know exactly what you are doin and when you need hold on or to let go. But just stay calm and relaxed when you are workin on her pickin up her hooves. When she pulls away make sure you don't signal to the horse that it is up settin you (cause I swear some horses play these games just to chap your butt). And if she does get her hoof back just pick it up again right off the back. If this works for you it was because you were showin her that even if she struggles and fights you about pickin up her hooves it will do no good cause you will just keep on pickin them up and that she should just let it happen. There are a lot of other ticks you could use but let me know if any of what I have mentioned helps. Maybe (though I say I am gonna do this a lot and never get around to doin it) I should make a video of ways to pick up and control hooves properly and how to work on a horse that doesn't cooperate. Hmm that sounds like that would be fun to make.
  19. New X-rays

    they probably are. remember when i told yall about the farrier at Storey's stable puttin shoes on him and carvin out his sole before i was able to pull him out to my pasture. so yeah it wouldnt surprise me one bit.
  20. Slinky's Latest Shoeing

    You know I wanna apologize for that post I put in here. I came off very judgmental and assumin, which is not how I really am. I just hear that comment you made entirely way too much from a lot of people who look at their horse as a piece of property and I bite my tongue when I hear it from them. Plus lately I been dealin with some people that are pro shoes all the way and I guess a part of me accidentally vented off those frustrations in here. I am sorry for how I came off in that post. So though you may not wish to listen to anythin I would say in here, don't let that stop you from listenin to the other people in here that post a lot. There is a ton of good info that is shared in here, so I'm sure someone can get you on your way to better hooves. And once again I'm sorry for the way I acted. [Duh]
  21. Slinky's Latest Shoeing

    I am just wonderin why are yall wastin your time talkin to this girl about boots and barefoot. I mean after this statement it is clear to me what the only thing she is concerned about (the horse doin well for HER COMPETITIONS and NOT the well bein of the horse's hooves). She just wants to see if we like the new rims on her car's tires. Cause that what her horse is to her, just a piece of performance equipment. Lets focus our help on people who give a **** about the horse in spite of an event or two or a season. "maybe when the competition year settles down" = When I don't need the horse to do exactly what I want when I want and I can just throw it out on pasture cause I don't need it. Call me an *** or plain sensitive. But statements like this make me sick.
  22. Brarefoot Trimming Working Drafts

    well said Decembrr. I woulda mentioned the whole stimulation and growth factor but didnt cause I decided to go for more of a direct answer to can working drafts go barefoot. But yeah, great read and point to shoes on pavement vs. barefoot on pavement. Aint it amazin how the hoofs growth can go bonkers when given a lot of stimulation? I had a client of mine ask me about that when he noticed his horse's hooves were growin extremely fast when he was touchin them up with a rasp every other day. I told him about the stimulation and growth factor in hooves and he was amazed lol.
  23. Brarefoot Trimming Working Drafts

    Yeah but not sayin shame on those who do or anythin. But if you are runnin a business that mainly involves the use of horses, you should own more horses capable of use then you need at any given moment. To just own, just for instructional purposes only, say 6 horses for drawin a six horse carriage is very unwise. Because sooner or later you are bound to run into at least one of the six horses comin up lame or sick and can not work for a given amount of time. So my comments on here are solely based on the theory that they have more horses then they need for a job as fill ins for any event that a horse is not able to be worked.
  24. Brarefoot Trimming Working Drafts

    Well anything is doable if enough effort is applied. I mean look at HPD's Mounted Patrol going barefoot. They need those horses ready and capable to ride. So they started with a few horses at first and transitioned them over time and then put them to work. Then took a few others and did the same. After a little while all of their horses were transitioned over to barefoot all the while they had horses to ride their patrols until then. It can be done very easy if you work out the schedulin right. ETA - Notice kidsncridders called me Justin lol. People always do that. Also, I told my dad recently "boy it sure would be nice if we had a amish community around here cause we might be able to work on their drafts". He told me that they keep to their own on the regards of employin outsiders for work and have their own farriers. But then I came to a realization (and I know I dont have a complete insight on their ideals and beliefs) but if they refrain from usin any type of worldly technology, then why do they incorporate the use of shoes on horses when shoes are in a way a form a technology? Thats somethin to ponder for a little bit huh.